10 Best Paintball Knee Pads (Tactical Shin Guards)

Are you planning to play paintball in the rugged terrain for pleasure or in a tournament? If this is the case, a good quality pair of knee pads is a must-have piece of equipment for you. So, you must be aware of the need for the best paintball knee pads if you are a professional paintball player.

A solid pair of paintball knee pads will help you to play and move freely on any type of surface without any hurdles. Along with these paintball knee pads, you can protect yourself from injuries while sliding underground as well.

Thus, the important task is to determine which pair of knee pads are highly suitable and preferable for you. So, you have to consider the best features to have the best product to use.

When it concerns my experience, I have also used some of the best knee pads for paintball. These knee pads are rich in providing comfort and smooth touch. These paintballs have been manufactured with straps that can help you loosen or tighten the pads according to your size. In this way, you can have a customized pair of paintball knee pads.

To have the best quality pair of knee pads, you must look at the below-given products!


Bargain Crusader Military Tactical Knee Pad

Bargain Crusader Tactical Knee Pad
  • Designed with a durable magic stick
  • EVA padding for shock absorption
  • Easy to adjust the size
  • Very soft and light design

Military Tactical Knee Pad Elbow Pad Set

Military Tactical Knee Pad
  • Very breathable and safe to use
  • Flexible Construction
  • Durable and lightweight to wear
  • Easy to gear yourself

OPLIY Tactical Knee Pads

OPLIY Tactical Knee Pads
  • Designed with a durable TPU shell
  • Helps to avoid skin bruising
  • Nonslip design
  • The nylon shell ensures maximum durability


Top 10 Best Paintball Knee Pads Review 2022

1. Bodyprox Protective Knee Pads

Bodyprox Protective Knee Pads

Are you tight on budget and want to buy an affordable knee pads pair? If yes, then you have selected the right place for this! Here I have reviewed both affordable knee pads named Bodyprox protective knee pads for you. With this two-in-one package, you are going to make your paintball experience more thrilling.

These knee pads have been designed with high-density foam to get a high level of elasticity and strength. The good quality construction of these knee pads makes them more valuable and highly demanding in the market.

Besides that, these paintball knee pads have breathable fabric to keep your feet dry and cool. Also, these pads will protect you from the extremeness of weather no matter how cold and hot it is.

As these knee pads have a very lightweight and soft construction, you will have the complete freedom to walk easily from one place to other with no pressure on your feet.

  • High-density strength foam
  • Provides good elasticity
  • Designed with ergonomic design
  • Effectively impact-proof
  • Highly comfortable and adjustable
  • As per some customers, little uncomfortable
  • Not much reliable



2. Military Tactical Knee Pad Elbow Pad Set

Military Tactical Knee Pad Elbow Pad Set

If you are more conscious about quality and flexibility, this is the best item to consider seriously. This Military Tactical Knee and Elbow Pad Set is the name of quality and standard. The best military knee pads have been designed with the best features and specifications.

The construction of these knee pads is very fine with high-quality material. To shield your knees and elbows simultaneously, the knee pads have used polymer cups. These cups with the pads provide you with highly secure and safe fitting every time.

Furthermore, these high quality knee pads are very comfortable and easy to adjust to the knees. So, not only the comfort, but you will also get ease and flexibility with these items. The usage of high-density EVA foam in construction makes them free of impacts and shocks.

These knee pads have a very flexible construction that will allow you to put more padding in the space. With this, you can enhance the safety and protection from shocks using these knee pads.

  • Very breathable and safe to use
  • Flexible construction
  • Durable and lightweight to wear
  • Easy to gear yourself
  • A bit smaller in size
  • Limited size options



3. Action Union Professional Tactical Knee and Elbow Pads

Action Union Professional Tactical Knee and Elbow Pads

Do you agree that safety and protection are always the priority of every player while playing paintball or any other game? If yes, this Action Union Professional Tactical Knee pad pair has been manufactured with safety in mind.

To meet high safety standards, these knees and elbow pads have been constructed with a lightweight TPU Shell. It has used breathable oxford cloth and high-class EVA foam to make them more usable and wearable on the knees.

