Best Paintball Jerseys

I know it is difficult to find high-quality sports gear, especially those used for sports like paintballing. Although the game has gained a massive reputation, it is still not easy to get your hands on high quality equipment such as a paintball vest.

Are you one of those individuals who dream of being a pro player of this game, yet non-reliable paintball jerseys come in the way of your success?

Worry no more, as we have got you covered in this. Our sole purpose behind writing this piece is to educate all paintball enthusiasts regarding the best paintball jerseys on the market. All the jerseys below are highly reliable and offer maximum comfort to the players.

Suppose you are a beginner and found yourself lost in finding a nice jersey. In that case, this article offers a handy buying guide that would help you make a good product selection.


Maddog Sports Pro Padded Chest Protector

Maddog Sports Pro Padded Chest Protector
  • Affordable
  • Nicely padded front
  • Ergonomic design
  • Can be used for other sports

HK Army Crash Chest Protector

HK Army Crash Chest Protector
  • High impact padding
  • Flexible
  • Dual-layered
  • Available in multiple sizes

Action Village Warrior Paintball Chest Protector

Village Warrior Paintball Chest Protector
  • Sleeveless design
  • Velcro tape attachments
  • Offers optimal ventilation
  • Can be worn on regular clothing


Top 10 Best Paintball Jerseys


1. Maddog Sports Pro Padded Chest Protector

The Maddog paintball jersey shirt takes the pain out of paintball. The best paintball jersey contains a padded chest that protects from paint impacts. It is more significant than an average adult tee shirt size.

Maddog Sports Pro Padded Chest Protector

The shirt has an ergonomic design that strategically covers all the frontal areas from paintball impact. Remember that this jersey is meant to be worn over another shirt.

Therefore, it is advised to select a size from the chart respectively. In short, the shirt offers ample protection against injuries and peeling. It can be used for other sports too.

  • Affordable
  • Nicely padded front
  • Ergonomic design
  • Smelly



2. HK Army Crash Chest Protector

It is a next-level jersey crafted by a brand that all paintballer communities love and adore. The jersey comes with several new features that do not disappoint paintballers in any regard.

HK Army Crash Chest Protector

All shirts are handmade and offer ample ventilation so that your body can breathe while playing your favorite sport. The company provides 5 distinct sizes so that users can choose accordingly.

The material of this shirt is highly flexible and waterproof, making movement easy for the players. Although the price of this shirt is a bit higher than others, the quality of this jersey justifies it.

HK army goes beyond its way to satisfy the needs of its customers. Therefore, this model contains features not otherwise found in the company’s other jersey models.

  • High impact padding
  • Flexible
  • Dual-layered
  • Available in multiple sizes
  • The bottom of the shirt has a soft padding



3. YEVHEV G3 Combat Tactical Camouflage Shirt with Elbow Pads for Men Hunting Uniform Paintball Gear

This zipper jersey is all you need for your next paintball game. The jersey shirt is tailored from soft elastic fabric that dries out more quickly than others.

YEVHEV G3 Combat Tactical Camouflage Shirt with Elbow Pads for Men Hunting Uniform Paintball Gear

The shirt’s collar has a zipper that can be tied down or get semi-closed. Users can attach Velcro armbands on both sides of the shoulders. Wearers can also tighten the cuffs with the adjustments of the Velcro.

When it comes to elbow pads, it is highly removable and can be easily hidden. The jersey comes with 3D stereo clipping.

This version not only gives you the utmost protection and comfortability, but it also makes you look handsome and cutting-edge during the gameplay. Besides that, the shirt is more significant in size giving ample space and mobility to the user.

  • Designed for Europeans and Americans
  • Comes in three distinctive colors
  • Made of 50% cotton and 50% polyester
  • Waterproof
  • Feels stiff over rough material



4. Dye Precision Performance Padded Paintball Top

The cheap paintball jersey contains air foam across the chest, torso, and collarbone for maximum protection. Besides that, the efficient design of the jersey does not hinder the range of motion.

Dye Precision Performance Padded Paintball Top

The shirt fabric absorbs moisture and has a pad placed in different areas that help maintain body temperature during the warmest days of play.

Dye Precision has received so many compliments and positive testimonials from players worldwide allowing the company to upgrade its gears with vast research.

When it comes to the other models of the Dye precision, this one is far better and most upgraded with features. Ideally, the shirt should fit like a compression garment; therefore, you should purchase it after analyzing the size chart.

It is waterproof, only air-dry the shirt not to wear off quickly. When it comes to airsoft gameplay, the shirt will take the sting away, but you would feel the hit, especially with the gaps in the padding.

Moreover, it is soft and intended to create “bounces” for paintball and does not offer pure protection.

