Best Paintball Gear Bags

Are you tired of wasting so much on costly, low-quality material bags? Don’t worry about it. We have your back and developed the best paintball gear bags to provide much better than your expectations.

These paintball equipment bags won’t be the only light on the pocket but will be good in quality with unique features.

A clamshell design and waist strap backpack feature provides much space for accessories and disappears shoulder pain. In addition, these features ensure that the gears can be distributed equally on all sides of the case instead of placing all the weight on one side.

These valuable bags have handy pockets and weather-resistant sheets to prevent paintball gears from any damage.

As we all know, those who play paintball games must have all the paintball gears, and to protect them, they must have a desirable size to place all the gears comfortably.

I know it has always been challenging to choose the right paintball gearbox, as the market has hundreds of choices.


Exalt Paintball Carbon Series Marker Case

Exalt Paintball Carbon Series Marker Case
  • Hard exterior construction to prevent the scratches
  • Available in multiple sizes
  • Marker accessible without unzipping the whole case
  • Lightweight and easy to use

HK Army Expand Roller Paintball Travel Gearbag

HK Army Expand Roller Paintball Gearbag
  • Microfiber-lined compartments inside
  • External molle webbing availability with pockets
  • Up to 50% expandable
  • Durable carry handle with smoothy wheels

Planet Eclipse GX2 Paintball Marker Pack

Planet Eclipse GX2 Paintball Marker Pack
  • Neoprene strong multiple barrels and inserts
  • Removable soft shoulder strap
  • Made of waterproof and sturdy material
  • Separate pocket for id


TOP 10 Best Paintball Gear Bags in 2023

We have also checked and tested hundreds of different material-made bags with different sizes and shapes.

We have narrowed them down to only the ten best paintball gear bags for cheap by analyzing their material, size, and shape to get all of you out of this confusion.

Because the size, shape, and number of pockets are the most important factors to consider before buying any paintball carrying case.

1. Planet Eclipse Paintball Holdall Gear Bag

Planet Eclipse has gained popularity in this competitive industry by providing high-quality material bags with budget-friendly. Although, some big names are already there ruling this market.

Planet Eclipse Paintball Holdall Gear Bag

Besides the cost friendly, one of the most attractive qualities of this case is its separate and safe internal pocket to keep your essential documents. It also has a separate external pocket for the ID or other cards to make you feel secure that personal information is safe.

Top-quality material is utilized in this bag to give travellers a better experience. High-strength and removable quality padded shoulder straps are provided to carry the case on the shoulder. You need to connect it from one end to the other and be ready.

Another brilliant feature of this baggage is its separate zip from the other parts to store all your dirty things. In addition, it has a waterproof quality that absorbs the water and prevents the bag from damage.

The main compartment offers plenty of space to store all the gear, like guns, pods, and accessories you take to any site. Then, if you tire of carrying the case, you can pick it up by holding both ends of the backpack.

It can also be picked by sticking both the straps with each other and picking it up like a business person. Most paintball equipment bags are expensive, but this one provides extreme quality at a low price. In addition, they have two colours to offer with a simple, attractive design.

  • Durable and lightweight backpack
  • Three ways to carry the bag
  • Waterproof ability
  • Separate pockets for important documents
  • Much affordable, with two colours available
  • Easy to carry
  • It’s not a big size to put multiple paintball sets



2. HK Army Expand Gear Bag (Stealth) – The Best Paintball Equipment Bag

HK Army has added many features to this expanded paintball rolling gear bag. One is heavy-duty and high-quality microfiber material, making it extra soft and durable.

I have seen an important thing: it can be weather-resistant to prevent all kinds of storms.

HK Army Expand Gear Bag (Stealth) – The Best Paintball Equipment Bag

This bag’s unique quality is 30% more expandable than its original size to put some heavy gears and will be expanded by pushing outside. Another thing is that it doesn’t collapse and remains the same even when no gear is inside the case.

It has been made while keeping the travellers and all the paintball accessories in mind. First, multiple specific pocket options exist for paintball markers, goggles, and many more.

A couple of barrel loops to hold the barrels fulfil your needs. The outer side of the case can use molle webbing to attach anything quickly. The durable zippers of this bag are also waterproof.

If you want a bag with more pockets and a colourful design, this is the bag you are looking for.

It has some additional space to store your other gear, and it doesn’t feel like a heavy bag because it has a lightweight construction. So, getting an expandable size and better quality is always an advantage for the paintballers to add additional equipment.

  • Weather-resistant backpack
  • A versatile bag with the molle webbing ability
  • Can be expanded up to 30 to 40%
  • Durable waterproof zippers
  • Separate pockets for markers and goggles
  • Barrel holder inside the case
  • Average size bag
  • Only one way to carry this one



3. Exalt Carbon Series Marker Case – Best Paintball Gear Box

We all know we can’t take the gun out of the paintball game because we can’t play paintball without a marker.