The design of these knee pads is very classic and unique which will attract users to them. The best combat knee pads have a fashionable and practical X-shaped structure full of flexibility and comfort.

Additionally, these knee pads have the addition of a hook & loop that will make them very easy to adjust for you. It has attached to the nylon belt, making the knee pads adjustable and tight according to the size. The size of knee pads can adjust to many knees and elbows.

Well, these best fitted knee pads are the best companions for you if you are an active player in school or outdoor activities.

  • Safe and professional quality design
  • Very protective for the knees and elbows
  • Perfect for all types of sports
  • Perfect to fit
  • Available in only one size



4. Bargain Crusader Military Tactical Knee Pad Set

Bargain Crusader Military Tactical Knee Pad Set

While looking for high-impact performance paintball knee pads, Bargain Crusader Military Tactical Knee Pad Set is the best option. It is one of the most demanding items due to its reliable and durable construction. This pair of knee pads will easily fit any size with appropriate dimensions.

This item has been manufactured to deliver safety and protection and added comfort. Players need comfort, safety, and quality at the same time. That is why this knee pad pair is among the preferable items in the market.

This pair of knee pads is the best partner for hunting, hiking, camping, shooting games, and other outdoor activities due to its lightweight construction. While going on the heights or underground, these knee pads will deliver you ease of movement.

The construction has used Oxford outer lining and PVC waterproof fabric when you talk about the construction. This addition of the EVA coating makes it free of shocks and bumps. You can go longer without worrying about the weather conditions as it will keep you dry and comfortable. So, what are you waiting for? Go and grab yours!

  • Designed with a durable magic stick
  • EVA padding for superior shock absorption
  • Easy to adjust the size
  • Very soft and light design
  • Not preferable for adult size
  • Average customer services



5. Tactical Combat Knee & Elbow Protective Pads Set

Tactical Combat Knee & Elbow Protective Pads Set

Now come to this highly-preferable item on my list named Tactical Combat Knee & Elbow Protective Pads Set. The easy-to-adjust knee pads set has been designed in a way that can fit almost every size with added comfort and ease.

As per the tactical knee pads review, this pair of knee pads has cushions designed with environmentally friendly EVA foam. These cushions are very effective in providing you with full comfort and protection against shocks. So, it is a suitable option for biking, crawling, mounting, skating, paintball, and hunting.

Moreover, it has an outer lining designed with waterproof fabric made with 900D oxford cloth. This amazing construction of the knee pad is unique and easily fits with your shape. The pads’ soft and smooth cushioning will help them remain in the same position after the sports have ended.

These knee pads have Velcro straps to fit the knee for the different knee girths easily. With these straps, you can tighten and loosen the knee pads. Also, these knee pads are suitable for weights less than 90kg. Don’t you think it is an amazing feature? I think so!

  • Used high-density foam in the design
  • Environmentally friendly item
  • Provides superior shock-absorption
  • Unique X-shaped TPU
  • Smaller in size
  • Average construction quality



6. Dye Precision Performance Paintball Knee Pad

Dye Precision Performance Paintball Knee Pad

Here I have another classical item on my list that will charge you a little extra but will provide you with high-class quality assurance. Although the price is a little excessive, you will receive an incredible item in return. As the name implies, this dye precise performance paintball knee pad is an excellent choice to give you comfort and joy.

Let’s talk about one of the most amazing features of this knee pad is the addition of grooves at the outer side. These grooves are very helpful and useful to fold and flex your knee easily where you need to move. With an impact, these grooves will help you bend your knees without any difficulty.

When you talk about the inner side of these pads, it is made up of high-quality EVA foam padding that gives you a glove-like feel.

Not only that but also, these most supportive knee pads are super lightweight and soft to carry easily. Due to its lightweight structure, you will not feel any pressure on your knees while moving your knees on the rugged surface. If you want to adjust the pads according to your position, you can use the straps accordingly.

  • Provides extra cushioning
  • High-impact open cell foam construction
  • Adjustable straps for tightening
  • Extremely impact resistant
  • A bit longer pad
  • Less reliable



7. OPLIY Tactical Knee and Elbow Pads

OPLIY Tactical Knee and Elbow Pads

Along with a very amazing design and structure, this OPLIY Tactical Knee and Elbow Pad are going to fascinate you. It has been manufactured with the latest design that provides you high level of comfort and safety.

