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Paintball has come a long way since it came into being. It has all the elements a player looks for in combat based games. Fast paced, adrenaline filled, action packed, strategies and the use of weapons like paintball guns, are a few charming feelings the best professional paintballers get to experience through playing paintball; not to forget a great physical OUTDOOR activity as well.

Paintball is a competitive shooting game where players play individually or with a team to eliminate rivals and other teams with an air pressured paintball marker or a paintball gun. It is the best way to experience live action with the paintball gun and other paintball equipment. Today, we are going to talk about the top 10 best professional paintball players that paintball has ever witnessed over time.

That’s right, you can even play paintball as a profession, in the professional league as well. As Marc Anthony (the famous singer, songwriter, and actor) quoted “if you do what you love, you’ll never work a day in your life”.

I love this quote so we will cover everything from knowing the best paintball players to how you can become one, a paintball career. How much income you could expect? How to take the first step? And so on. These will help you guide in the right direction because it’s a harsh reality truth that we all have bills to pay.

Top 10 Rated Best Paintball World Players

You can play paintball either individually or as a member of a paintball team. Whichever it is, you have got to give it all. This sport is not about just rushing in and shooting. Proper gear, strategy, and analysis are required to win a match or tournament.

Many teams even schedule practices together to build team bonds, design a strategy and create whole gameplay for a greater win.

Paintball is a very famous and big sport so there are many elite famous paintball players out there with professional teams who have won many championships and tournaments but we are going to mention THE BEST OF BEST in our opinion.

We have gone through these players’ whole careers, several events played and won, their outshining skills, and so on.

1. Oliver Lang

In professional paintball history, Oliver Lang has left his mark on this sport by being the most talented individual paintball player. He sure is a great leader to look up to, who not only always gives his best but also brought the best out of his team members like a great emotional mentor.

His teams were Ironkids, Ironmen, Dynasty & Lofty. He was the leader of the San Diego Dynasty. His game breaking moves up his sleeves and the ability to read the atmosphere of the whole game were his most distinguished skills of his.

He won many paintball world championship tournaments and broke many records in his era before his retirement like back to back three time Triple Crowns (PSP/NPPL/Millennium). Lang was also known to be the best earning paintball player of all time. Oliver Lange’s net worth is up to $165, 000 per year, which made him the highest paid paintball player.

His skills and efforts displayed during the first tv hosted paintball tournament on ESPN contributed a lot to the popularity of paintball. Oliver Lang was also awarded the best “international paintball of the year” award when he was 22 years old in 2005.

2. Ryan Greenspan

Next on our list is Ryan Greenspan. During his span of paintball gaming of 20 years, he has won over 50 event wins. That makes him the most professional paintball player with the most wins. He has been a valuable member of famous teams, Dynasty and Ironkids; and was the founder of Dynasty.

He is known to have the highest paintball IQ that others witnessed watching through his paintball matches. He was an excellence driven player and always tried to bring out the best in his teammates as well. 

Besides being a professional paintball, Ryan was an architect on and off the field as well as a paintball ambassador. His contribution to the paintball industry had welcomed many new tens of thousands of players from all over the paintball world.

Ryan even won “the best sports ambassador” award in 2010 Australia. He has earned 1600 points and his monthly salary is $5500.

3. Konstantin Fedorov

Fedorov’s unique skill of being able to read the field and attack the opposing team has made him into one of the non-US elite paintball players. With his driven aggressive energy he has shown that even foreigners can outplay this sport as well. He has the second most World Cup wins in paintball.

He is originally from Russia and played paintball with notable teams like Russian Legion, Art Chaos, Tsunami, Philly Americans, NXL All Stars East, Russia BRL, KTM X-Bow, and Houston Heat.

Currently, his total score is 9122.24 points which is sure on a pro level and is playing for the Houston Heat team. His team won the paintball world cup back to back in 2018 and 2019. He earned $7375 per month as a professional paintballer because of his dominating and combative gaming skills.

4. Chris Lasoya

Chris Lasoya is said to be one of the paintball’s first worldwide superstars. Along with other notable players, his paintball skills and matches attracted many new faces and were one of the reasons for the fame of the paintball sport in mid-2000.

He is also a holder of a long list of won championships and tournament events. With his dominating field skill, he has led his team of Avalanche and infamous to many glorious wins.

5. Alex Goldman

Alex Goldman is considered to be one of those players who are consistently in the state of raising the game standards by improving their skills.

