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Are you one of us who loves to explore more and more adventure-packed fun-loving activities like paintball battles but find yourself stuck between not knowing which gear is the best to own? Or which are the best paintball hoppers to buy?

You don’t have to worry about going through all the brain wrecking searches because we have already done that for you and summarized it as well in this article.

Whether you’re a beginner or a pro, our list will help you out in choosing a good paintball hopper. To fully enjoy all the fun of paintball, you must have the basic necessary gears to start. Also, you must know how to use paintball hopper with your marker.

Paintball is a no-kid game. And you need to have a particular set of gears before you want to step into a paintball match or an exclusive tournament.

A paintball hopper is one of the must-have pieces of equipment like a paintball gun, mask, helmet, and so on, for you to play paintball smoothly. And the only way you can find the best hopper for paintball is by knowing well about it.

What is a Paintball Hopper? 

The paintball hopper has an unusual egg shape which is attached to the paintball gun. A paintball hopper is paintball gear, so you must have a suitable hopper for you.

It is also referred to as a paintball loader. This gear helps you store paintballs before firing them, defending your crew, or shooting against your opponent during paintball games.

Types of Paintball Hoppers

There are 2 types of paintball loaders available in the market:

Gravity Fed Hoppers

Gravity fed hopper uses gravity as an assistant to feed paintballs to the paintball marker, but they are prone to get jammed easily, and the firing rate is pretty low. (Firing rate solely depends on the speed of the user).

Sometimes the paintballs get jammed inside a gravity-based hopper because of a small opening, and every paintball is pushed down with the help of just gravity. You can solve this problem by shaking your hopper.

Electronic based Hoppers

Electronic hoppers use motors or recoil to feed the gun. They don’t get easily jammed, which comes in handy, and has a high firing rate.

Without any further due, here is the list of the best paintball hoppers, in our opinion, to get you ready for any paintball match.

These hoppers have an anti-jamming mechanism with automated feed trays or paddles built-in, so you don’t need to worry about shaking the hopper or getting shot while trying to unjam your paintball hopper.

Sound activated hopper

They use the sound of a shot to run their system and feed the gun. You can shoot up to 20 balls per second with it.

Eye activated hopper

They let you see through the tube, and you are constantly updated on how many paintballs you are left with.

The tube holds up to 20 balls per shot. The motor auto turns on/off according to the status of the paintballs in your tube.

Cyclone-activated Hoppers

They use gas to feed the gun and can shoot 15 balls per second. Some players prefer this one because it has the least number of paintball breakage. But the significant disadvantage is they consume a lot of gas tanks.

Top 5 Best Paintball Hoppers 2022

A basic paintball hopper is a need for any paintball player. We have prepared a list of good & cool paintball hoppers which are most selling and most like.

Image Product Details   Price
Proto Primo Paintball Hopper/Loader Proto Primo Paintball Hopper/Loader Dimensions: 8.86 x 4.25 x 5.63 inches
Weight: 0.07 Kilograms
Check Price
Dye LT-R Electronic Paintball Loader Dye LT-R Electronic Paintball Loader Dimensions: 8 x 9 x 10 inches
Weight: 0.75 Kilograms
Check Price
Virtue Spire IR2 Electronic Paintball Loaders Virtue Spire IR2 Electronic Paintball Loaders Dimensions: 9.48 x 5.9 x 4.44 inches
Weight: 0.54 Kilograms
Check Price
Empire Paintball Halo Too Loader Empire Paintball Halo Too Loader Dimensions: 11 x 5 x 8 inches
Weight: 1.32 pounds
Check Price
Dye R2 Electronic Paintball Loader Dye R2 Electronic Paintball Loader Dimensions:8.66 x 3.94 x 4.72 inches
Weight: 1.1 lb
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1. Proto Primo – Cheap Paintball Hopper

On top of our list is ‘Proto Primo Paintball Hopper,’ a gravity fed hopper. It is both cost-effective and delivers qualitative performance and a higher feeding rate than the other standard ones.

Proto Primo - Cheap Paintball Hopper

Its performance speed solely depends on your speed of shooting. Its unique within-shelf design aids you with smooth performance.

