Can You Use Marbles in Paintball Guns

Can we use marbles in paintball guns? Unfortunately, marbles are not compatible with paintball guns. Marbles can be used for many things but should not be used in any gun.

Paintball guns are designed to shoot pellets at high speeds, so marbles will cause the gun to jam or break it all together after a few shots.

Also, using marbles as ammunition will cause injury to people playing on the other team if they are hit by one during playtime.

The short answer is NO! You cannot use marbles in paintball guns as they can cause injury and are not compatible with markers.

Therefore, I would suggest against using marbles in paintball guns and instead use something else like bullets or pellets because those types of ammo won’t cause damage to the paintball gun and won’t injure other players on their team.

Marbles vs Paintballs

Paintballs are round gelatin capsules that contain paint. They are typically used in a paintball gun. Marbles are small glass balls that are usually used in games.

It would be best not to use marbles in a paintball gun because they can shatter and cause injury. In addition, when marble is shot out of a paintball gun, it can travel at high speed and potentially injure someone.

Additionally, the shards of glass from the marble could get stuck in someone’s skin or eyes.

Using marbles in a paintball gun may also cause damage to the gun.

Marbles are not round like paintballs, which can alter how they enter or move through the gun. In addition, it may lead to malfunctions inside the toy, which could ruin it altogether.

Against Paintball Rules

It is against paintball rules to use marbles as ammunition in a paintball gun. It can cause severe damage to both players and equipment.

If you use marbles in your paintball gun, you will get banned from the paintball field.

Using marbles can damage the paintball guns and cause other players’ injuries. Similarly, Never shoot real bullets, shells, or stones from your paintball gun.

Doing so can result in severe injuries to yourself and others.

Alternatives of Marbles

So as you are aware of the problems with marble usage, you can use other types of balls in your paintball guns. Each type of ball has its benefits and drawbacks.

Which is better? That’s up to you.


The most widely used ball is paintball guns because they leave a colourful mark on the hit person. However, they can also be the most expensive option.

Paintballs can be found in both water and oil-based types. Oil-based paintball balls are easier to clean up than the type made of water, but they also mark more easily on clothing.


Pellets leave a mark as paintballs do, but they don’t break apart when hit by another player. While they don’t leave a colourful mark, pellets have other benefits than paintballs.

For example, pellets can be used in any gun, and you may use them to play with pets or younger children who are too young for the more dangerous paintball rounds.

Pellets also cost less than marbles and paintballs and can be found at most stores.


Bbs are the cheapest option for ammunition, and they can be used in any gun. However, BBs do not mark the hit person as paintballs or pellets do.

BBs can also bounce off hard surfaces, potentially injuring someone playing on the other team.

It is why it’s best to use BBs in indoor arenas, where no hard surfaces are nearby. However, if you do not have access to an indoor arena and must play outdoors, ensure everyone on your team is wearing protective gear like goggles or masks because Bb may bounce back at players after hitting someone on the other team.

Rubber Balls

Rubber balls are less expensive than paintballs and more likely to bounce off surfaces, making them suitable for indoor play.

However, they can’t leave a mark on the player, and they can also injure players on the other team.

Pepper Balls

They were designed to cause pain when they hit someone, making them a good choice for outdoor play. However, they may not be allowed in all paintball arenas.

Water Balls

Water balls are less likely to cause any injury than any other type of ball and can be used in outdoor or indoor play. They are also relatively inexpensive compared to the different balls available for paintball guns.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is shooting marbles dangerous?

Marbles will cause the gun to jam or break it all together after a few shots. Also, using marbles as ammunition will also cause injury to people playing on the other team if they are hit by one during playtime.

Save yourself the trouble, and don’t use marbles in your paintball gun. Instead, stick to the traditional ammunition that is made for these guns. Your fellow players will thank you!

Is it safe to use marbles in a paintball gun? 

No, it is not safe to use marbles in a paintball gun. Paintballs are made out of gelatin and filled with the same material that you would find inside a bouncy ball or stress toy – just enough to bounce around but don’t break when hitting an object.

Marbles can be very hard and sharp and quickly destroy a paintball gun.

Marbles can also shatter and release sharp fragments inside the barrel of the paintball gun, which is another danger to worry about.

Even if you don’t want marbles as ammunition, there are plenty of other things that one could use, such as darts or balls, since they fit perfectly in the barrels without causing any damage.

So, the next time you want something to shoot out of your paintball gun, avoid using marbles!

What are the marbles made of?

The marbles used in paintball guns are typically made of glass or plastic. They can shatter and cause injuries if shot from the paintball marker.

Additionally, the pieces of cracked marble could damage the equipment or injure other players.

Are there any guns that shoot marbles?

No, there are not any guns that shoot marbles. Trying to use marbles in a paintball gun will not work correctly and potentially damage it.


Using marbles in your paintball gun is not a good idea because it can cause damage. Also, suppose you’re using this for recreational purposes.

In that case, the marble will be replaced by something more appropriate and won’t affect the equipment or other players.

In conclusion, marbles should not be used as ammunition in paintball guns because they can shatter and cause injury to players on both teams.

There are many types of ammo that you can use in a paintball gun, so there is no need to take the risk of using marbles. Instead, use paintballs, pellets, or BBs, depending on your needs and preferences.

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