How to Put a Paintball Marker Sight Step By Step Guide on “Zeroing”

As we all know, a paintball sight aids in aiming the target over a distance for an accurate shot. In this article, you will learn how to put a paintball marker sight properly.

Knowing how to use or install paintball sight properly is much needed so that you don’t have trouble seeing during the paintball match.

In this article, I will try to help you how to set paintball sight on your paintball marker in a professional way. 

However, if the sight is not zeroed in, then it won’t help that much. You won’t get a clear view; the sight would be just a finished look of a paintball marker as a fashion show accessory.

How to install a paintball sight?

Installing a paintball sight/scope is not as complicated as it appears. You will get essential tools like hex keys, wrenches, and the scope or sight.

It would be best to be careful with positioning and securing the sight. It will take a few minutes to find the correct position. To fit it perfectly, make sure that the hopper doesn’t get in your way of vision.

Secure the sight nicely; do not secure it too tightly or too lightly. Too tight will put unnecessary tension on the gun that could damage your paintball marker. Too lightly, and the sight might fall off during the action.

How to Put a Paintball Marker Sight

What is meant by the term “Zeroing” in sights?

You may have heard many paintballers saying the term “zeroing in” during their paintball debates and talks. And as beginners, this could be one of the many confusing terms. But it’s okay not to know everything.

“Zeroing” term is used to set a paintball sight perfectly to get a clear image of the target. For example, if you see a blurry view through the sight, then that means it needs to be zeroed in by adjusting the settings of the sight.

Step-by-Step Guide on Paintball Marker Sighting

Now that you know what zeroing in means, we will guide you through a simple step to step guide on how to zero in your sight for accurate shots. 

  1. You will need a mock paper of any reticle pattern (preferably bullseye) and set it up 25 to 30 yards away.
  2. Now, with the help of sandbags or weights, weigh down your paintball marker and shoot three trial shots.
  3. In inches, measure the distance of shots away from the bullseye target.
  4. Convert the inches into several clicks. For first-timers, 1 inch means eight clicks; for example, if the distance is 20 inches off, multiply 20 x 8 to get the number of clicks.
  5. After little mathematics, adjust the windage and elevation dials accordingly.
  6. Also, check your paintball marker sight specifications for reference because sights have different MOA (minute of angle). For reference, one MOA is equal to one inch at 100 yards.

This was all about how to set a paintball marker sight correctly and efficiently. To know more about what the company or scope is? Which sight is best suited for your paintball marker?

You can check out our other article, Best Sights/Scopes for Paintball Markers.

Why Should You Use a Sight/Scope?

Usually, paintballers eye down their target and seldom use the scope or sight of a paintball marker.

But if you are interested in playing paintball as a professional, then it is one of the upgrades you NEED to have for your paintball marker.

Why You Should Use a Sight/Scope

Paintball Sight/Scope is not just used for seeing the target. Instead, it helps you shoot accurately at a longer distance.

It also eradicates doubts about your shot and whether you will hit the target, thus improving your confidence to play paintball more often.

Anyone will be demotivated if they keep on missing their targets often.

How to Use a Scope/Sight Properly in Real-Life?

Shooting games are far more different and complicated as compared to playing these on gaming consoles.

This is because scopes and sight in video games are pretty straightforward, and you don’t have much to do in setting them up. However, in real life, things are not the same.

That being said, we will tell you a few tips on using sight correctly:

Use of dominant eye

You might find scopes and sights for both eyes, but it is in your best interest to use only your dominant eye and consider the sight that uses just one eye. 

Adjusting Eye relief

With each shot, your paintball marker will recoil due to the power of the shot. Unfortunately, the gun will recoil into your face or eye, so you must be careful.

Note: you need to be closer to the gun if you have a scope with high magnification.

Focusing the Target

Once you zero in your sight, align the centre dot on your target. This will ensure the accuracy of your shot.

Know your Sight/Scope Range

Different paintball sights have different shooting ranges. Just because you own a sight does not mean you can shoot further than its range.

The standard range is 100 feet. You will find your sight firing range through practice.

How to Care for a Paintball Sight?

Just like paintball guns and other paintball equipment need proper care and maintenance for a long time, paintball sights must also be taken care of.

A well-taken care of paintball sight can be your long battle companion.

Use the right cleaning tools

Cleaning your sight with your fingers is the last thing you should do. Doing so could damage or scratch the sight lenses.

So instead, use proper brushes or sponges made of microfibre, made just for sights and scopes. 

Clean Thoroughly Even the Hard Corners

Cleaning only the middle of the lens is not okay. Cleaning thoroughly and getting the dust from hard corners will only prolong the product’s life.

Clean often

Paintball sights need to be cleaned weekly or at least once a month. That way, it will stay as new as out of the box. In addition, cleaning a sight is not that time-consuming. Just a few minutes, and you did.

DO NOT USE WATER or Other Fluids

Avoid using water, soap, or other cleaning fluid to clean the sight or scope. Water or soap could end up smudging the lens of the paintball sights.


For paintball players, their paintball guns and skills earned through practice are their pride. That is why it is essential to look out for paintball guns and their accessories, including paintball sight or scopes.

That way, you can get the most out of your paintball marker and upgrades. 

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