It is a gravity-fed hopper, so you don’t need any batteries for it to function correctly during a paintball game. With its simple and sleek design, it is easy to assemble and reload. The Dye used hard plastic for its prolonged durability.

Its built-in shelf design provides a smooth supply of paintballs which also minimizes unnecessary pressure on the paintballs. We didn’t encounter any blockage or outburst of paintball during its trial. You can also have a matching set with a wide range of colors.

Let’s have a detailed look at its features.

  • Proto Primo Paintball Hopper has a large storage capacity where you can hold up to 200 paintballs.
  • It uses gravity to load paintballs to your gun, so you don’t have to worry or sweat about running out of or changing batteries.
  • This high end paintball hopper has a higher feed rate than average gravity-based hoppers, 8-9 balls per second.
  • Proto Primo Paintball Hopper has a built-in shelf design that helps you with a seamless supply of paintballs during a paintball game and helps to minimize pressure on the paintballs. It will help in keeping paintballs safe & secure.
  • This gravity-fed hopper is available in different colors like blue, green, and red, but other color options will cost you a few more dollars.
  • It is the most affordable option among others for beginners in paintballs.
  • You don’t need to worry about changing batteries during a match.
  • It performs excellently, even for mechanical auto shots.
  • It feeds the gun as fast as you shoot.
  • It has a very sturdy design despite its reasonable price.
  • Proto Primo Paintball Hopper has excellent durability, which prolongs its useful life.
  • You need to shake it once or twice to get a steady stream of paintballs.
  • You might face a little bit of difficulty with the Proto Primo Paintball Hopper’s lid. You might find it hard to close it.
  • It costs a bit more if you order it in a different color other than black.

Proto Primo Paintball Hopper by Dye offers good quality specs at the most affordable price. It is why it is now trending as the top-selling product on amazon and is on the top of our list.



2. Dye LT-R – Best Electronic Paintball Hopper

Dye LT-R Electronic Paintball Hopper secured second place in our list because of its patented DYE loader technology (a combination of high-level functionality & feed rates). Most paintball professionals go for this choice, and we will tell you why.

Dye LT-R - Best Electronic Paintball Hopper

Firstly, we found out its battery timing and efficiency are good with just 3AA batteries. Secondly, you can quickly shoot 30 balls every second, not allowing a chance for a counterattack from the opposite team.

Dye LT-R Electronic Paintball Hopper is an easy-to-use hopper with just one button for assembling and disassembling. We highly recommend this one if you are a professional and looking for an efficient & cost-effective hopper.

We are going to explain the features in detail.

  • It has patented DYE loader technology which enables it to shoot 30 balls every second.
  • It runs on 3 AA batteries which allow you to make shots up to 80,000 before changing them.
  • You can easily break it down and assemble it back in no time with just a button. No tools are required in doing so.
  • The Shark Fin Jam Trigger is installed in it for you to get back into action.
  • If it gets jammed, you have to turn it upside down and use the shark fin jam trigger to unjam it.
  • The body of the hopper is made of water-resistant material, so you can even use it on rainy days as well without worry.
  • It also comes with an on/off button for the indicators you can set according to your needs and battle circumstances.
  • The good thing about this electronic paintball hopper is it is pretty easy to clean and assemble with a push of just one button.
  • It works extraordinarily on battery.
  • Performs well for professional battles at a reasonable price unless you can afford +$200 hoppers
  • It handles fragile paintballs well.
  • You can quickly reload it with the help of additional quick feeds.
  • It comes with a 1-year warranty.
  • You can also customize it.
  • It gives you an indicator of low battery and a reloading alert.
  • It can get jammed sometimes during a paintball game
  • It doesn’t inform you when you are low on paintballs



3. Virtue Spire IR2 – Good Paintball Hopper

If you are a professional paintball player, then you must have heard about Virtue. It is the best high quality electric hopper that any beginner can use. But no worries if you are reading the name for the first time.

