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Paintballing is a sport that requires precision, strategy, and agility. What you wear for Paintball can make or break your game. What are the supplies needed to play Paintball? What equipment do you need to be well-equipped during the battle?

These are some of the questions we answer in this blog post. People wear clothes to cover appropriately so that they can avoid paintball stains.

The short answer is you must wear paintball gloves, masks, jerseys, pants, cleats, vests, knee pads, groin cups and other things required to keep you safe in the field.

But wearing clothing properly is not enough; paintball players need to know complete paintball apparel and gear before playing paintball games on paintball fields.

They must also know what to wear in Summer and what to wear in Winter to play Paintball.

Paintballing 101: What To Wear At Paintball

You’ll be amazed by what you can do when wearing the right gear. In this article, we’ll show you everything you need to know about what to wear at Paintball.

Paintball is a great way to spend an afternoon outdoors, but always take precautions before heading into battle. Here, we’ll tell you how to stay safe while playing Paintball.

The Basics

First things first, you’ll need some equipment to play Paintball. This includes protective clothing, goggles, and a mask. If you’re going to play with others, you’ll also need a marker, a tank, and a loader.

Safety First

Before you start playing, ensure you have the proper safety gear. It’s not just about protecting yourself; it’s also about making sure everyone else has a safe environment to play in.

Gear Checklist

Make sure you have the following items before heading out to play.

  1. Helmet
  2. Face mask
  3. Eye protection
  4. Gloves
  5. Pants
  6. Shoes
  7. Shirt
  8. Jacket
  9. Backpack
  10. Water bottle

Tips For A Great Day Out

If you’re new to paintball, there’s no better place than the field to learn how to play. However, you should also ensure you’re adequately prepared before hitting the fields. Here are some tips to help you prepare for a day of fun.

What to Wear for Paintball Game – Best Paintball Gear Guide

Paintball Vest – Chest Protection

For protecting your chest from the impact of a fired paintball or as protection against obstacles such as trees or rocks while running around in the field.

It is essential to have full coverage for maximum protection. A paintball vest is part of your equipment. What you wear for Paintball must be comfortable, lightweight, and durable.

If the gear will restrict your movement or cause discomfort while playing, it’s not worth considering! A tactical vest can be adjusted according to different sizes, making it suitable for children.

Paintball Jersey or Shirt – Upper Body Protection

A paintball jersey or shirt is another essential part of what to wear for Paintball, and it’s available in different styles, colours, and sizes.

Camouflage Designs are Popular Today! You can choose a long or short sleeve depending on when you will be playing outdoors and your preferences.

Most importantly, it fits well without restricting movements and provides enough protection for the upper body, such as arms, shoulders, and chest, during rough outdoor playtime on uneven terrain with rocks or branches around!

Paintball Gloves – Hands Protection

Gloves are the best protection you can find for your hands. However, paintball gear is incomplete without gloves that protect your fingers and knuckles from impacts, scrapes, or bruises during playtime. So wear gloves to avoid paintball hits on your hands.

While some prefer heavier-duty gloves, lighter soft-shell gloves are available. What to wear for Paintball is not limited – you can choose gloves in different colours, patterns, and styles.

Paintball Knee Pads – Knees Protection

Paintball gears also include knee pads which increase your protection during the game. Several types of paintball kneepads with different designs and features are available on the market. What to wear for Paintball is a matter of your personal preference.

However, the essential thing about knee pads is that they provide enough protection against injuries during playtime.

Paintball Mask – Eyes Protection

A paintball mask has two primary purposes: protecting you from eye damage or injury from direct hits and paint entering your eyes.

The best Paintball mask will cover the sides of your face and forehead, leaving only a tiny gap at the bottom for safety reasons. In addition, you can choose masks in different sizes that fit kids or adults and unique designs with various colours and patterns available today.

Paintball Elbow Pads – Arm Protection

Elbow pads are available in different sizes, colours, and patterns, with camouflage being very popular on the paintball field today.

You must choose elbow pads that fit well while playing outdoors where there is a risk of hitting rocks or branches so they will not obstruct your movements.

Paintball Helmet – Head Protection

The paintball helmet protects your head from direct impacts or ricochets during the game work. What to wear for Paintball means wearing helmets in different colours, patterns, and designs.

You must choose a quality product that will protect you while playing outdoors on uneven terrain where there is a chance of hitting rocks or branches.

A paintball mask and helmet combo could be the best choice for full head and face protection!

Paintball Goggles – Full Eyes Protection

Paintball Goggles are often combined with helmets and paintball masks, which provide complete protection for your eyes. An essential part of what to wear for Paintball, goggles can be used together or separately depending on the preference.

What you choose should fit well without obstructing vision while playing outdoors, where flying objects such as branches or rocks risk hitting you.

Paintball Shoes – Feet Protection

The right shoes are an essential part of what to wear for Paintball which you will need to accommodate your playing style and preferences.

It would help if you chose a lightweight, flexible, and durable pair simultaneously with non-slip soles. In addition, they must fit well and provide enough protection for your feet while playing on uneven terrain.

