How to Upgrade Paintball Guns

If you’re looking for ways to improve your game, there are several things that you can do. One way is that you should know how to upgrade paintball guns for a wide variety of accessories available in the market.

The short answer is you can use these three upgrades: barrel shrouds, detents, and feednecks to upgrade your paintball marker.

Some attachments can be upgraded to have a new customized paintball gun. Many parts go into making a paintball gun, and knowing which ones will give you the best chance at winning is essential.

Customizing Paintball Guns with Accessories


The first upgrade is a simple one: the addition of a barrel shroud. It is simply a tube that fits over the barrel of your paintball gun, allowing for increased accuracy and range when firing shots at opponents.

There are two main types of barrel extensions:

1. Open Ended

Open-ended barrels will not make as much noise, but they won’t give you the same accuracy and range as close-ended barrel shrouds.

2. Close Ended

Close-ended barrels will make you stand out on the field by giving off loud sound signatures and a bright muzzle flash.


The next upgrade is called a detent or spring kit. It is an essential piece in paintball guns because it determines how well the paintball gun shoots.

Without a detent, you won’t be able to fire your paintballs properly, and they’ll likely break or bounce off their target.

With a good set of detents in place, however, you can easily take down opponents and make it easier for yourself to reload on the fly.


The final accessory upgrade is called feedneck. This piece is fitted at the top of your paintball gun’s loader, allowing you to attach new pods filled with more paintballs for increased firepower on the field.

The two types most commonly used are screw-on or quick-release options.

Sights and Grips

Many people add sights or grips to their guns to make them stand out on the playing field—scopes so that you have an easier time picking out opponents from afar.

It will be easier to hunt down other paintball players and take them out of the game by upgrading these accessories.

Grips are also a great way to customize your gun, as they can be designed with unique patterns or even personalized messages so that other people know who the owner is.

Loaders or Hoppers

Another standard upgrade is to add a new loader or hopper. These are the containers used to hold your paintballs and feed them into your gun so that you can fire them off at opponents during matches.

You’ll want to choose a high-capacity one, as it will allow you more time on the field before reloading.


The final accessory you might want to upgrade is the tank. This piece holds your compressed air and allows it into your gun so that you can fire off shots at opponents during matches.

Without a good tank, there won’t be enough pressure for your paintballs to leave through the barrel of your gun correctly and reach their target.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you change the pressure on a paintball gun?

No, you cannot change the pressure on a paintball gun.

Can I upgrade my marker with different parts?

Yes! Many companies offer upgrades for their customers. You can find these here: DIY Upgrade Kits.

Where do detents go in a paintball hopper?

Detents should be fitted into your paintball hopper where you can see them. They’re small, watertight cups that fit into the feedneck of your paintball gun and will prevent any balls from rolling backwards as they enter the loader or hopper.

The detent lets a paintball marker know whether it’s loaded with a ball ready to fire.

Does a more extended paintball barrel increase range?

A longer paintball barrel can increase range, but this isn’t always true. Many other factors go into how far your shots will reach, including the velocity and stability of the shot and wind conditions.

Suppose you want to increase your accuracy or range. Then, upgrade a good paintball gun before working on other factors.

It is because of a bad paintball gun. One that isn’t correctly calibrated or designed to work with your body type.

For example – it will never be as accurate as it could be even if you get longer barrel upgrades on future purchases.

What FPS do paintball guns shoot?

Paintball guns shoot with a velocity of 300-900 FPS.

A great way to increase your range is by going for upgrades. That will allow you to achieve the correct pressure for paintballs to fire, with more accuracy and power behind them as they leave your barrel.

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