Can paintballs break skin?

Can paintballs break skin

Paintball is an action packed sport with a lot of physical movement and getting shot at. So small and common injuries can happen. However, with proper safety precautions, paintball players could minimize the probability of accidents. One of many concerned queries of new players is: … Read more

Are there paintball guns for kids?

Are there paintball guns for kids

When it comes to paintball guns, there is a lot of debate surrounding them. Some people believe that they are too dangerous for children to be playing with, while others believe that as long as safety precautions are taken, children can enjoy them just as … Read more

How lethal is a paintball gun?

How lethal is a paintball gun

The question is; how lethal is a paintball gun? Paintball is a competitive shooting safe sport where players eliminate opponents by shooting them with paintballs at 200 mph with the help of a paintball gun. As you know, a paintball gun is a device or … Read more

How Long Do Paintball Guns Last?

How Long Do Paintball Guns Last

When purchasing paintball guns, it’s important to know how long do paintball guns last before they need to be replaced. To play paintball, markers are one of the essential paintball gear you need. There are several types of guns, and each brand will have a … Read more