Can Paintball Guns Use Compressed Air

Paintball guns are only as good as the paintballs they use. If your paintballs are too hard, you won’t be able to hit targets at a distance, and if they’re too soft, you’ll lose them before you have a chance to reload.

The perfect paintball has many factors that influence how it flies through the air – weight, size, density, hardness, and shape.

One of these factors is pressure. Compressed air inside the air tank gives your shots more power than gravity can provide.

The short answer is, YES! you can use compressed air in paintball guns for good pressure.

Common Questions for Paintball Guns to use Compressed Air

Where is compressed air stored in Paintball guns?

Compressed air is stored in paintball gun air compressor tanks, usually located at the top of your marker. Pressurized air flows through an aperture between the tank and the firing chamber (when you pull the trigger), where it’s released to fire a shot.

It only takes milliseconds for this process, so you’ll never know that compressed air was used to fire a shot.

Why do Paintball guns need compressed air?

The pressure from the tanks allows paintballs to fly through the air more accurately and with greater force.

They are also lighter than gravity, which creates less impact on firing chamber components, protecting them against wear and tear over time.

What does it mean by “compressed air”?

Compressed air, also called canned air, is gas-pressurized to an extremely high degree.

It creates a lot of energy in heat and pressure used for different purposes depending on what you need. Compressed air can be found at any paintball store near you.

What are the benefits of compressed air?

The high pressure gas in your air tank allows paintballs to fly through the air with more accuracy and speed than gravity can provide alone, which means better shots for you.

It also protects firing chamber components against wear and tears over time, saving you money on repairs or replacement parts.

How do I use compressed air?

You can buy a paintball air compressor tank at any local paintball store near you.

Please fill up your tank with the purchased high pressure gas, attach it to your marker’s firing chamber and fire away! You’ll get great shots every time – make sure that you’re using the right kind of paintballs.

Disadvantages of Using Compressed Air

  • More expensive than CO2, even with a carbon dioxide tank.
  • Requires more work and maintenance to refill compressed air tanks at the paintball fields.
  • It tends to be heavier and bulkier, which can affect performance on the paintball playing ground.

How long compressed air Paintball tank last?

An air tank can last years if you keep it in good condition. Remember to always clean your markers inside after playing paintball and check on parts that could wear out with time, like hoses or valves.

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