Types of Paintball Guns Pump, Mechanical & Electric

Paintball guns are fun. They can be confusing because there are so many types and manufacturers.

The short answer is There are three main paintball gun types: pump action, mechanical and electric paintball guns. Each has its firing rate and price tag. People can mix different types on the field at once to play with some variety.

To help, we listed the different types of paintball guns and how they work. We will write everything about each type so that you can understand better their features and nature.

Types of Paintball Guns

1. Pump Paintball Guns

Pump paintball guns are types of paintball guns that require the player to pump air manually. This type of gun is considered a “stock class” because players do not have particular modifications.

These paintball guns must be pumped after every shot and can only fire as fast as you can pull back the trigger. It makes them a little outdated and slow compared to the other paintball guns, so most professional players do not use this type.

Pump action paintball guns are suitable for beginner players, especially those on a budget because they can be purchased relatively cheaply compared to others.

However, you can upgrade to an automatic paintball gun if you want something more efficient. Pump action guns are the loudest of all types because no electronic parts dampen or muffle the sound. They also have limited accuracy because they only fire as fast as your pumping speed allows. It means you won’t have a very accurate shot if you’re not a fist-pumper.

Firing Rate

A pump marker has a slow firing rate because you must pump it whenever you want to shoot. So, if you can fire quickly, it will be able to fire rapidly.

2. Mechanical Paintball Guns

If pump paintball guns are considered “stock class,” then Mechanical paintball guns must be the “race car” of all paintball guns because they use electronic components to work and fire at much faster rates than either type of gun.

Automatic paintball guns are considered Class-C because they can fire at high speeds, making them more accurate over long distances.

They can be set up with accessories, but you will pay much more for their initial price than pump-action or electro-pneumatic paintball guns. On the other hand, mechanical paintball guns can be set up with scopes and laser sights, making them even more accurate.

Pump action paintball guns are suitable for beginner players, especially on a budget, because they can be purchased relatively cheaply compared to others. However, you can upgrade to an automatic paintball gun if you want something more efficient.

Firing Rate

It is higher than a pump and lower than electric paintball guns. A mechanical marker can fire about 5-6 times a second. The speed of firing depends on what kind of hopper you have. You can’t shoot faster than how quickly paintballs get loaded into the gun.

3. Electric Paintball Guns

An electric paintball gun is the most complex type of paintball. They combine mechanical parts such as tank regulators, valves, springs, and bolts working in unison for rapid firing speed without breaking down the mid-game.

It is why electro-pneumatic guns are considered Class-B equipment under tournament rules. They fire at a very high rate and have great accuracy over long distances, so you won’t lose your target no matter how far away it goes when shot correctly.

Electro-pneumatic weapons also have programmable features to change or modify your gun’s settings. Electric paintball guns are the most expensive type because they have an electronic firing mechanism, making them extremely fast and accurate over long distances.

They come with scopes, laser sights, and different barrel attachments for accuracies like tight bore barrels and longer-length tubes that give them more range than their mechanical counterpart.

Suppose you’re looking to invest in a high-end type of paintball gun. In that case, the electric gun is the way to go if you don’t mind paying extra money on top of what already has been paid for the marker (gun) itself and other accessories like tanks filled with air at regular intervals throughout playtime.

Two Types of Electric Paintball Guns

There are two types of electric paintball guns that you can buy, which both shoot multiple rounds with one trigger pull: electro-pneumatic markers and electronic triggers. The main difference between these two is that an e-trigger marker has a mechanical firing system inside it rather than electronics, but they still have high rates.

Firing Rate

The electric marker has a reasonable firing rate. A pump marker is based on the person pumping. Mechanical markers can only get to 5-6 rounds a second, but an electric paintball marker can get to 30 rounds a second.

Fully Automatic Paintball Guns

While “fully automatic” sounds intimidating, you can shoot multiple rounds simultaneously with just one trigger pull. Because of this, fully electric markers are considered Class-A equipment under tournament rules. In addition, they have quick-firing rates and high accuracy over long distances, making them perfect for any environment or terrain.

You must learn how to clean your paintball guns and refill them.

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Paintball Gun Types Comparison

The information is approximate and may vary depending on specific models, tank capacity, barrel length, and modifications. The maximum range mentioned is an estimate and can be affected by wind, paintball quality, and barrel upgrades.

Gun Type
Shots per Full Tank
Maximum Range
Price Range
Suitable Player Level
Pump Paintball Guns
Manual pump action paintball guns require the player to pump air manually after each shot.
Up to 75 ft.
Around $130
Beginner players on a budget
Mechanical Paintball Guns

Electronic paintball guns use mechanical components and can fire at faster rates than pump action guns.