On my list, these best value knee pads are not that much cheaper but offer a very high-class function. This pair of knee pads will be the finest choice for all professional players. These knee pads offer very high-quality protection and safety from bumps and shocks.

When it concerns construction, it is also rich in quality. The material used in the manufacturing is of the finest quality as high-density EVA foam. Also, it is good for the skin and will not cause irritation and skinning.

Additionally, it has the erection of open-cell pads that make them superior to other knee pads available on the market. It is very useful to resist impacts and shocks to give a smooth and comfortable feel. So, if you are going on a long journey and are afraid of injuries, you must carry these knee pads.

  • Designed with a durable TPU shell
  • Helps to avoid skin bruising
  • Non-slip design
  • The nylon shell ensures maximum durability
  • A bit uncomfortable strap
  • Little expensive



8. Tactical Emerson Combat Paintball Knee Pads

Tactical Emerson Combat Paintball Knee Pads

If you are tired of searching for good quality and comfortable knee pads, then stop searching more! I am here with the solution to all your problems. Tactical Emerson combat paintball knee pads are what you are looking for. These knee pads are highly recommended for safety and comfort at the same time.

First of all, I will let you know that these knee pads are a little sleeker than the other items on my list. The good thing is that these knee pads are the best choice for all the expert paintballers who want to fulfill their safety concerns.

These knee pads have a low-profile design that makes them lightweight and effortless. In this way, you can wear these knee pads easily without any strain on the knees. It has 100-denier construction, ensuring these knee pads are very reliable and durable.

Moreover, with the help of easy-to-adjust buckles, you can adjust the pads according to the shapes and sizes you want. This construction of user-friendly knee pads for paintball makes them a favorite choice of all the players.

  • Great value for money
  • Provides amazing shock-absorption
  • Adjustable and easy to carry
  • Soft cushions inside the pads
  • A bit harder to wear for a longer time



9. Exalt Paintball Free-Flex Knee Pads

Exalt Paintball Free-Flex Knee Pads

This Exalt Paintball Free-Flex Knee Pad is the second last item and a top pick on my list. So, when looking for breathability, padding, and comfort simultaneously, this item has gotten the highest rank. You will love to read about the features of these knee pads, just like me!

This amazing pair of knee pads have been designed with retention straps that are very useful to set the position of the pads. With the help of the straps, you will be free from the tension of adjusting them. They will not slip, slide, or twist while moving on all terrains as rough, smooth, or rugged.

The actual purpose of these knee pads is to keep you away from the bumps and shocks. You will have a high level of comfort and ease while wearing them due to their high breathability.

Are you a regular player and have to face bumps and slides all the time? If yes, you can trust these super comfortable knee pads for your usage to get the safety and complete protection. Furthermore, the construction of knee cups will add to the comfort level for hours-long play.

  • Skin-friendly to avoid irritations
  • Protects knees from injuries
  • Easy to tight and loose
  • Simple to adjust
  • Little smaller in size



10. HK Army Crash Knee Pads

HK Army Crash Knee Pads

Here I will wind up the list of the best paintball knee pads with this pair of HK Army Crash Knee Pads. Do you know what the most amazing thing about this knee pad is? You will see that these knee pads will cover both your upper and lower knees to provide you high level of safety.

You will be surprised to know that these knee pads are very lightweight as you will feel no pressure on your knees. It has dual-layered padding that is helpful to keep your knees safe and secure. Against impacts, these knee pads are rich due to the EVA foam padding inside them.

The fantastic thing about these knee pads is that these knee pads are very durable and available in four different sizes. These reliable knee pads for paintball go for a longer period than other items on the market.

Furthermore, it has been manufactured with neoprene support at the upper side of the leg, which effectively provides customized fitting. It will also keep the pads in their exact position without bending them during outdoor activities.