Virtue Spire IR2 - Good Paintball Hopper

Virtue has released many versions of the best paintball hoppers over time (Spire I, II, III, and so on). But Virtue Spire IR2 Electronic Paintball Loaders made their way on our list because of their reliability and performance.

What we most loved about Virtue Sprite IR2 is:

For one, it works quietly, which is an excellent thing in your stealth mode. Secondly, it feeds the paintball marker smoothly, which makes it the most reliable loader. Thirdly, it is an all-weather friendly product whether it is raining, windy or scorching sun. Virtue Spire IR2 gives its utmost performance in any condition.

Design & Features

Virtue Spire IR2 Electronic Paintball Hopper design is very compact and sleek. The chances of it getting jammed during a paintball game are zero to none because of its anti-jamming drive feature. This feature comes in handy when you are going through a fierce battle and can’t afford to get stuck, especially in tournaments.

Let’s talk about some features in detail:

  • Battery timing is perfect, and it has an excellent capacity to store your paintballs, and with its 3 eye technology, also monitors their condition.
  • As we mentioned above, we liked this one because it is weather-friendly, which gives you an advantage in any match under any circumstances.
  • It has a toolless feature that makes it easy peasy to assemble and disassemble the Virtue Spire IR2.
  • Antijam drive is installed within it for you to experience uninterrupted battling matches because we know how it feels to get jammed during an attack.
  • You won’t complain about any breakage of paintballs in it because Virtue Spire IR2 uses flexible rubber fingers to feed the paintball marker.
  • Since the Virtue Spire IR2 is made from nylon shells, it is pretty durable. It is also lighter in weight for your convenience.
  • You can always upgrade its specs with extra investment if you have some bugs to spare, but honestly, it worked perfectly fine for us even without those upgrades.

  • The hopper lid is very easily changeable from crown speed feed to rain lid.
  • The LED indicator is very bright for you to see even in the scorching sun.
  • It does not get jammed at all.
  • Easy to assemble & disassemble
  • It functions more smoothly and quieter than others.
  • The spire takes several minutes to unload all the paintball itself.
  • The feeder mechanism is a bit tricky to handle on the markers/gun with little recoil.
  • You have to pay extra for the upgrades (but it performs well even without them)

In our opinion, the Virtue Spire IR2 Electronic Paintball Hopper is the best for performance and the best paintball loader on the list.



4. Empire Paintball Halo Too Loader – Best Hopper For Paintball

Just like Dye and Virtue, Empire also delivers good-quality hoppers. It is one of the electronic models with anti-jamming spec.

Empire Paintball Halo Too Loader - Best Hopper For Paintball

Although it has a good firing rate, the paintball capacity is lower than the other hoppers, which is a bit of a bummer. But if we look at overall features, it makes a pretty decent purchase for beginners and professionals.

The Empire Paintball Halo Too Loader is made of a polycarbonate shell for more durability and longevity. But this also means that it is not lightweight. Many buyers get attracted to its unique features like sound activation, so we wanted to try it out.

  • The span life running on 4 AA batteries is pretty good, which also comes with a low battery indicator to warn you.
  • It is made from a polycarbonate shell that can withstand any good hit and will still be in one piece, in good condition.
  • Too Paintball Hopper can feed up to 20 balls per second and is also light weighted.
  • It performs well and has an anti-jam function installed as well
  • However, its capacity for holding paintballs is only 180, which is lower than the other hoppers.
  • It has a sound activation system as well, which is set on standard level 3, which is ideal for beginners, which you can change as well with time.

  • It has a solid build.
  • It performs pretty decently regarding its price.
  • It has a sound activation function that works awesomely.
  • It can feed up to 20 balls per second.
  • Up till now, we didn’t encounter any paint breakage.
  • It has excellent battery timing as well.
  • Empire Paintball Halo Too Loader does not get jammed.
  • An ideal option if you’re looking for a low-cost hopper with good functionality.
  • It stops running when the battery is low, informing you immediately to reload.
  • Disassembly of it is tricky, and putting back the circuit board in the shell is also tricky.
  • It is low capacity hopper because its paintball holding capacity is lower than others. You can store up to 180 paintballs in it.
  • It is a bit tricky and time-consuming to understand the manual of one button.
  • It is not lightweight.