  • Fits perfectly.
  • Bounces off the paintball shot like a boss!
  • Good camo print.
  • Affordable
  • Wrong sizes in the chart



5. Empire Paintball BT Chest Protector

The Empire Paintball BT Chest protector series is very lightweight so you cannot see chest paddings. The jersey offers complete core protection by placing padding on the chest, back, shoulder, and outer arm where your chances of getting shot or feeling the pain are highest.

Empire Paintball BT Chest Protector

It has thermos-formed density padding placed all over the front, side, and back, nullifying the impact of heat and keeping the body ventilated. It is a contact sport that includes everything from sliding and diving to paintballs when it comes to paintball games.

Each paintball strike flies at 300 feet per second. Therefore, additional protection for critical areas is required to ensure safety and comfort while playing.

The Empire Battle Tested chest protector is the perfect choice for tactical players. Constructed for weekend-long comfort under clothing.

The Empire Battle chest protector showcases moisture-absorbing stretch panels and a lot of ventilation. Besides that, its design defends sensitive vital areas and aids in accomplishing the mission without causing pain to the user.

  • Full-core protection
  • Moisture-wicking stretch panels
  • Pad placement designed for comfort
  • Excellent design
  • Pads are thick which hinders ventilation



6. Planet Eclipse Rain Paintball Jerseys – Long Sleeve Shirts

Planet Eclipse is a well-respected brand in paintball, and its jerseys are a perfect example of its work. Although planet eclipse offers more than a few options in jerseys, the rain series is indeed the best.

Planet Eclipse Rain Paintball Jerseys - Long Sleeve Shirts

This range is specifically crafted to create a lighter, restriction-less jersey for paintballers who intend to move without forfeiting durability.

These plain paintball jerseys contain a full sleeve and are tailored with lightweight construction, guaranteeing comfort and sturdiness at the same time. Though some jerseys add additional padding, Planet Eclipse has forgone this aspect to offer more breathability.

That, mixed with the anti-snag material and ventilation, makes this series great for paintballing in the summer season.

The best custom paintball jerseys are 100 percent polyester with ribbed cuffs and a comfortable neckline. Players can also customize the shirts for their teams. Before putting them in the machine, ensure that you have secured the loose hook and loop. Otherwise, the jersey can tear easily.

  • Made from microfiber lens cloth.
  • Optimal heat regulation and ventilation
  • Lightweight
  • Very Costly



7. Empire Paintball 2013 Grind Pro THT Chest Protectors (Click-a-Size)

Empire has made its mark in the protective gear industry. This model from the manufacturer comes with shock-absorbing features that nullify paintball impact from harming the body.

Empire Paintball 2013 Grind Pro THT Chest Protectors (Click-a-Size)

The jersey offers optimal protection with front, back, and side paddings, giving you enough confidence on the battlefield.

It is a pre-curved shirt that provides players with comfort and flexibility. Furthermore, the heat vents in the front and back pads increase the cloth’s breathability.

The shirt’s sleeves have Cord loops that keep them in place during the gameplay. The pre-curved protector offers comfortable mobility to the players. This jersey is all you need for your next paintball game.

  • Pre-curved chest protector
  • Better mobility
  • Comfortable
  • Chemical smell



8. HK Army HSTL Line Jersey

This line from the KH army is more affordable than others. Still, it offers beautiful features, breathable padding, and vibrant and sound designs that provide good value for your hard-earned money.

HK Army HSTL Line Jersey

The V-neck design makes it easy for the players to put it on and off. Besides that, it doesn’t make your neck exposed to paintballs. The method includes padding even in the neck region.

Besides that, the jersey’s top of the chest and shoulder area is also heavily padded, ensuring protection from paintball bullet impacts.

The lightweight and breathable material keep you easy and calm. In short, with vibrant color and excellent design, this jersey is perfect for your next gameplay.

  • High-density sublimated graphics.
  • Durable fabrics.
  • Affordable
  • Baggy fitting



9. Action Village Warrior Paintball Chest Protector – Adjustable – One Size Fits Most

The action village jersey is the ultimate chest protector that would keep you protected from paintball bullets on the battlefield. In addition, the excess padding on this paintball jersey reduces the impact of the shots on the chest and back.

Action Village Warrior Paintball Chest Protector - Adjustable - One Size Fits Most

The lightweight vest allows more flexibility and mobility, allowing you to make all your favorite moves in a paintball contest. Moreover, the breathability of this jersey offers you comfort and aeration in the hot season.

You can wear the cool paintball jerseys on your regular clothing with utmost convenience. The Action village vest is perfect for people belonging to different age groups.

The Velcro tape design of this jersey makes it easy for users to carry it throughout the day. The sturdy paddings can endure the harshest paintball shots without getting damaged. For added assurance, the vest has been tested several times before introducing to the market, thus ensuring longevity.

