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We all know that a paintball gun is an essential equipment every player needs. But how often do you clean your paintball gun? Cleaning a paintball gun is the most important thing to do.

If the answer is “never,” it is time to consider this clean paintball gun task. By maintaining your gun’s performance for the field, you can prolong its lifespan and save money in the long term!

I will guide you through each step in cleaning your paintball gun and everything involved. I will also try to answer your questions about the cleaning process.

Cleaning your Paintball Gun

Paintball gun cleaning might be the most boring job. But it is necessary to do it. It will not work and last as long if you do not care. So it will help if you clean your gun after using it.

The balls may burst if you do not rinse your gun after playing paintball for a long time. It can be harmful because it might need to have new parts. It would help if you rinsed your gun every day not to happen.

You can try Paintball Gun Cleaning Kit: Gold Cup Paintball Maintenance Kit.

You can avoid this cost by taking care of your marker. That will help you save time and money. It will also make the marker better at playing on the field.


9 Steps to Clean your Paintball Gun

I have mentioned all possible steps involved in the best way to clean paintball guns.

Step No 1: Remove CO2 or Air Tank

Remove the CO2 or air tank before removing the paint residue or cleaning the paintball gun. That way, you will be safe.

If you do not empty the air tank, something terrible, like hurting yourself or others, can happen. So if you are an expert and know enough about this process, you can also learn how to refill your tank.

First, make sure that your gun has an excellent de-gassing function. If unsure, consult your manual or ask someone who knows before removing the tank.

In the case of CO-powered models, it is safe to assume that there is no pressure inside the gun, so feel free to continue this process after ensuring safety measures have been taken.

Step No 2: Disassemble Your Paintball Gun

If you know how to assemble or disassemble a paintball gun, then do this. Else I would suggest you take it to the professional.

You will need your marker knowledge for this stage. You must ensure that everything is disassembled, including the paintball hopper, bolt, barrel, and grip frame.

If you carefully disassemble the paintball gun, make a note of everything and organise it so you can reassemble it quickly. You will also need to remember where the parts go.

Step No 3: Clean Paintball Gun Barrel

The paintball gun cleaning process begins with inspecting the barrel. To clean the tiny dust particles, rinse out the apparent trash on the outside and use a barrel swab. Next, if you have a squeegee, use it to wipe the inside of the barrel.

You should make sure that the barrel is not dirty and transparent. If the barrel is still dirty, use a squeegee to clean it. Make sure you hook it in like an S and then pull. It will remove any leftover debris in the barrel. Afterwards, turn the barrel sideways to finish.

You can also try Paintball Barrel Cleaner: Valken Paintball Barrel Swab.

Step No 4: Clean Gun Body

Ensure you read your gun’s instructions before you take it apart. Then, you can use a cloth or a Q-tip to clear out any stuck parts of the gun. It will prevent jams and make your gun work better.

Wet the soft cloth with warm water, and clean your paintball gun’s inner body with it. You can also use dish soap with warm water for this purpose. After you are done, use a dry towel to dry your marker.

Step No 5: Clean Bolt & Hammer

Use a paper towel or wet microfiber cloth to remove dirt from the bolt and hammer. Carefully look at the O-Rings to see any wear on them.

If there is, you will need to maintain it with regular maintenance. If the part is heavy, you might need to change it.

You have to be careful with small parts to avoid any issues and for safety reasons. That’s why you must have a plastic tray to put all the small parts on the table.

So that they are safe and there will be no fear of misplacing or losing them.

Step No 6: Clean or Replace O-Rings

Check if the O-rings are clean and if there are no tears. If you see any tears, then you must replace them. You can use a Q-tip to clean any dirt from the grip frame.

Remember not to take apart your gun. If you do, it may not work well until you put it back together. When you are done cleaning the grip, dry it. And then check to make sure nothing is wrong.

Step No 7: Checking & Replacement of Batteries

You need to ensure your paintball gun is working and not stop in the middle of a game. Make sure you replace the batteries if they are low and replace any broken parts.

Step No 8: Inspect Paintball Gun for Damages

There are some details you need to examine on your gun. These include the O-rings. If they are dried up or damaged, you must replace them immediately.

Remember, O-rings are necessary for paintballing. Make sure they are fully functional and help you on the playing field.

A clean gun & a properly managed paintball gun will help you win in the field. Now you know how much cleaning a paintball gun is essential.