Multiple brands are manufacturing exceptional cases with durable and robust materials. EXALT carbon is one of them, which delivers high-quality bags.

Exalt Carbon Series Marker Case - Best Paintball Gear Box

The unique quality of this bag is that it has multiple choices for the barrel’s length. So, you can place it with different sizes of gun barrels to utilize this fantastic feature.

The bag is hard and solid outside and soft inside to prevent accessories from scratches, dents, and other damages.

As I said earlier, it is specially designed for the marker, and you can access the paintball gun without opening the whole bag as it is open completely from the top side.

The top part of this bag has a foldable feature; you can adjust it as you want. Before placing all the accessories in the marker bag, ensure all the gears are clean to keep your bag fresh.

Exalt carbon bag has multiple unzipped and zipped pockets for the toolset, loops, and everything else.

It’s opened from the top compartment and divided into two sides; one part of the case provides a smooth place for storing the guns.

On the other side, there are many options, as there is a divider you can stick or differentiate from the bag. The bag is sturdy and has quality material with extra room for the accessories. There is only one flaw in it, you can carry it by hand but cannot take it on your back.

  • Hard exterior construction and outer shell to prevent the scratches
  • Multiple sizes are offered for barrels up to 16 inches
  • Marker accessible without unzipping the whole case
  • Zipp and unzipped options are there for tools and parts
  • Lightweight and easy to use
  • There is no shoulder strap



4. Planet Eclipse Paintball Holdall Gear Bags

Another high-quality planet eclipses versatile backpack offers much room for the paintball accessories to store easily.

When it comes to carrying the bag, there is no better option than this because you can take it organized, and the straps are removable.

Planet Eclipse Paintball Holdall Gear Bags

The unique quality of this brand that deserves to be discussed is that you can keep your clothing accessories because some extra room gets left when all the gears are placed.

Zipped and unzipped safe pockets are within the big pocket on the outer side of the case to access your small parts. The stuck pocket is also there to put your name tags or something like this.

They have added a high-quality waterproof sheet within the larger external patches for your dirty and muddy parts to protect the overall bag.

Further, the wheels of this bag are durable and roll smoothly as well. The facility of the expandable handle has been provided when going to an airport and all the other smooth surfaces.

This paintball carrying case is highly recommended for all paintballers to take their game to the next level.

There are multiple options for all the necessary equipment inside the bag. Interestingly, the inside compartment is fully covered with a waterproof sheet to save all the paintball gear.

  • Huge and microfiber versatile backpack
  • Fully waterproof covered inside compartment
  • Inside and outside, separate water-resistant sheets
  • Extra room for your wearing accessories
  • Multiple carrying functions and removable straps
  • There is no colour choice



5. HK Army Exo XL Marker Case

Are you looking for a case that holds at least two markers? Then, you don’t need to go anywhere because HK Army is a quality and trusted brand providing an extra-large case with black carbon fibre colour.

HK Army Exo XL Marker Case

The case is made of carbon fibre, which makes it strong, lightweight, and resistant to high temperatures.

The excellent quality of this material is that it absorbs all the dirty and muddy stuff on the accessories and makes them clean.

This bag has three sections, and the first one is dedicated to gun placement. What if I tell you that it can hold the 100 mg guns, but when you separate them into two parts, yes, you heard right.

In the other section, multiple microfiber-lined pockets, 8-barrel sleeves, and patches have been designed to place primary attachments, squeegees, and necessary tools. Finally, their section is removable and has enough space for another marker.

A solid and rigid shell-built-up bag ensures the paintballers that it will prevent all the gears from any damage.

In addition, heavy-duty, durable, and soft zippers create ease while opening the case. Overall, the case is large enough and has better quality for this price.

But the only flaw I have found while using this bag is that the carrying handle isn’t a long-lasting material.

  • Strong external shell to protect the markers
  • Extra space for two big guns to be placed
  • Durable and smooth zippers
  • Removable zipper microfiber compartment with mesh pockets
  • Easy to use and carry
  • The handle isn’t made of high-quality material



6. Planet Eclipse GX2 Paintball Marker Pack

A low-price and high-quality backpack is looking for you to take care of your paintball accessories and store them in their particular place.

The case is average size but with enough room to keep all the important tools and equipment.

Planet Eclipse GX2 Paintball Marker Pack

The bag is padded and soft, water- and temperature-resistant neoprene. In addition, the compact material can prevent it from any damage.

Further, this material also makes the bag lightweight. But the attention-taking thing is its strength, which ensures it is long-lasting, and you will get all the qualities in a single case.

Five padded barrels of 11″/28cm and four padded inserts have been designed to secure the tools’ condition.

