Best Paintball Fields in US

Paintball is a thrilling, action-packed, great physical exercise, and a good family and friends bonding sport. Along with getting yourself equipped with the right gear, choosing a good paintball field is also crucial for players like us to enjoy the sport instead of fussing over unnecessary little hurdles such as long-distance drives and so on. We know how difficult it is to choose the best paintball fields in US. You have to consider what you’re looking for, whether speedball or woodsball and what a paintball field is offering.

To help you find the perfect field in your area, we have compiled a list of some of our favorites below, which let us have some valuable experiences and unforgettable memories!

What is a paintball field?

A paintball field is a space of various sizes that allows you to play paintball matches. These fields can be outdoors or indoors, decorated with natural and artificial props like bunkers for players to use for tactical cover to hide behind while taking shots at each other.

Some fields have more than one referee who monitors different types of paintball games, rules, and goals. The referee’s responsibilities also include recording how many lives are left on both teams by checking their chests to control gameplay speed during a paintball game.

Why do you go to the paintball field to play?

Well, there are many reasons to go for a paintball game. You can get a great workout, meet new friends or even compete in tournaments with your paintball gear. No matter what your reason is, there are some fantastic paintball fields throughout the United States.


Types of Paintball Fields

Speedball Fields

Speedball fields are designed for players who want to play fast-paced games. It is more of an athletic play than leading a team. Usually, at least one referee on the paintball fields keeps track of the number of lives left on both teams by checking their chests. Teams typically consist of five or seven people each, and matches can last anywhere from fifteen minutes up to an hour-long, depending on how long players are playing.

Speedball fields are usually set up to have obstacles for the field, including bunkers that let you take cover while shooting back at other players on your team. It is both an outdoor and indoor sport which you can even enjoy in winter.

Some of our favorite speedball locations include Ax-Man Paintball in Virginia and Adventureland Park in New Jersey! This is the only type of paintball field that has professional leagues with regular distinctive tournaments for players to compete in.

Woodsball Fields

Woodsball fields tend to have fewer referees and are not as organized as speedball. Instead of having players on opposing teams shooting at each other, woodsball fields encourage players to work together to accomplish a goal against the opposite team.

Each player usually only has one life per round or period that they play before their game is over. Some goals include capturing an enemy base, defending a flag from being taken by other players, or taking down an enemy tank.

Woodsball fields usually include natural obstacles as well as a few artificial ones here and there that the player needs to overcome to accomplish their goal and win the game. Some examples of woodsball locations include Adventureland Park in New Jersey and Apple Valley Paintball Field in Massachusetts!

Outlaw Field

Outlaw fields are player-made fields which means that a group of paintball players gathered together and created themselves a playing field on farm areas, big backyards, or remote parkland. Although these playing fields are easy to make and have easy access to, they are not well protected with required safety measures.

Even though you can create your very own playing area with unique props and challenges, having complete secure gameplay with referees and a medical kit will be difficult to achieve. You can achieve safety measures on outlaw fields by following proper safety rules, playing with equipped safety gears; arranging a referee, a medical kit for emergencies, having a legal permit, and a chronograph.

“Chronograph is an instrument that measures the speed of paintball. Paintball field experts use this instrument to ensure that the upgrades do not exceed the limit number to null any unnecessary injuries”.

Scenario Paintball

Scenario paintball games are theme-based games and events. This is where you get to play a specific role by the theme and can enjoy a lot of different strategic gameplay. Players who love to challenge their skills and are hungry for adventure can also play “24-Hour Paintball Scenario.” we can assure you that it is a blast experience, especially with your friends.

Because of the themed-based gameplay almost every year, 4000 players get themselves registered for the largest theme-based game “Invasion of Normandy.” In this scenario, players get to role play with adrenaline-pumping missions to complete.


Types of Paintball Games

Different types of paintball games are best played on those paintball fields that suit their nature. Many types of Paintball Games differ from field to field, and indoor and outdoor; have many different sets of rules.

We will tell you all about the gameplay and which paintball field is best for them. So you can choose the fun style you find more exciting and thrilling to play. These are some of the types which are our favorite.

Attack & Defend/Defending the Village or Tower

Attack and defend is a war-based scenario game where two teams are playing against each other. One team has to defend the tower and another has to attack it to conquer it. This game requires great teamwork, strategy, and leadership skills to score a win. You can enjoy this game tenfold more under a theme-based scenario field where you can roleplay as well.

Capture The Flag

Many of you must be familiar with this gameplay because it is also a fun engaging camping game as well. This gameplay is suited for players who are just starting to play paintball. Woodsball field will be the best platform to play this game on. Some playfield switch this game up to where instead of capturing a bomb players have to place a bomb in the opposite team’s base camp.

Team Deathmatch/Last Man Standing

This is the most basic gameplay where each player has to play for his /her win. Players have to compete against each other and the last man standing within the given time will have the “winner winner chicken dinner.”

We quoted the famous title win from the game PUBG (PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds); this mobile app gameplay is similar to team deathmatch gameplay.

This gameplay is more fun for intermediate and pros players because beginners will find it hard to keep their stand without any prior paintball experience. The Speedball paintball field is best for this type of gameplay because everything is kept similar, fair, and common for all participants.

Protect The President/Ambassador

In this gameplay one team has to role-play as special agents who will be in charge of protecting and relocating a president/ambassador who is also a player. The opposition team is the assassins who have to kill the president.

The special agent team has a specific number of players in the team whereas the assassin team has a larger number of players in it. Woodsball field brings out the most of this gameplay because of its uneven distributed features which each team can use to its advantage.