They can be equipped with accessories for enhanced accuracy.

100+ ft.
$350 – $500
Intermediate to advanced players
Electric Paintball Guns

Complex paintball guns with an electronic firing mechanism offer rapid firing speed and high accuracy over long distances.

They can be programmed and come with various accessories.

150+ ft.
$750 – $2000
Advanced players and professionals

Note: The information provided is approximate and may vary depending on specific models and modifications.

The broad price range can vary based on brand, features, and additional accessories. It is recommended to research specific models for more accurate and detailed information before making a purchase decision.

How Paintball Gun Works – A Beginners Guide

Paintball guns are made to be lightweight and smaller than airsoft guns. If you are into playing paintball, we will guide you on how a paintball gun works.

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Paintball Gun Speed

It is how fast the paintballs are shot out of a gun. The rate of fire is how many times you shoot your paintball gun in one minute! It can be changed by having more batteries or modifying the gearbox inside your paintball gun.

Also, there are different fire speeds for each type of paintball gun. For example, an Electric Paintball Gun’s firing speed is much faster than a bolt action paintball gun. I hope these tips will help improve your gameplay during paintball games if you are new to paintball or have been playing for years!

Process in steps about how Paintball Gun Works

  1. The barrel is where the paintballs are loaded from a hopper and then fired from
  2. The trigger releases a sear that shoots the ball out of the muzzle and towards your opponent.
  3. hopper feeds paintballs to the gun, usually with a belt or chain system
  4. Paintball guns use compressed air to shoot projectiles at high speeds
  5. When you pull back on the bolt, it will open up and allow an amount of gas to enter before closing again
  6. After releasing pressure from inside, it pushes against a piston, which forces air through a valve to send paintballs flying toward your opponent.

Now, I will explain each part of a paintball gun to understand better how a paintball gun works.

Paintball Gun Parts

A paintball gun is usually assembled using these main components: the trigger, firing pin, barrel, loading chamber, body, paintball gun tank, and bolt system. These parts in a paintball gun help determine the speed you shoot, how reliable your marker is, and what kind of velocity it has when shooting out balls!

People with higher-end markers tend to have more high-end parts that offer faster speeds, while others may use lower-quality pieces so they don’t have to upgrade as often. They are all essential when choosing a paintball gun for yourself or considering upgrading your marker!

How does the paintball gun trigger work, and how do you use it?

The trigger of a paintball gun is the central part that allows you to shoot. When it’s pulled, it releases gas from the tank into your marker, allowing for quick and accurate shots!

These can be adjusted at different lengths depending on how far back you want them before shooting. In addition, the there-rigger can be set up in a few different ways depending on your paintball gun!

Some triggers allow for better comfort but may not fire as quickly. In contrast, others put them in an easy-to-use position, allowing you to shoot faster and having less room for error during a paintball game.

What is a Paintball Gun Barrel & how does it help shoot out paintballs?

The barrel of a paintball gun is the part that shoots the ball. The inside of this piece is most commonly rifled, which means it has ridges to ensure your shot is as accurate and precise as possible!

Each marker can shoot with different accuracy, so be aware when choosing one for yourself or upgrading your gun. Also, ensure you know the barrel length you need for each game type!

How do Paintball Gun Tanks work?

The compressed air tank on a paintball gun holds the compressed gas needed to make your shots. These can be filled with different gases, but carbon dioxide is usually what most people use!

Allowing you to refill them anytime or find an easier way to fill them will help keep you ready during gameplay and prevent issues that may arise on paintball fields.

How does Paintball Gun Hopper work?

The hopper or loader is usually located above the marker that holds the paintballs and feeds them into the barrel chamber to shoot them at your opponents. These can be changed depending on your gun and marker!

One standard version of this is an electronic loader that can hold more balls simultaneously for improved accuracy in quick situations. Still, it may have issues with being broken or even going out during gameplay.

How does the Paintball Gun Loading Chamber work?

The loading chamber of a paintball gun is the part that holds your balls before they are shot. These must be cleaned regularly and sometimes require maintenance, so find one that fits into your marker easily!

When choosing yours, ensure you know how this will fit in with what kind of loader you need for each game type.

How does the Paintball Gun Feeder Arm work?

The feeder arm on a paintball gun is the part that feeds your marker and keeps up with how many balls you need to shoot.

These can be fixed or even electronic, allowing for faster shooting, but they may cause gameplay problems if they break! The speed at which the feeder’s arm rotates determines how fast the balls will be fed into the weapon, but it can also affect reliability in some cases.