  • Sleeveless design
  • Velcro tape attachments
  • Offers optimal ventilation
  • Expensive



10. Valken Tactical Tango Combat Shirt

The tango combat shirt is 50% Nylon and 50% cotton. The jersey is made from hybrid ripstop fabric. The material offers a total moisture-wicking experience of the gameplay.

Valken Tactical Tango Combat Shirt

Besides that, the Valken Tactical vest is ideal for players who get chaffed skin from zippers. The Camouflage colors of the jersey make it difficult to spot you on the battlefield. When waning into the landscape is your utmost priority, this Tango apparel has you covered in every aspect.

This jersey’s sturdy, lightweight tailoring offers a full-coverage camo pattern helping you blend into your environment and help keep you safe.

The padding is built for additional strength and combined where you need it most. The stretch areas make for easy locomotion when crawling through a bush or sprinting to cover.

With the Velcro sleeve panels, users have plenty of room to show their playing technique to the team. All in all, this shirt is worthy of purchase.

  • Camo printing
  • Breathable design
  • Sweatproof
  • Affordable



Buying Guide For Best Paintball Jerseys

Before you swamp in the paintball world, the following are some factors to keep in mind. If you do not buy the jersey following your requirement, the entire purchase will not be worth it.

According to the experts, users will not find the perfect paintball jersey with too many characteristics. Following are some of the paintball jersey features that you should know of before making the final deal:

1. Material of Jersey

The material holds an important position when purchasing a high-end paintball shirt. Players want to be comfortable while playing in a jersey that is also sturdy enough to withstand intense moves.

For beginner players, it is advised to choose a shirt with ample padding to shield their intimate areas. Most of the jerseys are made from nylon, polyester, cotton, or a combination of any two.

The stretchable material also allows the vest to contour according to the body’s curvature.

2. Moisture Absorbency

The jersey should have been able to absorb excessive sweat and other fluids. This way, you will not wash the jersey frequently, and quickly wearing out can be avoided.

Thus, the jersey lasts longer and keeps the body odor away. You can simply wipe off dirt or fluid from the upper surface of the jersey.

3. Length

The length of every piece of sports gear should precisely follow your body length. If the jersey is too heavy or prolonged, it can cause extreme discomfort and take down your playing paintball.

Besides that, you should also avoid jerseys that are too tight or smaller than your size, making you feel incredibly uncomfortable. Moreover, it will also restrict your arms and legs’ movements.

4. Authenticity

Purchasing a paintball jersey from an authenticated store ensures quality and trustworthiness. As jerseys are expensive, you are most likely to spend a great deal of money on your jerseys.

Therefore, your preference, passion, and dedication would all play a part in the purchase. Any negligence would turn into fakes, duplicates, and low-quality materials.

5. Padding

Padding is essential when it comes to a good quality paintball vest. Padded front, back, and sides of the jersey can reduce the impact of paintball shots and cause more minor injuries to the users.

If you are new to the game, avoid purchasing long sleeve vest as it can slow down the movement of arms.

5. Price

Price is one of the most crucial factors for purchasing a good quality paintball vest. Cheap paintball clothing tends to wear down more quickly than expensive ones.

Besides that, its material is also not reliable making one sweat and uncomfortable throughout the gameplay.


Frequently Asked Questions

How soon can you wash your Paintball jersey?

The washing of a paintball jersey depends directly on the number of times you have worn it. If you are a regular paintball player, we advise washing it with cold water every two days.

Remember that every washing can fade off the jersey and require frequent vest purchases. Besides that, ensure handwashing over machine washing to not tear down quickly.

Should beginners buy cheap paintball jerseys?

Although you are new to the sport, it is still essential that you purchase a quality product as it helps you improve your game strategies.

Cheap quality jerseys are made from unwanted material that makes the layer sweaty and uncomfortable. Besides that, these jerseys also would not guard you against the impacts of paintball shots.

Therefore, even if you are brand new to the game, we always advise purchasing high-end gear to level up your strategies from day one.

How bad does paintball hurt?

The pain is directly associated with the material of the vest. A well-padded vest keeps you safe from injuries while offering you ample breathability during the gameplay.

Good quality paintball jersey contains pads and Velcro tapes that easily adjust on the user’s body. Usually, you will feel a stinging sensation when hit with a paintball. However, a high-end vest can take most of the feeling away.



A Paintball jersey is a crucial outfit for the game. A high-quality paintball vest requires a lot of search in the market. Even if you are new to the game, you must purchase a product that ticks all the right corners.

This article has sourced the 10 best paintball jerseys in the online market that can change your game completely. Ideally, a good paintball jersey should be comfortable, breathable, and padded so that the customer gets the total value of their money.

Besides reviewing the products, we have also added a handy buying guide that would help you find the right vest as per your requirement.

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