Best Paintball Barrels

Adventure-loving people like you and me are attracted to paintball because it is a good physical activity and enhances your interactive, leadership, problem-solving, and teamwork skills.

But there are many things to learn about, like rules, safety, gadgets, and gear to fully enjoy this sport and things where we get stuck, like which is the best among others?

Among all the things you need to learn about is knowing what a barrel is. How many types of barrels are there? Which are the best paintball barrels to use? And what are the perfect sizes of paintball barrels?

We also emphasize barrels because they play a crucial role in the efficiency and accuracy of your paintball marker or gun.

To make things easier, we present reviews of the best paintball barrels available in the market through our experience and basic knowledge about barrels for beginners who get lost here. Before we get on with the list, let’s talk about:

What is a barrel?

A paintball barrel is the cylindrical shape part at the marker’s end from where the paintball is discharged or shot.

There are two basic types of barrels: short and long barrels. Paintball Barrels’ length ranges from 8 inches to 21 inches. The standard length is 14 inches.

However, you can change the length of the barrel up to 16-21 inches according to your need or for a specific style.

Long vs. Short Barrels

Short barrels are great for short-distance combat and are gas-efficient. However, they make a loud noise that gives away players’ hiding location, and it is hard to aim with short-lengthed barrels.

Whereas long barrels are much quieter and are best for snipper-based gameplay. You can easily aim at targets, and it helps paintballs to have a spinning effect of gaining more accuracy.

However, these long barrels consume more compressed gas, and the speed of the paintball is compromised.

Top 10 Best Paintball Barrel Reviews in 2023

Now, it will be easy to further narrow down your choice from our list of the best paintball barrels by analyzing the pros and cons.

Tippmann Sniper Barrel
Tippmann Sniper Barrel
Dimensions: 19 x 1.5 x 1.5 inches
Weight: 0.45 pounds
Type: Long Barrel
TRINITY Tippmann Cronus
TRINITY Tippmann Cronus
Dimensions: 16 x 1 x 1 inches
Weight: 0.14 Kg
Type: Long Barrel
J&J Paintball 14" Ceramic Barrel - Tippmann A-5
J&J Paintball 14″ Ceramic Barrel – Tippmann A-5
Dimensions: 13.5 x 0.5 x 0.5 inches
Weight: 0.16 pounds
Type: Long Barrel
rap4 22 Inch Flute Sniper Barrel
rap4 22 Inch Flute Sniper Barrel
Dimensions: 22.4 x 1.1 x 1 inches
Weight: 5.6 ounces
Type: Long Barrel
12'' Black Tippmann A-5 J&J Ceramic Barrel
12” Black Tippmann A-5 J&J Ceramic Barrel
Dimensions: 14.3 x 1.4 x 0.6 inches
Weight: 0.25 Pounds
Type: Short Barrel
Smart Parts Freak XL Barrel Kit
Smart Parts Freak XL Barrel Kit
Dimensions: 12.01 x 7.99 x 2.52 inches
Weight: 0.82 Kg
Type: Barrel Kit
Autococker 14" - Carbon Fiber Paintball Barrel
Autococker 14″ – Carbon Fiber Paintball Barrel
Dimensions: 14 x 1.1 x 1 inches
Weight: 0.25 pounds
Type: Barrel Kit
Smart Parts Freak XL Carbon Fiber One Piece Barrel
Smart Parts Freak XL Carbon Fiber One Piece Barrel
Dimensions: 15.67 x 1.14 x 1.06 inches
Weight: 0.12 Kg
Type: Standard Barrel
GOG Paintball 14" Freak Inline One Piece Barrel - Autococker
GOG Paintball 14″ Freak Inline One Piece Barrel – Autococker
Dimensions: 15.75 x 1.1 x 1.1 inches
Weight: 0.18 Kg
Type: Autococker Barrel
TRINITY Tippmann 98 Paintball Marker Accessories Upgrade
TRINITY Tippmann 98 Paintball Marker Accessories Upgrade
Dimensions: 16 x 1 x 1 inches
Weight: 4.4 ounces
Type: Long Barrel

1. Tippmann Sniper – Best Paintball Sniper Barrel

Tippmann Sniper Barrel is a long-based 14-inch paintball barrel ideal for snipper-based or stealth mode gameplay.

