Can paintball guns shoot rubber balls

Whether you’re playing in an organized paintball game (or tournament) or want to have some fun with your friends, you’ll need to know how to use a paintball gun properly if you want to be successful on the field.

This article will guide you through everything you need to know about using these weapons, including how different kinds are used on the battlefield. You cannot use marbles instead of paintballs, but yes you can use rubber balls.

This question is stuck in most people’s minds. Believe it or not, the answer is YES! Paintball guns can shoot rubber balls, and they’re a lot of fun.

This article also shares tips for picking one out for yourself so that you can get started right away!

What are Rubber Balls?

Rubber balls are rubber projectiles that you shoot from a paintball gun. You can buy rubber balls at sporting goods stores or online, and they come with an adapter so you can fire your existing paintball marker as long as it has the appropriate accessory already installed on it.

Rubber bullets are made of plastic and produced in various weights and types, depending on the intended use.

Rubber bullets are also known as rubber baton rounds of plastic bullets. They were originally designed to be fired from pistols with blank cartridges, but some submachine guns can be modified to fire them (for example, this one).

Difference between Paintball Rounds & Rubber Balls

A rubber ball is a round object that has no air inside of it. The weight and shape of the rubber balls can be designed to suit many different purposes, such as for sports like tennis or baseball.

People make their versions at home with various ingredients such as salt dough or other soft clay materials.

When paintballs are made, they are not completely round. They have small air holes inside them when the ball is being created at the factory, allowing a certain amount of gas to stay within it while also allowing paint or other substances to be inserted into one side.

When rubber balls are used with shotgun-style weapons that hold several rounds in magazines, such as paintball guns, they can shoot with many rounds.

However, rubber balls cannot be fired directly from a chamber because there is nothing inside of the ball that could cause damage or even properly propel the object forward once shot out.

How are rubber balls used in paintball guns?

Rubber balls are used in paintball guns to act as low-impact projectiles. They’re designed for close range (usually indoor) games, and they can be shot safely at people even if you don’t have eye protection.

Your gun owner’s manual will tell you how many rubber rounds it can hold; most “clip fed” guns can hold anywhere from 100 to 200 rounds.

One advantage of paintball is that you don’t need a lot of space, but if you’re playing indoors, rubber balls are crucial because they won’t break windows or knock things off the wall as regular projectiles would.

How to choose rubber balls for paintball guns?

When choosing rubber balls for your paintball gun, you need to have the right size adapter. It will fit onto either your hopper or mag feeder and allow you to shoot them through it safely.

There are several different kinds of adapters available, including:

  • Standard (Fits most markers)
  • Autococker (Fits Autococker markers)
  • Custom (Custom adapters are available for most guns, so check what the manufacturer recommends.)

There is also a variety in weight and materials used to make rubber balls. The lighter ones can be fired faster but will not fly as far or have much impact when shot at something.

On the other hand, the heavier balls will be slower to shoot, but they’ll have more impact when they hit their target.

If you want to use your paintball gun for shooting regular projectiles, then it’s best to choose rubber rounds that are heavy because the lighter ones will fly too fast and could injure someone if they’re not wearing eye protection.

When shopping for rubber balls, consider the barrel size of your industry. Most paintball guns are built to be used with 0.68 caliber paintball balls, so you’ll need something comparable when switching from paintballs to rubber ball launchers.


Finally, you have rubber balls. The rubber ball has impact shards like a regular paintball pellet. Because they aren’t filled with liquid paint, they won’t leave any residue behind. These are typically shot in mass quantities, which explains the ‘swarm’ name.

Swarms are most often used in indoor, short range environments where a paintball blow to the face could leave someone with a broken nose or busted lip.

For this reason, many fields will not allow swarms on their course. Rubber balls should only be used during close-quarter games and indoors.

They can also be shot at people even if you don’t have eye protection on them, so they are a good option for those who want to use paintball guns as alternatives to BB or pellet guns.

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