He has raised the overall paintball game bar for other players to make the game even more exciting and thrilling. He has been a member of Aftermath, Ironmen, Dynasty, and Impact paintball teams.

Alex as a professional player has the manipulative ability that strikes his rival with confusion and curiosity as to what move he would make next. This shows his dominance and his hold of the field which leads to a secure win. So far he has won two dozen pro level events. 

6. Dave Bains

Another great paintball in the history of paintball is Dave Bains. He is the owner of the title of 22 championships. He is from California and has been playing for Russian Legion, XSV, Impact, and Avalanche. He was best known in the paintball battleground for his break shooters and gunfighter skills. 

He played a vital role in the development of NXL and has been a major figure in it as well. Off the field, he also owns a successful paintball field. Nowadays we see Dave on the sideline more and less in combat action.

It’s because he is now more focusing on being a paintball coach than being a professional paintball player. Upcoming new paintball players will be lucky to have Dave Bain as their paintball coach. 

7. Todd Adamson

If you are a support back player and are looking for inspiration to follow then we don’t have anyone best suited than Todd Adamson. He is the best back player the paintball industry has ever seen in its history. He has played paintball matches for remarkable paintball teams; Ironmen and Aftershock. 

He is famous for having elite marker shooting skills, the ability to read in between Battlefield lines, and being a great strategist. Not only is he a professional paintball player but he also started a sports good business “Extreme Rage” with his wife.

8. Mishka Kniazev

Mishka Kniazev is the first foreign paintball player who holds the record of winning the most World Cups as a single player. A total of 7 World Cups are a part of his achievements.

All these wins are the results of his dedicated tight practice schedules and shooting practices. Along with Konstantin Federov, he spread the fame of paintball Internationally as well.

9. Angel Fragoza

One of the other great team members of Dynasty, Angel Fragoza is also known as “Ghetto Superstar” is the one who created the blueprint of all the possibilities a snake player can do.

He has great gunfighter skills, to change the course of any modern game and can read the tracks of the field skillfully. He was second in line to lead the members of the Dynasty after Oliver Lang in 2006.

10. Marty Bush 

No one can look past Marty Bush when one talks about the most tactical paintball player. He played for the recognized team, Ironmen. He has a knack for figuring out the strengths and weaknesses of the opposite team and strategizing accordingly.

He is also said to be one of the first international ambassadors. He has a unique way of handling the last markers that created new innovative bases for modern markers.

There are many elite and honorable paintball players out there on the field which is why it is difficult for us to mention all of them. These are the players in our opinion who have cut the list of Top 10 Best Paintball Players.

Now let’s move forward with how you can become a professional paintball player. How much does a professional paintball player make? And so on…

How much does the best paintballer make?

Paintball, no doubt, is a great physical sport to play with friends and family. Many players went professional with it as well in its fame growing time and earned good fortune. However, paintball popularity is declining with time because of its playing cost. 

Nowadays players could make only up to 10 to 20 thousand in a year which hardly sums up the cost of paintball markers, gears, hoppers, and other essentials.

Though this figure may differ from place to place. According to the data collected, in California a pro player at least can make up to 50 to 60 thousand; in New York, the range is from 30 to 40 thousand. In the end, it all depends on the sponsors and the prize money of tournaments as well. 

Many paintball players who play professionally also have a side job in the paintball industry to make more money. But many play paintball professionally as a second means of income. 

How to become a professional paintball player?

Playing paintball for fun is one thing but playing it like a pro means a whole new different thing. With all the essential gear and markers you need to work on your shooting skills and carve other skills the quickest way to join the tournament paintball culture.

Another simple way is to compete in speedball matches more, pro players play speedball more. 

You will get the chance to meet new players or even competing teams who are looking for a member. Joining a local team will eventually lead to regional rather than national and international tournaments. Though you need to have exceptional paintball skills and tricks.


As we have mentioned above there are many pro paintball players out there in the field whom we weren’t able to mention. But the best among those players is Oliver lang with the most experience and net worth of a six-figure salary.

All the players mentioned in our list without a doubt are the best of the best and have a unique set of skills that outshines them.

These players are also a source of inspiration for new upcoming players who might even consider playing paintball as their first source of income.

We wish the best of luck to those who are considering becoming a professional paintballer and we do suggest doing thorough research as well before just jumping into it.