Spyder Mr100 Pro Paintball Gun Review

Thorough research is essential before finalizing a paintball marker best suited for your skill level. You must test out the marker of its important factors like accuracy, reliability, and maintenance, which is undoubtedly a hard, time-consuming task. What if we tell you we have a good paintball gun, an all-rounder skills-based paintball marker for players?

Kingman Spyder MR100 is a great semi-automatic paintball marker; it doesn’t matter if you are taking your first step in the paintball arena or have been playing paintball for quite some time.

This military-style gun has got you covered. Our experience with Spyder marker led us to conclude that this is an accurate, lightweight gun with much less maintenance hassle and is easy to clean.

We will explain its features, pros & cons in depth to decide why it is best suited for entry-level and pro-level paintball players.


Spyder Mr100 Pro Paintball Gun

Package Dimensions: ‎21.2 x 10.8 x 2.3 inches
Weight: 4.3 Pounds
Skill Level: All Skill Level

It is manufactured by a well-known company in the paintball industry, Kingman, which introduced evolved quality-based and affordable paintball markers in 1992.

Spyder Mr100 Pro Paintball Gun Key Features

As mentioned, Spyder Mr100 Pro Paintball Gun is a quick semi-automatic paintball marker that makes effective straight shots with a lightweight bonus.

Spyder Mr100 Pro Paintball Gun


Unlike other paintball markers, the Spyder marker has a tough military theme design. It has a realistic sniper look and feel with its long front grip. With its two-trigger system, you will have great control over the shots, and knocking out your opponents has never been this easy.

Spyder Mr100 has Picatinny rails, an important feature, especially for customization. Not only does it look good, but it is also a strong build and delivers exceptional execution.

Firing Rate/Performance

It operates on compressed CO2 gas with an air-efficient EKO valve mechanism, which lets you shoot 1500 to 1600 shots per tank with the same speed consistency. This mechanism also saves paintballs from breaking inside the barrel.

You can shoot up to 6 to 8 balls per second, although the pull trigger takes longer. Any pro player can easily hit the target at 300 feet. The marker uses standard-size paintballs of .68 caliber.

Other remarkable features in this paintball marker include a steel braided air hose, a compressed air tank of 20 oz, a durable barrel of 12″, a clamping feed neck, high impact polymer, and a velocity adjuster. Players can easily adjust the speed of the air with a simple screw at the side of the gun.


The Kingman Spyder Mr100 paintball marker is the simplest one yet to clean from the inside out. You can clean it up in just a few minutes without tearing it apart. It has a single-bolt system that removes one piece, opens the marker in half, and cleans it.

A handy feature even during an intense paintball match. For the paintball gun’s longer service, oil its piston occasionally. If damaged, this part of the gun is expensive to change and will affect its accuracy.


With all the great specs, it still is an affordable paintball marker on the market. It’s logical not to buy an expensive gun for beginners. Spyder Mr100 Pro has great accuracy and is safe to use because of its durable body structure.

It can easily be handled and maintained. Its accuracy and long range make it a good choice for pro-level players at an affordable price.

However, if you get the whole kit, you might have to spend some extra bucks. However, many consumers complained about not getting high quality accessories like the paintball marker.

Strong Durable Build

Spyder Mr100 Pro Paintball Gun Design

Aluminum is the key ingredient of this marker, which is lightweight and durable.

Carrying around this gun won’t put extra weight on you whatsoever. Even its rails are made of aluminium, which you can use to upgrade your skills further.

It has an anodized finish, keeping the paintball marker free from corrosion. It also makes it weather-friendly, and you don’t have to worry about taking it out in the rain.

  • Pros
  • Ideal option for entry-level and skilled players
  • It has a strong and durable aluminium body
  • The maintenance and customisation is pretty simple and easy
  • It has an accuracy level of 300 feet
  • The paintball marker has a speed adjuster feature
  • Can shoot 1500-1600 shots per tank; standard guns have 800 shots per tank
  • Paintballs don’t break in due to the EVO valve mechanism
  • Cons
  • The accessories included in the kit are not up to the mark.
  • It has limited compatibility in terms of upgrades.


How Spyder Mr100 is an all-skilled paintball marker, and why you should consider buying it?

The Spyder Mr100 paintball marker offers great accuracy and consistency at an affordable range. Its strong, durable build body and easy maintenance make it a perfect go-to choice for beginners.

As far as skilled players are concerned, this paintball marker offers great speed consistency and can shoot up to 1500-1600 shots in one tank refill.

Whereas standard paintball guns only offer up to 800 shots per tank. Due to its consistency and level of accuracy, shooting a target at 300 feet is a piece of cake for pro skill-level paintball players. These features make the Spyder Mr100 paintball gun a rounder skill paintball marker.

This level of performance at a reasonable price makes it an ideal option for those who have just started their paintball journey and those skilled players on a tight budget but need a good-performing paintball marker.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much is a Spyder MR100 paintball gun?

Spyder MR100 is available in the range of $100 to $200. If you get a whole Spyder Kit, it will come in a few extra bucks.

However, many customers complained about the kit’s low-quality accessories, so we recommend you use the paintball marker if you are starting.

Is the Spyder MR100 A good paintball gun?

Yes, it is a great gun for both newbies and experienced paintball players. It has efficiency, accuracy, range, simplicity, and affordable price, fulfilling both players’ criteria. If you are a beginner or a pro player on a tight budget, Spyder MR100 got you covered.

How fast does a Spyder MR100 paintball gun shoot?

You can easily adjust the speed through its velocity adjuster, and any experienced paintballer can shoot a target up to 300 feet. It can shoot 6 to 8 shots per second and about 1500-1600 shots per gas tank.

Can a Spyder MR100 use compressed air?

Yes, it uses a CO2-compressed gas tank of 20 oz to operate.

What size paintballs does a Spyder MR100 use?

Spyder MR100 uses standard-size paintballs of .68 caliber.

Is the Spyder MR100 electronic?

Spyder MR100 is a semi-auto paintball marker, which is a blowback gun. You fire the shots with the help of the bolt triggered through the release of the trigger.

Who makes Spyder paintball guns?

One of the most trusted brands of paintball guns, Kingman makes the Spyder paintball series. Spyder MR100 is one of the paintball guns from the series of Spyder.


After reading this Spyder Mr100 review, we are sure you know why we concluded Spyder Mr100 as an all-skilled paintball marker. All these features will help you in your thorough gun research.

It is a great option for everyone, especially entry-level paintball players because it offers great accuracy at an affordable range with low-key maintenance. This bonus is for beginners who know little about paintball markers maintenance and experience.

The only notable drawback for many users is the low-quality accessories with the whole kit.

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