Military Scenarios

This is a large-scale paintball game. PSG field (Paintball Scenario Game) will be ideal for this type of paintball game. Two teams are competing against each other with army-scale players on each team. Players get to use big buildings and vehicles to their advantage. The team which hit the more targets hits and conquered the more area wins the match.


Just as the name suggests all players have to hunt down one player. All the players who are hunting are termed hunters whereas the one who has to hide and stay out of sight is termed prey.

In this gameplay, rules, advantages, and several assets vary. Sometimes the prey gets a head start to run and hide away. And sometimes the hunter team is offered limited gear or reduced weapons to hunt down the prey. The Woodsball field is the best to play this game. Players can also add a few more additional rules to spice up things by referencing them to the referee.

Medic Paintball

Many teams compete against each other with a single medic player in each. As long as your medic player is safe he/she can revive you back from the shot. Other players who get shot can be revived back by the medic player by crawling back to their base area. But if your medic gets shots by the other team he/she is out of the game for good. The last team standing within the allocated time will win the match.


Top 10 Best Paintball Fields in US 2022

Here we will look at the top paintball fields in the US and give you some information on each one to know where to go for a paintball play.

The best paintball parks in the US are Ax-Man Paintball, Adventureland Park, and Apple Valley Paintball Field. These locations have everything you need to enjoy your next game of paintball in our experience compared to other good places as well.

Apple Valley Paintball Field

The field in Massachusetts is an outdoor paintball field with two huge trenches that players can run through. Players will often use these trenches to their advantage to ambush other players.

The field also has a few towers that are great for sniping, bunkers which allow you to cover while shooting back at your opponents, and large rocks scattered throughout the field.

Adventureland Park

It is an outdoor paintball field located in New Jersey with over 60 acres of land! This location provides massive space for playing different paintball games like man hunting, protecting the president, and military missions; including woodsball areas and speedball arenas designed for fast-paced playing styles.

Players can customize their experience by choosing what style they would like to play beforehand so that each game will be unique and full of excitement. Adventureland park even offers walk-on games every Thursday night if you don’t have enough people signed up ahead of time!

Ax-Man Paintball

It is another outdoor area, but it is located in Virginia. This location has a vast speedball field with significant obstacles designed to challenge players and keep the game interesting. If you’re looking for an indoor woods ball area. Ax-Man Paint Ball also offers a smaller-sized paintball arena indoors called The Bunker.

This location also has a Retroball field, which is perfect for those who don’t want to run around too much!

Paintball Explosion, Illinois

Paintball Explosion is an indoor field in Illinois with various paintball zones, including speedball arenas and woodsball areas.

The Illinois Paintball Park offers both indoor and outdoor paintball fields for players to play on. This park is enormous, with over 80 acres of land available for use by the players. The area has bunkers that act like small buildings where you can take cover while shooting back at other players who might be trying to ambush you from behind rocks or bushes.

The Paintball Park, California

This paintball park is located in California. It is the largest paintball field in the US with over 100 acres of land. There are three different fields that players can choose from, including two open-air speedball arenas and one smaller kind of woodball area.

The Paintball Park also has a separate building that houses an indoor arena called “The CQB.” This field includes multiple obstacles like walls and columns where you can take cover while trying to shoot back at your opponents before they get close enough to take you out themselves.

Skirmish US, Pennsylvania

This indoor field is located in Pennsylvania and includes many different playing fields. Speedball arenas, woodsball areas, and a particular sniper alley are all part of this park. Skirmish also has several buildings that paintball players can use for cover while shooting back at opponents trying to take them out. The entrance area of the facility acts like an outdoor area where you will find obstacles such as cars or walls, which provide excellent hiding spots against your opponents who might be chasing after you.

Blitz Paintball, Colorado

This paintball park is located in Colorado and is the best paintball field in Colorado. It includes a large speedball field and smaller woodball fields. Blitz Paintball also offers an indoor facility called “The Bunker,” which has obstacles such as walls for paintball players to use while trying to shoot their opponents for a win.

CPX Paintball, Illinois

It’s another paintball field in the US. This paintball park is located in Illinois, and players will enjoy three different playing fields, including a speedball arena, woodsball area, and an indoor facility called “The Bunker.” This location also has two warehouses with multiple levels inside, so you can shoot from up high if needed. Players will know they’re near these buildings when they see wooden pallets surrounding them just outside the doors.

Hollywood Sports, California

The Hollywood Sports paintball field is located in California and offers a large speedball field and smaller woodsball fields. This location even has an indoor facility called “The Bunker,” which includes obstacles such as walls for players to use as both hiding and shooting spots. Players will also find several buildings where you can take cover inside if needed.

Apocalypse Paintball, Wisconsin

Apocalypse Paintball is located in Wisconsin with two playing fields. Including an open-air speedball field and a smaller woods ball area. The Apocalypse Paintball facility also includes multiple buildings for players to use for their tactical strategies.



Paintball is getting very popular in the US day by day almost three million players play this sport each year. That is why a lot of paintball fields are available. You can find the nearest playfield by googling it or you can try these qualitative and well-equipped paintball fields on the list.

Among these best paintball fields in us, we recommend Ax-Man Paintball, Adventureland Park, and Apple Valley Paintball Field based on area space, availability of different props, and offer both indoor and outdoor experiences as well as different playing fields.

If you are a fan of long driving and vacations with your friends and family then do give a try these recommended areas to experience a whole new level of the adventure of paintball. Now that you can play this thrilling sport, go check out the basic and essential equipment and gear you need to start playing.

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