You can easily shoot your target without giving away your hiding position. It has a .68 bore size. Tippmann offers this barrel in three sizes for your comfort zone that is 14 inches, 16 inches, and 98 Custom/Custom Pro size.

Tippmann Sniper - Best Paintball Sniper Barrel

This barrel allows you to aim and shoot at longer targets with great accuracy and performance because it is polished from both inside and outside. It perfectly matches Tippmann’s A-5/X7/X7 Phenom, Tippmann 98 custom paintball marker, and Project Salvo.

If you consider this barrel for a Tippmann Stormer Elite, we recommend not going for it because you must make a few modifications to the shroud to work perfectly with the paintball marker.

It comes with 90 days warranty, giving you plenty of time to test it out. Since Tippmann manufactures great paintball markers and accessories, its barrel is no exception. It is made of high-quality materials and is durable.

We loved how accurate the shots were, but if you plan to get this barrel to shoot at longer targets, it only gives you a few feet advantage which is not much of a difference.

  • It boosts your shot to 4 to 5 feet more than the standard ones.
  • It has a nice and clean design.
  • Tippmann sniper barrel gives you improved accuracy shots than the stock barrel.
  • Along with great accuracy, it delivers good consistency as well.
  • It does not make a loud noise.
  • It comes in different sizes as well as customizable sizes.
  • It is easy to maintain and clean.
  • There is not much visible difference between Tippmann Sniper Barrel and Factory A-5.
  • It does not offer much of a range like others.



2. TRINITY Tippmann Cronus – Quietest Paintball Barrel

Aluminum is the base material of this paintball barrel that is light in weight and durable. Since it is light, the barrel doesn’t add extra weight to your overall paintball gear.

TRINITY Tippmann Cronus - Quietest Paintball Barrel

This barrel features a vortex-style porting that enhances its overall performance and accuracy. It is much quieter than other barrels and lets you stay hidden in your spot. It is a one-piece A-5 threaded barrel that is 16 inches long.

This barrel comes with a 30-day return policy in case of a defective piece, but there are some rules and steps to follow to go through it.

TRINITY Tippmann Cronus barrel is perfect for X7 Phenom, Cronus Tactical, and Gryphon Fx.

But if you are getting it for Tippmann TMC, we recommend looking for other options. You can also fit the barrel to spyder Victor, but the marker will get too long, and close combat will be difficult.

  • It improves both the accuracy and range of your paintball marker.
  • A great quality product and is durable.
  • You can shoot up to 50 yards with this barrel with ease.
  • It is a bit longer than the standard size.



3. J&J Paintball 14″ Ceramic – Best Budget Paintball Barrel

J&J Paintball Ceramic Barrel is a 14″ long barrel made of aluminium, making it lightweight and coated with ceramic. Teflon is used in aluminium pores to make this barrel strong and durable.

J&J Paintball 14 Ceramic - Best Budget Paintball Barrel

If you don’t know, Teflon is a waterproof, non-stick & smooth surface, frictionless material. J&J builds this barrel with the latest technologies.

It is an A-5 threaded barrel that can fit Tippmann Cronus. This barrel bore size is .689. A great option for beginners’ performance vice and price vice.

  • The barrel has a nice and clean design to it.
  • It is light weighted and durable.
  • It has a decent improved level of accuracy and distance.
  • The barrel is of perfect standard length.
  • It has great smoothness because of ceramic and Teflon.
  • Accuracy is compromised on long-range targets.



4. rap4 22 Inch Flute for Tippmann A-5 – Longest Paintball Barrel

This sniper barrel is built beautifully from both the outside and the inside. The outlook of the barrel is clean and cool. As the name states, sniper, this barrel is 22 inches long, which gives you improved accuracy and long-range distance shots.

rap4 22 Inch Flute for Tippmann A-5 - Longest Paintball Barrel

Before any action-packed paintball match, it is pretty easy to install on any A-5 threaded marker. We were impressed by this snipper barrel’s performance and accuracy in one of our scenario-based paintball matches.

  • It has a good range and accuracy.
  • It performs great in an open-field paintball match.
  • No other size is available.