  • Added comfort and flexibility
  • Comfortable fitting
  • Allows high level of breathability
  • High-quality and double-layered padding
  • A little tight
  • Size issues with some customers



Buying Guide For Best Paintball Knee Pads

As you know, every player has a different playing style, and they play according to their skills which can be different. Due to this, the players have to look for paintball knee pads that will suit their style. They will have to consider the style, method, and requirements to get a better experience.

Let’s have a look at the different factors to consider while looking for the paintball knee pads:

Construction and Material

While playing paintball, one of the most important factors to consider while purchasing them is the construction quality and material. Also, you must consider your playing style and the terrain on which you are going to play the match.

You can prefer knee pads with soft padding when playing on the terrain with heat. On the other hand, if you are going to play on rough or hard terrain, you must look for the hard padding of the knee pads. In this way, you can get an excellent paintball experience.

Knee Padding

Once you have decided what kind of material you will have for your knee pads, you have to look for the type of knee padding. If you want to have less support on your knees, you must look for a thinner or sleeker knee padding for paintballing. It will also allow you to save money.

But if you need more support, you will have to consider knee padding thicker than others. Also, they must have a protective layer for fast playing. It will help you to get more comfort and ease while playing.

Velcro Closures

As you know, paintball is a physical activity that involves your knees and elbows playing. So, if you want to move around comfortably and easily, you must have a strong pair of knee pads. For this, Velcro closures are the best options to buy.


Among all factors, size is the coolest thing about the paintball knee pads as they can fit almost everyone. Whether you are tall or short, you can get a good quality pair of knee pads and enjoy it. Besides that, the paintball knee pads are available in small, medium, and large sizes.


Before taking the final step to purchasing a knee pad, you must keep a few features and specs about the design in your mind. If you are a beginner, you must consider the knee pads with the vent in the back. These knee pads will give you enough support and comfort while playing. Also, you will stay dry, cool, and fresh all day.

There is also a curve design available in the market that will help to make the padding more comfortable.


While going to the market to purchase a pair of paintball knee pads, you can choose the length according to your choice. You can choose small, large, or extra-large as your preference and playing style.


Frequently Asked Questions

Should I wear knee pads for paintball?

To avoid any kind of injury and damage, you must wear knee pads that have been designed with soft and high-quality fabric. Thus, many knee pads are available in the market designed specifically for safety concerns.

Do knee pads save your knees?

Yes, the knee pads are very useful and effective in safeguarding your knees and elbows while playing paintball or any other outdoor activity. These knee pads have been designed with EVA foam padding that provides comfort and ease of use.

When should you wear knee pads?

While hiking, biking, paintball, crawling or bating, you must wear knee pads. The knee and elbow pads are useful to avoid injuries while walking or moving on tough terrain. Also, you can wear knee pads while moving underground.

How long should knee pads last?

According to the study and feedback, the best paintball knee pads should last 20 years. If you have to use knee pads for daily usage, they must be more flexible and comfortable. Usually, these types of items can last for longer years if used carefully.

How tight should knee pads be?

The knee pads should be tight enough to fit in your knee size. They must also be flexible enough to loosen when needed. In this way, you will feel comfortable and easy while wearing the knee pads on rough surfaces.

What can you use instead of knee pads?

No doubt, knee pads are very protective to use and keep knees secure. But some people do not prefer knee pads as they think they can get tired of these accessories. Instead of knee pads, they prefer sneakers and boots for use.

How are kneepads made?

Kneepads are constructed by cutting fabric to the necessary size, sewing the pocket closed, and making an outer pocket with a flap. The knee pad is then stitched together after filling with foam or other soft material.

What type of foam is used in knee pads?

Different knee pads use different types of fabric and materials. Most knee pads use EVA foam padding that makes the knee pads more comfortable, smooth, and easy to wear in any weather. Also, they keep your knees dry all day.



All you have in this article is a compilation of the best paintball knee pads.

  • Among multiple options, OPLIY Tactical Knee and Elbow Pads are the best options due to their high-quality construction and safety.
  • Also, I will suggest a Bargain Crusader Military Tactical Knee Pad Set buy because it has a lightweight and soft construction. It will allow you to wear it the whole day with ease.
  • Besides that, Military Tactical Knee Pad Elbow Pad Set is also a good option to consider due to the high-density EVA foam and padding for secure usage.

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