It is an excellent option for beginners who have just started playing paintball. It performs best and is more reliable than advanced hoppers at a reasonable price. You can change its settings and customize it with time as you get more proficient at it.



5. Dye R2 – Biggest Paintball Hopper

We added the Dye R2 Electronic Paintball Loader to our list because of its larger paintball capacity than other hoppers. It practically gives you a range of capacity from 200 to 260. It is a high capacity hopper that can be used by professional paintball players.

Dye R2 - Biggest Paintball Hopper

Another reason what we liked more about is its feeding rate along with the paintball capacity. We have mentioned another paintball gun hopper from Dye at the top of the list because Dye manufactures high-quality hoppers.

Dye designed the outlook in such a way that increases the capacity of hoarding paintballs in the hopper. Another plus point about this model is that you can shoot up to 100,000 shots in one run of batteries, and you will always be ready to restock it with a low battery indicator.

  • The Dye R2 Electronic Hoppers come with an adjustable container capacity where you can choose from 200 capacity to 260 capacity depending on your choice.
  • Its patent feeding rate is an impressive 30 balls per second.
  • This model has a 15% larger mouth than most, which speeds up the lid-changing process.
  • You don’t need any help with tools for its assembling or disassembling.
  • Its Reload Alert System informs you on time for reloading, so your match is not compromised. 
  • With just 3 AA batteries, you can make up to 100,000 shots on its battery life.
  • It also has a low battery indicator to inform you beforehand of any battle.
  • Dye R2 Electronic Hopper has an on/off button, a counter reset button & 2 DIP switches which you can set according to your needs.
  • An anti-jam trigger is a plus point where you don’t have to worry about shaking your marker.
  • It comes with additional upgrades you can order separately to customize it according to your needs.
  • Other color options are available but for a few extra bugs than the black one.

  • You can have two great capacity options 200/260.
  • It comes with a 1-year warranty.
  • It has an anti-jam mechanism.
  • Great battery timings
  • It has a low battery indicator as well.
  • It works perfectly with a different range of markers.
  • Because of its larger opening, it is really easy to feed paintballs to the hopper.
  • With the on and off buttons, you can reserve the remaining power of the hopper.
  • You have to pay extra for other colors and upgrades.
  • Hopper parts do not appear to be sturdy.

Dye R2 Electronic Paintball Loader is the biggest paintball gun hopper on the list, which has a pretty good capacity for long-based events and tournaments.



Factors to Consider While Buying The Best Paintball Hoppers

Although we have listed down the possible best paintball hoppers, in our opinion, you still need to know some factors which will guide you towards the best possible choice.

It is vital to know about the product you are buying according to your need to know you made a worthy purchase.

A beginner can’t spend much money on high-end hoppers because they are just starting and getting the hang of stuff. But professional or pro paintball players can’t compromise on the quality for the sake of their game records just to save a few extra bucks.


It is one of the main factors in making a good decision. It is preferable to look for those hoppers which have more capacity to store paintballs.

It sometimes gets challenging to reload again and again during a shooting spree. Different models have different ranges of capacity. It ranges from 180-260.


You all know that taking good care of anything prolongs its lifetime. The same goes for hoppers and other basic equipment for paintball.

You need to regularly clean it from paint, dust, or any other particle which could end up blocking the path of the paintball to the marker.

So you need to look out for those hoppers which are easy to open, assemble and disassemble for this sole purpose.

Anti-jamming Feature

An anti-jamming feature is something that increases the reliability of any hopper. The main task of the paintball gun hopper is to speed feed paintballs to markers.

If it gets jammed at the crucial moment of your fight, things could turn out to be pretty bad, especially for paintball pros.


Not everything in this world is completely 100% reliable, but we can always look out for those factors which raise the overall reliability.

In the case of hoppers, these factors could be an anti-jamming feature, a weather-friendly feature, and a sturdy, durable body to withstand hard hits.

Weather Friendly 

You don’t want an unexpected turn of weather to affect your game in any manner.

