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When they consider playing paintball for the first time, people ask, “does paintball hurt?” The answer may surprise you- it depends on what kind of paintball player you are!

Of course, as long as you’re wearing a properly fitting mask and other safety gear, there’s no problem getting injured. 

But if someone manages to hit an unprotected part of your body with a ball filled with paint board pellets at speeds exceeding 300 feet per second, then yes- that would probably be quite painful.

The short answer is that paintballs don’t hurt too much but can sting and hurt a little. But, of course, if you got hit closely, it would hurt a bit more. 

This guide will discuss balancing safety and strategy during a game and what to do if injured.

How to Be Safe to Avoid Paintball Hits

Does paintball hurt?

Not at all. It’s a recreational sport that doesn’t have many risks if played correctly, but there are some safety precautions to take to enjoy it safely.

How much do paintballs hurt?

Very little pain can happen, but it’s quick and should not be enough to keep you from playing. However, paintballs sting when shot at close range or against a sensitive area.

But taking precautions can help reduce the risks of getting hurt by a paintball. The good news is they don’t really.

How much pain are we talking about?

Paintball pain is short-lived, so it shouldn’t stop you from enjoying the game. However, there are some precautions to take to reduce your risk of getting hurt by a paintball that will be covered below.

Let’s start with what it’s like when you get shot.

What should I do if someone gets hit?

If someone gets stuck with a paintball, the best thing to do is not touch it. It will be warm and may have broken open slightly, so you can clean it off and then put some antiseptic on it.

Why does getting hit hurt?

Getting shot by a paintball hurts because of its velocity – they are shot at 300 feet per second – and the thinness of a paintball. They are only about 0.68 millimetres, which is thinner than a human hair.

How to treat paintball injuries?

As mentioned, the best thing to do when someone gets shot is not to touch it. It will reduce your risk of infection and ensure you don’t spread germs or bacteria around another person.

To treat a paintball injury, you’ll want to clean the area with antibacterial soap and warm water, then put some antiseptic on it.

Is paintball safe?

Yes! Paintball is a healthy activity that can be fun if done correctly. However, what makes paintball great comes with risks when it isn’t played safely.

If you take precautions to play it safe, you won’t have anything to worry about and can enjoy a day of paintballing with your friends or family without any problems.

Paintballs hurt little when shot at close range or against a sensitive area. So if someone gets shot by a paintball, the best thing to do is not touch it.

Does paintball hurt more than airsoft?

No, paintball is less likely to cause injury than any other sport. This is because paintballs are thicker and smaller, so they don’t penetrate the skin as much as bullets from an airsoft gun.

Paintball hurts because of its velocity – it’s shot at 300 feet per second – and the thinness of a paintball that makes it thinner than a human hair.

Do I need to wear protective gear?

The only protection you need is your mask, which will keep the paintballs out of your eyes and off your face. Wearing anything more can make it harder for you to move around or perform certain shots.

What is the essential piece of protective gear?

Your mask! If you don’t wear one, especially when playing in an open field, you could risk getting shot in the face and seriously hurt.

How do I know if a paintball hurts?

Paintballs don’t hurt, but they will sting when shot at close range or against a sensitive area like your neck or arm. However, it should be quick and not enough to keep you from enjoying the game when you get hit.

How do you decrease the Sting of Paintball Impacts?

You can’t prevent paintball injuries from happening. All you can do is try to reduce them as much as possible.

That said, I must point out the obvious: The simplest method to avoid the sting of paintball impacts is not to be hit.

However, this is not a realistic option unless you’re hiding your entire day or are a world-class paintball player.

Tips to Decrease Sting of Paintball Impacts

Choose Soft Clothing

Avoid wearing jeans or cotton t-shirts when playing; you want your clothes made from smooth fabric that doesn’t absorb water (like nylon).

Also, avoid any gear with lots of zippers and buttons. It will make it harder for you to get out of the way.

Avoid Tough Spots

If your opponents aim at sensitive areas like your neck or arms (or anywhere else), try and wear a long sleeve shirt underneath your short-sleeved one; this should give you some protection while still allowing easy movement in case someone is shooting at you.

Avoid Being Shot in the Face

Wearing a paintball mask is your best defence against being hurt by a paintball because it will keep them out of your eyes and off your face.

If someone does get hit, don’t rub or touch it to avoid infection.

Use the Right Gear

If you get hit, your gear might have absorbed some of the impacts, and that’s why it hurts less than expected; if this is happening to you a lot.

Then try using thicker clothing or pads to reduce how much protection you’re giving away for free.

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