Can a Paintball Gun Break Glass

There is a lot of debate over whether or not paintballs can break glass or not. Some people say it is impossible, while others swear that a well-placed paintball can shatter a window.

So better be careful while playing around your house or neighbourhood. To avoid any property damage or injuries, it is always best to play paintball on designated fields with the proper area and staging for safety reasons and enjoy shooting to the fullest.

So, what’s the truth? Can paintballs break glass? The answer may surprise you!

The short answer is YES! paintballs can shatter or break the glass. Although Paintball rounds are somewhat fragile and are pretty fast, even so, this innocent-looking ball can get lethal.

(Some consider this sport a healthy, fun-packed activity, whereas others consider it dangerous because of the fear of injury or damage. However, that is another debate to cut short; safety rules and measures make paintballing safe to play, even for kids.)

Can a paintball gun break window so quickly?

Paintballs, despite being brittle, have the potential to shatter glass; the same goes for windows. Therefore, the type of glass in a window has a significant role.

Building window glass is somewhat vulnerable, especially with single-glazed designs. However, the windows with double or triple-glazed designs have more resistance against paintball shots.

“In simpler terms, how thick glass a window has matters greatly.”

Factors That Cause Glass Breakage

There is no denying that factor like the thickness of the glass plays a significant role.

However, other factors add to the cause:

  • The type of paintball gun you are using
  • Distance
  • The impact force
  • Precise aiming
  • Shape and the size of the paintballs or projectiles
  • The brittleness of a paintball shell
  • Setting the firing rate up to 300-400 fps

So, glass is breakable, but only if you shoot your paintball marker, as I mentioned above, because we tested out whether paintballs break glass or not to solve the mystery.

Types of Glasses

As we mentioned above, the thickness of the glass has a lot to do with breakage. There are many types of glasses used in windows:

  • Laminated
  • Insulated
  • Antique
  • Annealed
  • Tempered
  • Impact

The lightest glass among the above list is the Annealed type; it is easily breakable. 

The toughest among these glasses is the “tempered glass”, which is 4 to 5 times stronger than the average and the least to shatter on impact with paintballs. 

If you have a few minutes to spare and want to know in depth about glasses and their attributes and strengths, and so on, check out this video below:


Can paintball markers break a car window glass?

The paintballs won’t break the car window unless it was compromised before, but they still can damage the car window to some extent.

The car windows are made of either tempered glass, which is highly unlikely to break, or laminated glass, which could suffer some damage if got hit by the paintballs.

But for that to happen, paintballs should be fired at least 300 feet per second (FPS) or more than that, and directly hitting any part of the glass with enough force will cause it to shatter into pieces instantly!

Regular bullets’ speed is 2500 fps, whereas paintballs’ average speed is 150 to 200 fps for safety reasons. That is why being shot by the paintball gun does not hurt that much, but it still has the power to break the glass.

Speed of the paintball marker higher than 200-250 fps is not allowed on the paintball playing field. The allowed velocity during the paintball matches is between 200-250 fps for players’ safety.

But paintball guns don’t have the power to penetrate any other part of your vehicle, like windshields, side mirrors, etc.

Can Paintballs Break Vehicle Windows?

Vehicle windows are likely made of solid glass types like laminated and tempered ones for security and other reasons.

So even if your vehicle accidentally gets shot with a paintball, it won’t break or shatter the window. 

However, in many cases of laminated glass, paintballs can inflict damage on it, and if the windows had any previous injury, they might also break. 

Can Frozen Paintballs Break Glass?

Of course, frozen paintballs are highly likely to break the glass because they are more complex than regular standard paintballs.

We experimented with paintballs and discovered they don’t freeze fully to their core. The shell of paintballs might get complicated, and the paint fill gets dense but does not freeze like rock-hard ice. 

You might have to use dry ice or liquid nitrogen to get rock-hard paintballs like ice. If you don’t want to go through the hassle of all this, you can also consider the hard paintballs straight from amazon. 

Types of Paintball Markers You Need to Be Careful With!

It is recommended not to shoot paintballs outside the playing grounds because paintball guns can surely break glass, and it may hurt you or anyone standing nearby when paintballs burst on impact.

If you want to know which paintball guns that are powerful enough or have damage potential, then they are as follows:

Pump Paintball Gun

Pump paintball guns are famous for leaving a mark from a reasonable distance. They function somewhat similarly to a shotgun.

However, the paintball palette leaves the barrel with more impact than automated paintball guns. Paintballs shot from the pump paintball guns can break a glass of thin layer.

Semi Automatic Paintball Gun

Compared to pump guns, semi-automatic guns have more power and precision. Hence the name you don’t need to keep reloading and can shoot continuously.

Aim and shoot; that is why you must be extra careful with this paintball marker.

Three Shot Burst Paintball Gun

This gun is considered the most accurate and fastest, even though each paintball player wants the best paintball marker with greater shooting power.

However, “with great power comes great responsibility, ” meaning you must be cautious while handling it.

The latest paintball guns have this mode where players can shoot three paintballs simultaneously. That is why you need to be wary of your surroundings.

Ramping Paintball Gun

This rapid gunfire maintained control over the shots. This is another mode that most advanced paintball guns have aside from bursting and semi-automatic firing.

With its fast firing mode, the glass will shatter to pieces with the continuous impact of colour projectiles.

Fully Automatic Paintball Gun

Many paintball players prefer to play with fully automated paintball markers because there is no need to keep pulling the trigger. This one is the most realistic firearm, like a real gun. This goes for its functionality as well. 

These guns can be pretty lethal, so you should be careful about your surroundings while using them.

So you have to be careful while playing paintball. Don’t let your paintball guns damaged windows. Most paintball players are professional and know how to be careful. But still, some new players break glass windows with paintball bullets.

Paintball Guns can break other glass objects.

Paintball markers can break other glass things, such as glass bottles or windows, But it requires an exact aim and must be done quickly before the paint dries up and becomes brittle.

So yeah, paintball markers can break bottles at high speeds.

Is it reasonable to break glass?

Ethically, it’s not good to break glass or windows as they can be someone else’s property, and broken glass can hurt you if you are near the mirror.

On the other hand, it is good to break the glass on a paintball field for the sake of entertainment and games and aim practices. 

Is it fun to break glass with paintball pellets?

Some paintball players find it fun to break glass with paintball pellets. They consider it a way to add an extra level of excitement and challenge to the game.

However, others believe that this is unnecessary and can be dangerous. It is not a good idea to break glass just for fun.

What do you think? Is breaking glass with paintball guns worth the risk?

Should you try to do this at home?

Really? Why do you want to break things and glass in your home? It would be best if you did this fun on paintball fields.

It would be best if you didn’t try this at home, as it can break something or hurt someone.


Do paintballs break glass? Yes, they do. We unravelled the mystery in this article and some other queries related to breaking different types and forms of glass with the shot of paintballs. 

We suggest you always consider playing paintball with rules and regulations on the appropriate local fields. Laws, regulations, and safety measures are there for us to stay safe while having action-packed fun. 

That way, you can keep yourself safe, others around you, and the property nearby. Stay Safe while having a blast!

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