How does the Paintball Gun Bolt System work?

The bolt system of a paintball gun is the part that shoots your marker. It includes bolts, o-rings, and springs, which are essential for ensuring you have everything needed to make quick shots!

Since these can be taken apart quickly if they need replacing or cleaned regularly depending on how it’s set up.

How does the Paintball Gun Needle Valve work?

The needle valve on a paintball gun is the part that controls how much gas you use to shoot. Depending on your marker, these can be adjusted, and make sure it gets enough pressure for accurate shots!

Make sure you understand what kind of setup this will have with your hopper if one is needed!

How does a Paintball Gun Battery work?

The battery on a paintball gun is the part that holds your compressed air, which is mostly carbon dioxide (CO2). These can be charged with an easy-to-use charger, making them more accessible during gameplay, but they may not hold as much power!

Before choosing one, you know what kind of power will work best for each marker.

How does Paintball Gun Magazine work?

The magazine on a paintball gun is the part that holds your ammo until you are ready to shoot. Again, these can be large or small, depending on what kind of marker and game type you need!

Make sure it will fit with any loader you choose before purchasing yours so there won’t be issues during playtime on the paintball fields.

How does Paintball Gun Cleaner work?

The cleaner of a paintball gun cleans your marker after use. These can be used when you are done or between games to ensure it lasts longer!

Safety Features of a Paintball Gun

Safety features on a paintball gun help keep you from getting hurt while playing paintball games. These can include items such as blowback or even electric markers, which avoid the possibility of shooting yourself!

The kind of safety feature needed for each marker type will depend on player skill and preferred game types, so choose one that works best with your marker.

Safety Equipment

A paintball game is nothing more than a recreational sport for most people. However, people of all ages enjoy this outdoor shooting game as it becomes increasingly popular.

But it can be dangerous sometimes, as you might get your eyes or body injuries if you avoid safety measures during the gameplay. Every sport has safety equipment, and a paintball game shouldn’t be an exception. That’s why a piece of safety equipment should be essential to a paintball game.

What type to use in Paintball fields?

Woodsball Paintballs Field

You can choose from three types of paintball guns for woodball games, all considered Class-A equipment under tournament rules: mechanical, electric, and fully automatic.

Woodsball is a form of field play where players will be playing on large fields with bunkers or obstacles scattered around to make it harder for the opposing team to shoot accurately.

Speedball Paintball Field

Speedball is played on smaller fields with fewer obstacles and bunkers to help players manoeuvre around them more easily. You’ll need a paintball gun with high fire rates and quick reload times like the electronic marker for this type of gameplay.

Electronic markers are perfect because they shoot fast and accurately over long distances and quickly reload time.

Scenario Paintball field

Scenario paintball is a type of field play that includes different settings and terrains to make it more realistic. You’ll need a gun with reasonable accuracy over long distances and high rates for this type of gameplay.

Electronic markers are better because they can shoot accurately over long distances, but mechanical guns are also good enough.

MilSim Paintball field

MilSim paintball is a type of field play that uses natural military settings, props, and tactics to make it more realistic. You’ll need high rates of fire with quick reload times like the electric marker, so you can shoot fast in this game setting without needing lots of time between shots. Electric markers are perfect.

MFG Paintball field

Fields like MFOG use military settings and props to make the game more realistic. You’ll need a paintball gun that can shoot fast and accurately over long distances and has quick reloaded times, so you aren’t wasting time in battle. Electric markers are perfect because they have high rates of fire and can shoot fast over long distances, plus they have quick reloaded times.

Time Trials Paintball field

Time trials paintball is a field play that tests accuracy and speed in different courses. You’ll need high rates of fire with quick reload times so you can get through the course faster than your opponents. Electric markers are perfect because they have high rates of fire, plus quick reload times to make it even quicker.

Airsoft Paintball Field

The main difference between airsoft & paintball is that you can use an electronic marker for airsoft but not for paintball because it’s classified as Class-A equipment under tournament rules. Airsoft guns are designed to shoot projectiles made of plastic lighter than traditional metal balls.

Zombie Hunt Paintball Field

Zombie hunt paintball is a field play where players will play as zombies against humans. You’ll need a marker that can shoot fast with high rates of fire so you can take out the humans before they kill you. Electric markers are perfect because they have high speeds, accuracy over long distances and quick reload times.


That’s it for my list of the different types of paintball guns and how they work! However, if you want to buy a new gun, I hope this article has helped you understand what’s out there. Before purchasing any gun, ensure your local field allows it since some fields only allow certain types on their premises.

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