Empire Axe Paintball Gun Review

Do you want to improve your game but cannot find a reliable paintball gun? This Empire Axe Paintball gun will do wonders for you without breaking the bank. The credibility of Empire is no longer hidden in the paintball industry.

It’s a leading paintball manufacturing brand for making high-quality paintball axe markers. For any paintball enthusiast, there isn’t any better option than this Empire paintball marker, which offers excellent durability and build quality.

In a short time, this paintball gun marker gained immense popularity because of its design, accuracy, and ease of use. Moreover, it is also quite famous among professional paintball players.

This Empire Axe Paintball Gun Review will discuss the top-notch features with their honest pros and cons. Remember, we have deeply tested this paintball gun in multiple environments before writing this review.


Empire Axe Paintball Gun

Frame Material: Metal
Barrel Material: Carbon Fiber
Weight: 3.66 pounds

Empire Axe paintball marker is made by the leading paintball manufacturers, so there is no compromise on the quality of the paintball gun and also on your gameplay.

Features – Empire Axe Paintball Gun Review

Here is a closer look at the most notable Empire Axe Paintball Gun features.

On/Off ASA Regulator

This Empire Axe Paintball Gun is equipped with an On/Off ASA regulator for convenient depressurization. With this excellent feature, you can easily maintain the operating pressure without hassles.

Moreover, there will be no need to regulate the pressure of this Empire Axe Paintball Marker as it’s automatically set at 200 PSI.

Excellent Grip

This paintball marker offers a large trigger area for enhanced accuracy. The comfortable trigger used in this paintball gun provides an outstanding grip for accurate shots.

This Empire Axe Paintball Gun will also be very convenient for everyone to use, especially for those people with large fingers up to 2 inches. Moreover, this paintball gun’s handle size is also improved to fit every hand size.

Lightweight Design

The lightweight design of this Empire Axe Paintball Gun is one of its unique features. The design looks small and portable without compromising on its quality and durability. Compared to other paintball markers, this paintball can be used for many years without fear of quality-related issues.

Other than design, the weight of this paintball marker is also quite ideal as it only weighs around 2.4 lbs. Moreover, the aluminium construction of this marker will effectively prevent any misalignment-related issues.

Easy Maintenance

We all know that most of us are often concerned about the maintenance-related hassles of paintball markers. However, this Empire Axe Paintball offers quick and easy maintenance thanks to the unique push bottom bolt removal system.

This paintball gun can be easily dismantled for routine maintenance without any toolkit with just a single button.

Remember, the maintenance of this paintball gun is also cheap. You don’t have to spend any money on its maintenance as anyone with minimal knowledge can conveniently maintain it.

Empire Axe Paintball Gun Review

Impressive Air Supply

If you have previously used the Empire Mini GS Paintball Gun, you will notice a visible difference in its air supply. Due to a larger chamber, this paintball gun gets more air pressure that pushes a paintball for a smoother shot with maximum consistency.

Moreover, the overall consistency of this paintball gun is quite impressive while shooting paintballs.

What are the Pros and Cons of Empire Axe Paintball?

After our in-depth research, we have compiled some honest pros and cons of this paintball gun. Remember, we do not endorse this product; these pros and cons are to help you make the right purchase decision.


Compact Design: This paintball gun’s lightweight and minimalist design is one of its noteworthy advantages. Due to its lightweight design, you can play accurate shots with this paintball gun with maximum comfort. Your arms won’t be sore while using this paintball gun for even hours, and it will help you counter the opponents effectively.

Empire Axe Paintball Gun Review - good paintball gun

Affordable Price: Even if you are a beginner, you will never feel guilty after purchasing this paintball gun. The Empire axe paintball gun price is quite affordable; it only offers most of the modern features available in the expensive models. Moreover, the performance and durability of this Empire Axe Paintball Gun are outstanding.

Easy to Disassemble: Every paintball gun requires some routine maintenance at some point. There are some quick buttons to remove the battery and barrel within a few seconds. The rear push button will also help you remove the rear of this paintball gun without any hassles.

Excellent Durability: The durability of this marker is unmatchable. The metal frame construction of this paintball gun makes it a durable model compared to its competitors. You can use this paintball gun for years without any worries.


Some Minor Upgrades Required: This paintball gun has no notable drawback besides its barrel length. The 12-inch barrel used in this Empire Axe Paintball Gun is quite poor, especially for accurate shots. However, you can upgrade the barrel to a 14-inch version for better performance.


Is Empire Axe Paintball Gun Similar To Mini GS?

Yes, there are a lot of similarities between both of these models as both have the same manufacturer. However, the Empire Axe Paintball is an improved version with many better features, such as smoothness, compact size, durability, and consistency.

Moreover, the Empire Axe Marker is also comfortable for everyone, and it’s not expensive. If we compare its price range with the Mini GS, it’s extremely reasonable compared to its features.


We hope this Empire Paintball Gun Review has provided you with the most critical information. It’s an amazing product that will add value to your money and will surely be a good purchase decision. This marker’s performance and durability will help you win games with it.

This marker’s accuracy and consistency are remarkable, especially under this reasonable price range. If you have queries about this Empire Axe Marker, please share them in the comments section.

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