5. 12” Black Tippmann A-5 J&J Ceramic – Best Paintball Marker Barrel

It is another quality-based barrel addition from J&J made with the highest quality aluminium. It is infused with ceramic and Teflon material for less friction and a smooth surface.

12'' Black Tippmann A-5 J&J Ceramic - Best Paintball Marker Barrel

It is a 12 inches long barrel with A-5 threaded. It performs well and fast. Since the base material is aluminium, it is light in weight. Cleaning and maintenance are simple because of Teflon and ceramic coatings.

  • The barrel is light in weight.
  • It is not only easy to clean but maintain as well.
  • It has a non-friction smooth surface for providing the best shot performance.
  • J&J barrel increases your marker accuracy and range as well.
  • The accuracy of the barrel is compromised on longer-range shots.



6. Smart Parts Freak XL – Best Paintball Barrel Kit

This Smart Parts Freak XL Barrel Kit lets you enjoy paintball matches to the next level. A total of 8 pieces are included in the package of 14″ length and different bore sizes according to player requirements and preferences.

Smart Parts Freak XL - Best Paintball Barrel Kit

Players can easily avail eight options of bore size according to the call of situations: .679, .682, .684, .687, .689, .691, .693, and .695. The base material is the most commonly used aluminium and stainless steel. You can choose from two Polish GoG/Ion or Autococker thread options. The whole set has a carbon fibre case to store all 8 barrels safely.

Its efficiency and accuracy are improved with continuous testing in a controlled environment. It is the upgraded version of the original Freak Barrel System, with added 3″ length, a fast threading system, multiple bore options, and colour-coded for instant recognition.

Eteck 5, Axe Pro, Empire Axe Mini, T-Rex Vcom, Emek 100, and other Autococker threaded markers easily fit into this barrel kit. With the upgraded version, we noticed a change in performance, efficiency, reduced sound, and a lower operating system.

  • You have multiple bore options from which you can choose.
  • It has improved accuracy and efficiency.
  • The barrel kit comes with GoG/Ion or Autococker thread options.
  • It can easily be installed.
  • It doesn’t have a detailed manual on it.



7. Deadlywind Fibur-X – Autococker 14″ – Carbon Fiber Paintball Barrel

Fiber X Barrel Kit comprises the thread adapter, main barrel, and a freak insert. The thread adapter is used to match the barrels to any paintball marker.

The main barrel is all carbon fiber attached to the thread adapter, and a freak insert is used to set the barrel’s bore. You can incorporate different freak-replaceable inserts.

It is stronger because of the base material carbon fiber layers and is 4x lighter than other barrel kits. Deadlywind company offers quality-based products and a lifetime warranty on its product. So you can easily test it without worrying and will like it a lot because we did so.

We emphasize that you recheck all the details with this one because it is a bit pricey, so before finalizing any decision, ensure you are 100% sure.

  • It has a strong build for great durability.
  • This kit provides you with improved accuracy and shot range.
  • These are extremely light and make less sound.
  • These are easy to clean & maintain.
  • There is a small room for customization options.



8. Smart Parts Freak XL Carbon Fiber Paintball Barrel (One Piece Barrel – Autococker)

Freak XL paintball barrel is manufactured with lightweight, sturdy, durable base material carbon fiber, lighter than aluminium and double strong. These paintball barrels are made up of carbon fiber barrels.

Smart Parts Freak XL Carbon Fiber Paintball Barrel (One Piece Barrel - Autococker)

Due to its strong build, this barrel kit withstands rough and harsh handling while delivering the best performance.

Each adapter has a counter threading for quick and simple fastening and removal. Before going for this, check beforehand with the seller whether your paintball marker is compatible.

  • It delivers the next level of accuracy along with reliable durability.
  • It is light in weight.
  • You can easily and quickly install and remove it.
  • It will only fit those markers with the Autococker thread system.



9. GOG Paintball 14″ Freak Inline One Piece – Best Paintball Gun Barrel

Another reliable addition of adaptability and performance is GOG Barrel. It is a 14″ one-piece barrel that accepts all ranges of freak inserts.

GOG Paintball 14 Freak Inline One Piece - Best Paintball Gun Barrel

The package includes one barrel of .689 and an Autococker barrel thread. You can buy any barrel insert with it according to your preference.