Step No 9: Oil & Lubricate Marker

Now you have cleaned every part of the gun. Next, it is time to lubricate your marker. Also, you should use special paintball gun oil for this purpose; otherwise, it will damage your marker.

To choose the right type of oil, you need to read the user manual. Then, make sure that O-rings are covered in them.

Bring paintball gun oil in your bag or something to use whenever you feel lubrication is required. The cleaning paintball gun is not only to remove dust or paint residue from your marker. It also includes proper care as well.

Preventative Maintenance

There are many things you can do to care for your paintball gun. First, it is essential to properly maintain the O-rings on your marker, as these help seal off air and provide consistent performance each time you press down the trigger.

You should replace them roughly every two years or at least once a year if you play regularly.

Another thing to consider is that paintball guns must be stored in an area where they do not experience extreme temperature changes.

These can cause the O-rings and other parts, such as bolts, springs, or plungers, to wear out faster than usual.

You must have complete cleaning material like a paintball gun cleaning kit, oil, one plastic tray, a dry towel, a microfiber cloth, and dish soap on the table to do your job like a pro easily.

Basic Gun Care

To clean a paintball gun, remove the bolt. Air it dry. Before reassembling them, make sure all of the pieces are dry. It ensures that your marker does not break during use. It may stop operating if you handle or wipe down your marker’s components.

So you must have a complete paintball gun cleaning kit & cleaning material. A standard paintball gun cleaning kit includes needles, brushes, bristles, paintball gun oil, swabs, and squeegees.

If you reside in a chilly region or play in the cold, clean your marker more frequently to keep it from rusting. Conversely, marker rusting is less risky if you live in a hot environment.

Choosing the Right Paintballs for Your Gun

It would be best to use the same paintball brand as your gun is designed for. For example, if it uses a .68 caliber bolt, only use .68 cal paintballs to prevent damage or jams within the chamber.

Additionally, using high-quality paintballs can significantly improve performance on the field and enhance the lifespan of your marker.

Choosing a brand known for its quality and durability is always advisable so you do not have to replace them every week or month.

Importance of a Good Barrel Shroud

Another essential factor to consider is buying a good barrel shroud to protect your gun from getting damaged.

Holding and using your marker can cause its tip to break apart or bend over time, especially if you regularly slam down on top of barricades during play.

Even using bumpers that support the end cap instead of keeping it on the ground can help to prevent damage.

Always try and store your marker in case it does not come into contact with anything else, as this can cause scratches or even chips over time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Should I clean my paintball gun?

Yes. Cleaning a paintball gun prevents rust & corrosion from forming on its inside, damaging parts over time.

How often do I need to clean my marker?

It will depend upon where you play or store your marker and how many rounds are fired in a certain period.

How do you clean a paintball barrel?

Please remove the barrel and rinse it with air to remove dirt or debris. Make sure that everything is dry before putting back together again.

How often do you replace O-rings?

Changing them roughly every two years is recommended, but this should be done at least once a year if you play regularly.

Can I clean my paintball barrel with water?

No. It can cause corrosion to form in the chamber, which will damage parts over time.

Is the paint from paintball guns washable?

Yes, the paint residue from a paintball gun is washable. It can help remove any dirt or debris formed on it over time without completely stripping off all layers.

How to take proper care of Paintball Gun regularly?

To make sure your paintball marker is working correctly, clean it. Every time you use it, you should try to clean it.

Cleaning a paintball gun needs you to have a proper paintball gun cleaning kit & paintball gun oil so that your gun runs smoothly and helps you win in the game.

If you live in a warmer climate or do not play as often, you may be able to get away with cleaning less frequently.

How to clean the outside of the Paintball Gun?

When cleaning your paintball gun, you should remove the barrel first. Then use a cloth or several paper towels to wipe the outside.

It is unnecessary to clean any internal parts unless they are filthy or have oil that could damage other components over time.


The article provides a comprehensive guide to properly maintaining & cleaning paintball gun, which is essential for ensuring that it performs well and does not break down prematurely. For the lubrication process, you must have paintball gun oil as well.

It also offers some preventative measures to avoid unnecessary wear and tear on the gun and instructions for cleaning up after each use.

Lastly, it gives tips about choosing the right paintballs so you do not have any jams or other performance issues when playing against opponents.

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