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You have gathered all the essential equipment for paintball. Now what? A lot of us get stuck here with a lot of questions.

For starters, how to use a paintball hopper, a marker, the tank, or the paintballs? And is the way you are using all the equipment and filling up the hopper even suitable?

Don’t worry; I also thought about many queries when I started. But, with time and many blunders, I found the correct answers.

The short answer is you have to adjust it on top of the paintball gun and then fill it correctly with paintballs

And in this article, I will cover everything to help you with the experience I gained over time.

The paintball hoppers feed paintballs to the paintball marker/gun. Their way of feeding paintballs may differ depending on their type. There are many types of paintball hoppers in the market.

Tips to Fill the Paintball Hopper/Loader

Filling a hopper is pretty simple and easy. Just open the lid, which is on the very top of the hopper. Then take your paintball pod, open the lid, and dunk it in the whole.

You must wait approximately 5 to 10 seconds before all the paintballs run off into the hopper. Afterwards, you discard the pod and close the lid of the hopper.

Tip: Try to fill your hopper with a paintball pod while you are shooting. It’s hard, but practice makes you perfect. It’s an excellent refilling tactic during a shooting spree. I am still practising. Always remember to close the lid. Often beginners make this mistake because of the spur of the moment during a fierce battle.

Pro Tip: If you get a shot on your pod and discard it away, assuming that the shot didn’t count. You’re So Wrong! Please don’t do it; not only will you get eliminated, but you will get a PENALTY as well.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many paintballs can fit in a hopper?

Depending on the model, the paintball hoppers have a storage capacity ranging from 180-260 paintballs.

You can fit paintballs according to the range of capabilities of the hopper you own.

How to Clean Your Paintball Hopper?

You all know that the key to prolonging any product’s life is to take excellent care of it and keep it well-maintained. The same goes for all the paintball gear.

Many beginners at paintball make the mistake of just cleaning their marker, but all the essential paintball equipment needs to be cleaned, even hoppers.

So to clean any hopper, you need to follow straightforward steps.

  • Disassemble the paintball hopper by using a standard flat-head screwdriver. Secure the screws somewhere safe for the time of reassembling.
  • You need to be extra careful with this step, mainly if you use Electronic based hoppers because they are spring-loaded. Gently and slowly open up the hopper.
  • Recheck to see that you didn’t harm the spring in any way. Or if the spring is tangled or worn out.
  • Use a microfiber cloth to clean the inside of the hopper. You can even use oil, but before you use it, ensure it doesn’t damage the spring or coil by getting it checked by the nearest paintball shop or the seller.
  • Reassemble the hopper carefully by placing the spring and all the parts in their rightful place. If you did a great job on this step, the hopper would snap back together immediately. But if you end up applying more force to snap it back, then it means you misplaced a part in it, so recheck it and try again.
  • Use the screws to put it back together, which you kept somewhere safe in the first step.


You all must know that hoppers feed the marker depending on their type by the end of our journey.

This information you got here will also help you decide which one you should own according to your requirements.

I hope I answered questions explicitly related to using a paintball hopper.

How to fill them up? Their types? So now you can select the best paintball hopper for your paintball guns

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