You can only insert standard barrel inserts in it, not the xl because those are 3 inches longer than the standard ones.

This one-piece barrel is compatible with any marker and pumps with an Autococker thread system.

  • It has a great accuracy level.
  • The barrel is quick and easy to change.
  • It is durable and has a strong build.
  • It features a full range of freak inserts.
  • These are light in weight.
  • It is a bit loud.
  • Only compatible with Autococker thread markers.



10. TRINITY Tippmann 98 Paintball Marker Accessories Upgrade – Barrels for Paintball Guns

The thing that makes this barrel durable is the fusion of metal and aluminium as base materials. You can make quieter shots because of its vortex-style porting, which also facilitates players with good accuracy.

TRINITY Tippmann 98 Paintball Marker Accessories Upgrade - Barrels for Paintball Guns

It is 16 inches long. It has a simple and clean design. You can even customize it with different lights as well.

  • It provides you with improved accuracy.
  • It is strong and durable.
  • You have room for customization.
  • Only compatible with the Tippmann marker.



Buying Guide to Determine The Best Paintball Barrel Among Others

We are putting so much focus on the barrels because they are responsible for drastically improving the overall performance of your paintball marker/gun.

With just a single change of barrel, players can improve the accuracy and the range of the paintball shots. The difficult part is to search for that one barrel that serves your purpose and enhances the quality of your shots.

If you consider the following factors in each barrel listed in our list, then finalizing a choice would be a piece of cake for you. These pointers are easy to understand to look for. The first one is:


The base material determines the life of any product, its reliability, durability, and how strong it is. The same case goes for paintball barrels. The most commonly used base material is aluminium, but manufacturers use carbon fiber, stainless steel, and ceramic materials.

Aluminium is light in weight, but it is not up to the mark in terms of durability. It is cheap and easy to manipulate.

That is why many manufacturers go for it. Ceramics are also similar to aluminium. Despite being lightweight, the only benefit of it is that ceramic barrels are easy to clean, but they are not durable and can break easily.

But if carrying around weight isn’t much of an issue, you can look at stainless steel barrels. These barrels are heavy compared to the aluminium ones but strong. They have longer life and durability than aluminium barrels.

The most reliable base material is carbon fiber, which is lightweight, strong, and durable. But carbon fibre-based paintball barrels are relatively more expensive than aluminium and stainless steel barrels.

If you have the budget, we recommend going for this base material which gives you the advantages of both worlds.

Barrel Length

The standard size is 14 inches in the paintball industry, but the barrel length could be as short as 8 inches to as long as 22 inches.

The longer you go, the higher the range, but the accuracy will be compromised. If you go for short-length barrels, the case is reversed, and you will get the highest accuracy but not a good range.

But in the end, the barrel length depends on which gameplay you will play or your gaming techniques and preferences.

Bore Diameter

.689 is the standard bore diameter size, but many different ranges and options are available in the market for different scenarios. You need to pay extra attention to the bore diameter and know which one you need.

Too small of a diameter will end up rupturing your paintball in the marker before it even leaves the marker, and too big of a diameter will sabotage the accuracy of your shots.

Mark our words. Dissembling and resembling the markers could be a pain in the head if a paintball ruptured inside it. It would be best to clean it thoroughly before you can use the marker again. You can avoid this situation with a simple test to know the right size of the bore. That is how we do it:

  1. Place the barrel vertically straight and put a paintball in it.
  2. If the paintball falls straight through it, the bore size is bigger than the paintball, thus affecting your shot accuracy.
  3. However, if the paintball gets stuck and comes straight out with a blow of air, it is just the right size. If the paintball doesn’t come out, it will probably rupture inside, and the bore size is too small.

Interior Finish

Barrels with an interior finish with a smooth and glossy effect are pretty easy to clean. Even if, for some reason, a paintball ruptured inside, you can clean the barrel by shooting continuously 2 to 3 shots.

Doing so will clean up the barrels with the interior finish. But cleaning barrels without an interior finish is a big hassle and a tough job. You must withdraw from the game to clean the barrel before reusing your paintball marker.