Look out for hoppers that are made with water-resistant material, so that even in the rain, your hopper functionality is not compromised.


During a paintball match, you go through very rough patches, so you need your best paintball hopper to be sturdy enough to withstand such hits.

Although compared to other paintball equipment, hoppers are made from moderate quality material. You can still find models that have a strong build that can withstand strong hits. Because honestly, you can’t keep on buying a new one every once or twice, am I right?


You must be wondering why this factor is happening here but trust us. The reason it matters is that it gives you a sense of uniqueness from other opponents.

You can have a matching set, and many manufacturers offer different colors and skin.

Size & Weight

During a fierce battle, unnecessary weight can affect your overall performance in a paintball game. For beginners, we recommend going small and lightweight hoppers first. Once you get the hang of it and a few practice matches, you can increase the capacity accordingly.

The paintball gun hopper, which offers a large capacity and is lightweight, will be best for pros, but these high-end hoppers are often costly. Because lightweight hoppers are easy to carry and you can also run easily.


Hoppers are made from plastic, nylon, and polycarbonate material.

Plastic might not be sturdy, but it is cheaper than nylon and polycarbonate material used for professional hoppers.


Imagine buying a perfect paintball gun hopper, but it isn’t compatible with your marker/gun. Sad and disappointing, right? Many hoppers are compatible with most paintball guns, but it is always good to double-check with the seller before buying any good hopper.

The paintball hopper price must be low but with better quality of course. Battery life should be good for the high end paintball loaders so that they can be there for your paintball markers to stay longer.

The paintball gun hoppers you are going to buy must be compatible with the marker you own, so check this first before buying. Low quality markers can’t handle a big load of balls at once, it can break or jam your marker & give you some bad days on the battlefield.


At the very start of this article, we have mentioned the difference in firing rate between gravity based hoppers and electronic hoppers. So you practically have an idea.

It is ideal for beginners to go for a low-speed firing rate to get used to shooting and playing. Once you know this and that about paintball games, you can raise the firing rate. Professionals can look straight for a good firing rate in a hopper.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many paintballs does a hopper hold?

A hopper can hold from 180 to 260 paintballs, but the range of capacity of holding paintballs varies from model to model.

Can you use any hopper with a paintball gun?

The best paintball hoppers are manufactured to be compatible with almost any paintball gun or marker. Still, it is wise to double-check this thing with the seller before your purchase.

How do electric hoppers work?

A gravity-fed hopper for paintball guns is a basic hopper that feeds into the gun’s breach. It works just fine but only feeds so fast: ten to twelve paintballs per second at most.

Can you use an electric hopper on a mechanical paintball gun?

No. In paintball, gravity-fed hoppers are used to feed the firing chamber with rounds of ammunition.

There is a difference in how they work, and electric hoppers can’t be mounted on a mechanical marker because gravity does not do so.

How many paintballs fit in a hopper?

You can fit from 180 to 260 paintballs in a hopper depending on the capacity of the hopper you own or are going to purchase.

Are all paintball hoppers universal?

Yes, most paintball hoppers that are manufactured now are universal.

What are hoppers in paintball? 

Hoppers are a basic essential gear of paintball that stores paintballs before feeding them to the firing chamber. The storing range varies from 180-260 paintballs, depending on the model capacity.

Does the paintball hopper come with batteries? 

Usually, it is a NO, and you have to purchase the batteries separately. You can always check this thing in the product specifications before purchasing.

How many shots can a paintball hopper make before I have to change the batteries?

The shots you can make with a paintball gun hopper depend on the model of the hopper. The standard range is from 80,000 to 100,000, but it can vary if the hopper has an on/off button, preserving battery life.


It was one heck of a journey, right? We hope that we covered almost everything related to the best paintball hoppers for you, whether you are a beginner or a pro at paintball.

Let us know which hopper you find the most appealing on the list. However, we recommend the Proto Primo Paintball Hopper/Loader because it is a gravity fed hopper. It delivers an excellent firing rate and is cost-effective. Solely its performance depends on the speed of the shooter. It will feed the marker according to the shot made by a beginner or a pro.