Paintball Feet Protection Gear includes mostly Shoes, Socks & Knee Pads. So wear boots to avoid paintball hits on your foot. Also, it’s a good idea to consider shoes with socks or knee pads to protect you from injuries during playtime.

Paintball Pants – Leg Protection

You can also choose different styles of paintball gear, such as pants which offer various types of protection. Pants are available in different sizes, patterns, and colours, with camouflage designs trendy on the paintball field today.

What to wear for Paintball is not limited – you can choose pants according to your preferences or playing style!

Paintball Neck Protection Gear

It also includes neck protection gear such as a throat guard or collar. In addition, they can be used with other paintball gear and equipment, such as helmets, masks, and face shields.

Neck protectors are usually made of hard plastic to avoid injuries while playing outdoors on uneven terrain where there is a chance that you could hit your neck against a branch or rock. Paintball Neck Protection Gear – Collar, Throat Guard & Chest Protector

Paintball Groin Cup – Sensitive Protection

It is for boys only and an essential part of what to wear for Paintball. A paintball groin cup is designed to prevent injuries during rough playtime on the field, where there is a risk of direct hits or rebounds off trees, rocks, or branches.

The most common type available today is soft plastic cups which can be worn over your regular underwear to avoid injuries to the lower body.

There are also different types, including hard plastic cups, which provide extra protection to your lower body.

They can be worn under clothes and during intense games. The choice depends on you! Choose one that will fit well, is lightweight, and is comfortable at the same time.

Paintball Bag – Storing Equipment

The right bag is an essential part of what to wear for Paintball. First, of course, you will need one that provides enough space and pockets, but it’s important not to choose a heavy or bulky model, which can be inconvenient during playtime outdoors, where you have to run, climb hills, hide behind trees, etc.

A lightweight bag with several pockets will be a good choice as it can fit all your Paintball equipment and provide easy access to everything you need during the game.

A water-resistant bag is also a good idea for storing extra paintballs or wet clothes after playtime outdoors in any weather conditions! The right bag should have adjustable straps, zips with large enough openings, several pockets, and a durable design.

Now you are ready for the paintball battle, as you have all the Paintball protective gear required. So it’s a best practice for each paintball player to get ready with all gear and paintball apparel.

Safety Tips for Beginners

Quality paintball equipment should protect from extreme weather conditions and impact during the game, which can cause injuries such as bruising, scrapes, and burns. To prevent them, you need good quality gear that fits well.

Paintball is a fun activity you can enjoy outdoors with your friends or family in the fresh air and an experience of a lifetime!

It’s essential to follow safety tips while playing Paintball, such as; using proper protective gear, exercising caution with every shot, constantly staying aware of surroundings, and knowing where other players are located.

It’s essential to have a safe play where everyone enjoys the game and feels comfortable, so it is recommended that you begin with less expensive equipment to get used to this sport.

Wear Long Sleeves

Paintball players must wear long sleeves before playing Paintball. So when you enter the paintball field, you must wear them so paintball hits cannot harm your arms.

Wear Additional Protection If Required

Since it is a physical activity with a risk of injuries, you should consider wearing additional protection to avoid bruises and scrapes if necessary.

It will also depend on your paintball gear, your playing style, and how much you can pay.

Wear What is Comfortable

Remember that comfort comes first when choosing what to wear for Paintball, so don’t compromise! It’s essential to wear the proper clothing for your game.

Avoid bulky clothes that can get in your way or restrict movements while playing Paintball. Wear protective gear such as helmets and masks, essential to playing this sport with full safety measures.

Cover All Body Parts

Covering all body parts, including the face and hands, is a good idea during gameplay.

You can wear a paintball mask or goggles over your eyes and gloves to protect you from impact without compromising visibility!

Wear Dark Colors for Paintball

It is easier to hide in the shadows when wearing black or camouflage clothing, which pro players, for this reason, typically wear.

If you prefer not to wear these specific clothes, blend into your surroundings as best as possible using any non-bright colour.

Avoid Jewelry or Watch

While paintballs are not precisely like bullets, they can still damage jewellery or watches you may be wearing. Therefore, it is best to avoid these objects at all costs.

Wear Rubber Soled Shoes that cover your toes and ankles

There will likely be water on the floor and mud and dirt. Boots that cover your ankles and shoes with rubber soles will help prevent you from slipping or spraining an ankle during a game, which can be extremely difficult to deal with if this occurs in the middle of a match-up.

Because ankle injuries are the most common on paintball fields.

Wear Appropriate Clothing for Outdoor Weather Conditions

During most paintball games, players are outdoors, so wearing appropriate clothing for this weather is essential. While winter games are rare, it may be beneficial to bring a coat just in case there is snow or ice on the ground during a match-up.

Additionally, sunscreen and sunglasses will help protect you from harmful UV rays when playing Paintball outdoors.


The right gear is an essential part of what to wear for Paintball, and you must choose one that will fit well, be lightweight, be comfortable and give complete protection to the upper and lower body.

If you’re new to this sport or want a more affordable option before investing in higher quality equipment, try starting with less expensive pieces so you can get used to the activity without risking injury to your body.

Once you’ve become acclimated to paintball playtime, consider wearing additional protection, such as helmets and masks if necessary, which provide safety measures while playing the game!

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