When you go to different sites, you must have an id card, and you will have a secure place in this bag to store.

This bag’s main compartment has a unique and safe place to keep the guns. In addition, the detachable strong shoulder strap provides softness to the shoulders.

There are a couple of colour options to pick your favourite one on an affordable budget. So, if you want a quality short bag that is cost-friendly, this is perfectly suitable for you.

  • Neoprene strong multiple barrels and inserts
  • Removable soft shoulder strap
  • Made of waterproof and sturdy material
  • Separate pocket for id
  • Super affordable
  • Small size and less functioned bag



7. Planet Eclipse GX – Best Paintball BackPacks

Another 39L big size and quality Planet Eclipse backpack with many features are knocking at the door to have it for the rest of its life.

This case allows those who want to stick any little bag with it. The padded front side that provides full support to the gears in the bag offers two zipper pouches to put smaller things.

Planet Eclipse GX - Best Paintball Back Packs

This bag also has a molle webbing system with plenty of pocket straps. This system goes down to the bottom to attach little tools or quickly reach things. And you get the same stuff from the other outer side as well.

A pocket is available on the top to put your sunglasses or keys. The bag is made of ethylene-vinyl acetate, making it eco-friendly and lightweight.

Padded and soft adjustable shoulder straps remove your back and shoulder pain. So now it’s time to take the decision and say goodbye to the low-quality wheels and bags.

The main area of this case has various and expanding options. Because you can enhance it up to 50% more than its original size while unsticking from the bottom, the importance of this part, other than putting some extra tools, is you can put your dirty things into it.

It would be separate from all the compartments where your clean gears lie. You can use this bag for paintball accessories and anything you want to store.

  • External MOLLE webbing system for attachment
  • Lightweight and sturdy backpack
  • Painless padded and smooth shoulder straps
  • It can be enhanced by up to 50% for muddy things
  • Attracted HDE colour
  • A little bit expensive



8. HK Army Expand 75L Roller – Best Paintball Equipment Bag

As we all know, HK Army is one of the brands that make quality material paintball backpacks and roller bags for the ease of users.

In addition, it provides a lot of space to keep all your paintball accessories safe.

HK Army Expand 75L Roller - Best Paintball Equipment Bag

Polyester has been used to make this giant 75L bag resistant to abrasion, heat degradation, and dirt-holding capacity.

This material creates ease while washing and drying it because it’s easily washable and dryable. There are four side pockets with the molle webbing to attach the same-sized tools.

The bottom of the bag will not be destroyed for the rest of your life when travelling to different sites for the game.

Inside the roller bag, you have plenty of space for specific tools. When you unzip the main compartment, you find the microfiber-lined place to keep your marker on the front side.

On the opposite side, you will find zipper pouches and a microfiber line goggle compartment to take these goggles away from scratches.

Let’s go to this case’s fantastic feature, which is expandable and can expand up to 50%.

Well, you don’t need to make a mistake again, as I did in the past. I pushed the inside part out and filled it with some extra things required, and they got some scratches while dragging it.

So, the intention of making this is to put all your dirty stuff into it and separate it from the clean stuff.

  • 75L resistant abrasion and easily washable bag
  • Microfiber-lined compartments inside
  • External molle webbing availability with pockets
  • Up to 50% expandable
  • Durable carry handle with smoothy wheels
  • Removable padded shoulder straps
  • It can be carried out in different ways
  • Available in only one colour



9. Planet Eclipse GX2 Classic Paintball Gear Bag

Incredibly well built and one of the most underrated GX2 classic gear bags with a lot of capacity for the gears, which makes sense. I want to tell you guys why this bag is underrated.

Planet Eclipse GX2 Classic Paintball Gear Bag

Two and a half years ago, I was looking for a Planet GX bag, and then I found and ordered this to check the quality of the handbag.

I have been using this for two years, and the quality is still the same as when I purchased it, and ideally, I store all my gear safely.

As a passionate paintball player, I can’t afford to put all my game equipment in a low-quality bag.

So today, durable material has been used to build this fantastic kit bag. Solid and durable zippers with a soft puller are used to pull it quickly to make fingers comfortable.

The outer side has a strong pocket, and the id pouch and solid foam-filled handles are there. And all these features exist on the other external side as well.

The main section of this bag is opened from the top and has two little pockets with a big pocket to store the same-sized parts.

Inside the case, the padded, water-resistant gun backpack has a lot of space to hold at least two guns with the divider portion. In addition, a water-resistant sheet is applied to protect all the accessories on each side of the interior.

  • Long-lasting bag with a sturdy design
  • Fully covered inside with weather-resistant sheet
  • Soft pullers attached with unstuck zippers
  • A little separate compartment inside for dirty gears
  • Smooth and soft wheels
  • No molle webbing



10. Planet Eclipse Holdall Gear Bag – Best Paintball Carrying Case

This case offers some outside pockets with smooth zipping to quickly access the gears you want.