The thread is a part that joins the barrel with the paintball marker. It is important to ensure that the thread matches the barrel to fit the marker securely.

One-Piece vs. Two-Piece Barrels

One-Piece barrels were more commonly used in the early days of paintball matches, but with the passage of time and experiments, the sellers have introduced a two-piece barrel to spice things up.

Beginners still use one-piece barrels because they are cheaper than the two-piece and are much simpler, but they do not provide any room for customization.

Whereas two-piece barrels offer more customization and options to upgrade your paintball marker.

These are mainly used by professional paintball players and those up-levelling their skills; however, they are expensive compared to the one-piece barrels.


Vents are the small holes in the barrels. These vents are responsible for handling the ratio of sound.

It determines whether the shot will be quieter or louder, and to know this; you need to look for the number of vents and their placements on the paintball marker.

The paintball marker will make quiet shots if the vents are closer to the marker, but the only drawback is that this also compromises the speed of the paintball.

The paintball gun will make louder shots where the vents are closer to the end of the barrel from which the paintball will be shot. Although it will give away your hiding spot, the paintball speed will be great.

Complete Kits

These are ideal options in the long run, like paintball tournaments. The best kit has a good range of front and back with a wide range of inserts.

If you have a good manageable budget, we recommend using carbon fibre-based or high-quality aluminium-based ones.

These will offer long-run durability and reliability, along with offering a wide range of options in different scenarios.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do Paintball Barrels Make a Difference?

Yes, they make a big difference in your overall paintball performance. Barrels are responsible for the shots’ accuracy, speed, and range.

To make a good quality shot, you need a good barrel following its length, bore diameter, vent, thread, etc. All the factors which affect barrel accuracy are mentioned in detail in the article.

Does a longer barrel increase paintball accuracy?

Yes, the longer barrel increases the shot’s accuracy and makes quieter shots; however, the speed of the paintball is compromised in it.

Is it difficult to install a paintball barrel?

It depends on whether you are going for a one-piece or two-piece barrel. Initially, it is not difficult to install either of these, but you need to be extra careful while installing a two-piece barrel.

What Is the Quietest Paintball Barrel?

In our opinion, the quietest paintball barrel is Tippmann Cronus Barrel. We ranked it second in our list because players can use this feature in snipper-based gameplay without being detected.

What is the best barrel length for paintball?

The barrel length depends on your preference and the gameplay you are going for.

The standard length of the barrel is 14″ to 16″, which offers the player optimal performance; however, there are a few drawbacks if you go shorter or longer, along with other advantages.

How to clean a paintball barrel?

You can easily clean your paintball barrel with a squeegee, and barrels with interior finish are ultra-easy to clean because of their polished and non-friction surface.

Just put the squeegee in the barrel and push it in until you see its end on the other end of the barrel. Repeat this action until the barrel is thoroughly clean.

How do I choose a paintball barrel?

First, you need to know which paintball gameplay you will play. Are you all about running around on the field or more of a stealth mode player?

Do you prefer accuracy over range or vice versa? Questions like these will help you determine which paintball to choose.

What is the most common paintball bore size?

The bore is the size of the diameter of the inside circle of the barrel. The standard sizes are from .689 to .674, available in the market.

Is a longer paintball barrel better?

Suppose we are talking about accuracy and range, then yes, but if we talk about speed, then no.

Usually, the longer paintball barrel is used in sniper-based gameplay, giving you a good range of accuracy and distance and quieter shots but lacking speed.

What is the best barrel length for accuracy?

The accuracy of the barrel increases along with its length. If you are looking for a barrel for only accuracy, then 16″ to 21″ are ideal lengths.

But going longer also means you need to sacrifice the velocity level of the paintball.


We have now reached the end of this article, and hopefully, we have managed to clear a lot of confusion and questions you had stored in your mind.

These factors and points will help you determine the best paintball barrel for your needs and gameplay.

If you are looking for the most accurate barrel, check out the features and pros and cons of the Tippmann Sniper Barrel, the very top one, in our opinion. Still, if you want to go in stealth mode, we recommend looking out the Tippmann Cronus Barrel, the second one on the list.

Double-check your requirements list, features, and pros and cons to finalize a decision. Our buying guide will also help you find the best paintball barrel.

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