How Long Do Paintball Guns Last

When purchasing paintball guns, it’s essential to know how long paintball guns last before they need to be replaced. In addition, markers are essential paintball gear you need to play paintball.

There are several types of guns. Each brand will have a different shelf life depending on other factors like the proper cleaning, maintenance, and storing, which we will cover in this article so that your paintball gun shoots effectively.

Anyway, the short answer is that Paintball markers can easily last up to 6-10 years but can last longer if stored and cared for properly.

Shelf Life of the Paintball Guns

Paintball guns can last a long time range of probably 5 to 10 years; some classic mag guns could last up to 12 years.

Whereas our Tippmann is still working perfectly to this day due to proper cleaning and maintenance; it’s been seven years, and to this day, I play paintball without any trouble with my marker.

With proper maintenance, cleaning, and storage, you can keep them in good shape, just like the day you bought them, and ready to use for your next paintball match.

Following a manufacturer’s recommendations is the best policy to keep markers in tip-top condition to raise their shelf life to 12 to 15 years.

When we say different markers have different lifespans, it is because of the various factors that set the time range.

How Long Do Paintball Guns Last

Base Material

The base material of which the gun is made matters a lot. A weapon made of aluminium will have a different period than one made of plastic or steel.

Electronic VS Semi Automatic Paintball Gun

Usually, electronic markers don’t last long because of the dirt, water, and moisture messing up with their electronic features.

Proper care and cleaning might expand its life span, but it will still be low compared to semi-automatic markers.

A Thorough Follow Up

Each paintball marker is made of different base material, so they will have various precautions and instructions to keep them in decent shape.

In addition, following the manufacturer’s instructions regarding cleaning, maintenance, and storing will surely help you prolong the lifespan of a marker.

How To Do The Maintenance & Cleaning of The Paintball guns

Routine maintenance of paintball guns consists of regular cleaning, inspection, and lubrication. However, it is undeniable that a bit of care can prolong their life.

The following steps will help you clean your gun correctly:


First, remove the air tank and CO2 tank or any other accessories like a paintball hopper or sights from the gun to start the cleaning process of your marker.

  • First, remove the paintball tank and equipment like the hopper, sights, or red dot laser from the Picatinny rail.
  • The second step in cleaning is to disassemble it. You can do this with a small screwdriver or a small brush.
  • You are making a before and after picture for reference would be best, as you must reassemble your gun.
  • Next, empty the gun and check for any safety locks.
  • Afterwards, remove the paintball gun’s parts and sanitize them.
  • Sanitation will prevent any unwanted substances from growing inside the gun.
  • Cleaning the inside of the barrel is also crucial. Q-Tips are a great tool to use when cleaning the gun’s barrel.
  • Clean your paintball marker with the help of a cleaning kit or a washcloth with some lukewarm water.
  • Avoid using any house cleaning chemicals at all costs.
  • Also, consult the manufacturer’s manual to see any cleaning instructions.
  • After cleaning it, let the parts dry out entirely before you start the lubrication process.

Cleaning is simple and easy, but some gun parts require disassembly. The most fragile parts of paintball guns are the bolt & hammer and grip frame.

The paintball marker could face heavy damage if these parts are improperly assembled.

Since paintball guns are the most expensive gear among other paintball equipment, you must be careful while maintaining and cleaning them. If possible, seek the help of professionals with the fragile parts of the gun.


  • Lubricate all the parts with the paintball oil types or lubricant recommended by the manufacturer.
  • Remembering that too much oil can harm a paintball gun is also important. So don’t over-lubricate; paintball gun parts must be oiled and not drowned in.
  • After paintballing, be sure to oil it. Not only will it protect from rust, but it will also help your gun last for longer.
How To Do The Maintenance & Cleaning of The Paintball guns

Regular cleaning and lubrication of paintball guns are crucial in preserving their accuracy. Therefore, cleaning your paintball gun after every use is a good idea as storing it in a clean environment.


  • After disassembling and cleaning, check for damaged parts, do a thorough inspection especially look out for the O-rings.
  • Using the wrong tools or parts could result in disastrous consequences
  • After cleaning and inspection, reassemble the marker following the manufacturer’s guide.
  • It’s also a good idea to take the marker to a professional or a paintball store if any parts don’t fit properly.

We compiled these steps from our playing experience and mistakes on the local field. You can even check our in-depth cleaning process right here.