The removable padded handle is also there to carry it more easily. Another pouch is there to attach your id or personal card.

Planet Eclipse Holdall Gear Bag - Best Paintball Carrying Case

The water-resistant compartment has been made for those who wanna store some muddy or smelly gear but keep it away from the other clean accessories.

If you want to keep some things away from your friend, an entirely safe pocket is available inside.

The main compartment has good space to store your gun and paintball goggles. But if there are multiple sets of gears to keep, this wouldn’t be suitable for you, but if you have one set of equipment and it’s good to go.

A strong material-made duffel bag is recommended for travellers or gym-going bodybuilders.

  • Outside padded pockets for quick access
  • A handy pouch for id card
  • Water-resistant end compartment
  • Removable soft and strong handle
  • Not for multiple sets of gears
  • No MOLLE webbing


Things to consider before buying Best Paintball bags for gear

Here’s a table outlining the things to consider and a buying guide for the best paintball gear bags and backpacks:

Buying Guide
Look for bags made of sturdy materials like nylon or polyester, with reinforced stitching and strong zippers. Water-resistant or waterproof features are also desirable.
Size and Capacity
Consider the gear you need to carry and choose a bag to accommodate it all. Look for multiple compartments and pockets for organized storage.
Opt for bags with padded straps and back panels for added comfort, especially if carrying heavy loads. Adjustable straps and ergonomic designs are also important.
Look for bags with padded or cushioned interiors to protect your paintball markers, tanks, and other fragile equipment from damage during transport.
Choose a bag that offers easy access to your gear. Features like large zippered openings, external pockets, and quick-release buckles can make grabbing items on the go easier.
Consider bags with wheels and retractable handles if you travel long distances or need to navigate rough terrain. In addition, backpack-style bags with chest and waist straps provide better mobility.
Paintball gear can get sweaty and smelly. Look for bags with breathable mesh panels or ventilation systems to prevent odours and keep your gear fresh.
Consider bags with dedicated compartments for specific gear, such as separate pockets for masks, markers, tanks, and clothing. This will help you stay organized and find items quickly.
Brand and Reviews
Research reputable brands known for their paintball gear bags. Read customer reviews and ratings to gauge the bag’s quality, performance, and durability.


Before deciding, compare prices, warranty options, and additional features different brands offer.

It’s also helpful to visit local paintball stores or seek recommendations from fellow paintball enthusiasts for firsthand advice and experiences with specific gear bags.

Frequently Asked Questions

What size gear bag do I need for the paintball?

The size of the gear bag you need depends on your equipment. Consider the number of markers, tanks, masks, clothing, and accessories you typically carry to determine the appropriate size.

Also, look for bags with multiple compartments and pockets to help with organization.

Are there any specific features I should look for in a paintball gear bag?

Yes, there are several features to consider.

Look for durability, water resistance, padded protection for your equipment, comfortable straps and back panels, easy accessibility, portability options (such as wheels or backpack-style), ventilation to prevent odours, and organizational compartments.

Can I use a regular backpack or duffle bag for paintball gear?

While you can use a regular backpack or duffle bag, investing in a dedicated paintball gear bag is recommended.

Paintball gear bags are designed specifically to protect and organize your equipment, with features like padded compartments, ventilation, and accessibility options that make them more suitable for paintball gear.

How do I clean and maintain a paintball gear bag?

Cleaning and maintenance instructions may vary based on the bag and materials used. However, most paintball gear bags can be cleaned with a damp cloth or sponge and mild soap.

Ensure the bag is completely dry before storing it to prevent mould or mildew. Regularly check for wear and tear and repair or replace parts as needed.

Can I carry other items besides paintball gear in these bags?

You can use a paintball gear bag to carry items besides your paintball equipment.

Many gear bags have multiple compartments and pockets, allowing you to organize and carry additional items such as personal belongings, snacks, tools, or spare clothing.

Are there any specific brands known for their high-quality paintball gear bags?

Yes, several reputable brands are known for producing high-quality paintball gear bags. Some popular options include Dye, Planet Eclipse, HK Army, Exalt, Virtue, and GI Sportz.

It’s advisable to read customer reviews and ratings to gauge the quality and performance of specific bags before purchasing.


We have given honest reviews of the ten best paintball gear bags after experiencing them myself and the team to ensure you that there is no better option than this on the market for paintballers.

To make it much easier to select the best one, we narrow them down to the top 3 paintball equipment bags.

Now it’s your turn to pick the best one for your essential paintball gears but make sure that you have selected the shape(wheeler or without wheels), size, and the number of pockets you want in a case; now you are good to go.

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