Tips For Long-Lasting Markers

Regular Cleaning & Maintenance

Over time dirt and grime accumulate inside your gun even if it’s not in use. Regular cleaning can extend its life and improve its performance.

Storing the marker in a glass case stand could also save you from regular cleaning if you tend to have more extended gaps between paintball matches.

Use lukewarm water and a non-toxic solution for cleaning and designated paintball lubrication oil. You can easily find paintball oil from nearby stores or online markets.

We use ‘Slip 2000 Marker Paintball Oil‘ because of its preservation power on the O-rings and other parts.

Remove Batteries If Not In Use

Paintball gun batteries are cheap but will run out of juice quickly. If you don’t remove them regularly, you risk having a misfire or jam.

To avoid such an occurrence during a paintball match, always ensure your marker has a safety button and barrel plug.

Be Cautious Of Fragile Parts

Cleaning the grip frame and bolt & hammer is essential to maintaining paintball guns but also THE MOST DIFFICULT.

Usually, we highly recommend deep cleaning of these parts by professionals instead of yourself, especially beginner paintball players.

But if you are knowledgeable and have any prior experience with cleaning the grip frame and didn’t face any complications, that’s great.

You can also use a toothbrush to thoroughly clean the frame with lukewarm water and finish it with paintball oil lubrication.

Cleaning the gun’s grip frame removes dried paint and other materials that may interfere with their effective range and performance. Eliminating paintball residue will also reduce the risk of jamming.

Repairing A Paintball Gun

There are many common problems with paintball guns; most can be easily fixed with little effort.

Sometimes players struggle to shoot their guns and may find themselves standing on the sidelines, waiting for someone to notice their problems.

We have addressed some common problems, from dirty barrels to harmful paint, along with their solutions, so you can enjoy the action instead of waiting on the sidelines.

Replacing Worn Out O-rings or Hammer Springs

The most common problem is when the marker does not fire correctly. This happens due to damaged hammer springs or O-rings.

The easiest way to fix it is to replace these occasionally and keep a look out for them during your cleanup session.

Paintball gun O-rings should be checked frequently to ensure they’re in good condition. Always remember to check them before playing on the field.

Checking the O-rings will help you identify any wear or tear that may have occurred. In addition, you should inspect the O-rings to ensure they’re intact.

Cracked o-rings can lead to the leakage of paintballs. Thus, jamming it up or, worse scenario damaging the marker’s internal part.

Some guns may have worn-out parts, and if you can’t fix them yourself, you can bring an expert to do it for you.

Leakage from Paintball Tanks

CO2 leaks are another common paintball gun issue. Many guns have many accessories and pieces, and these parts can be prone to leaking gas.

A damaged O-ring can compromise the marker’s tight seal and cause compressed air leakage. Similarly, an air source adapter should have the correct O-ring to prevent the stripping of threads.

The solution to it is simple adjustments and replacements. First, make a proper air source adapter for your paintball gun, and follow all the instructions carefully.

Check The Inside Of the Paintball Barrel

Very often, gun misfire or get jammed due to the dirty interior of the barrel. This mostly happens when paintball players slack off cleaning the marker after each use.

The leftover paint residue from paintballs accumulates in the barrel, thus compromising the accuracy and efficiency of the markers.

Repairing a paintball gun is not a complicated procedure. As long as you are familiar with paintball guns, you should be able to fix most paintball guns in an hour or less by replacing the torn and worn-out parts.

“Always clean the gun from inside and outside. A dirty inside can cause the paintballs in the chamber to jam and gum up the hammer or bolt.

To fix this, you should clean it and lubricate its internal parts. so you won’t be left alone on the paintball field.”


Anything needs proper dedicated care to last for a long time; the same goes for the marker and other paintball gear.

With the proper maintenance and cleaning method, you can extend the life of your battle companion for exciting paintball games and scenario paintball matches.

And to be accurate, guns are the most expensive equipment, so it takes good care of them to avoid any oversight.

Other than cleaning and maintaining, handling it with care saves you from a lot of work. We have tested many markers over the time of paintballing, and sure enough, rough handling minimizes the life span of the paintball gun.

If playing paintball is such a hassle, like with all the cleaning and proper maintenance, why do most people play it?

It’s because paintball is now becoming a great healthy outdoor activity. Also, since it’s an action-packed game with all the shooting and firearms, it interests most teens.

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