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To experience real life combat scenarios many players prefer the Best Magfed Paintball Guns or markers that offer realistic military-like simulation play. However most magfed paintball guns have numbered shots so it gives players a thrilling adrenaline rush of making each shot count or vice versa.

This feature is a challenging one for many players, especially the new ones. For newcomers, magfed guns’ magazines have a capacity of around 9-20 rounds and shoot the standard .68 caliber paintballs and also first strike rounds.

With a mag fed gun, players have a choice of either going fully with magfed or Dual fed markers. Dual fed markers are always recommendable because players can easily switch between both worlds anytime they prefer.

We have listed down our tested “Best Magfed Markers” in the field with great functionality and reliability to make your search easier, along with the buying tips that could help you narrow down your choice of marker.


Tippmann TMT TMC Elite .68 Caliber Magfed Marker

Tippmann TMT TMC Elite
  • It delivers great functionality which makes it a reliable companion
  • You can use Tippmann TMT TMC for self-defense purposes as well
  • It has a dual-feed system, so you can enjoy both worlds
  • You can do all kinds of upgrades because of its Picatinny rail

Valken M17 Magfed Paintball Marker

Valken M17 Magfed Paintball Marker
  • It offers great reliability
  • Gives off a real weapon feel
  • It is light in weight
  • It has plenty of room for customization

Maddog Tippmann TMC MAGFED Silver Paintball Gun Starter Package

Maddog Tippmann TMC MAGFED Silver
  • The speed of the marker is adjustable
  • Its longer barrel offers a longer range
  • It has front and rear adjustable sights
  • It comes with 2 magazines of 20 rounds


Top 5 Best Magfed Paintball Guns

Paintball is a friendly competitive shooting sport where a good combination of combat, leadership, and team skills along with essential gear leads you to a fabulous win. This sport is divided into many categories, magfed paintball being one of them where players are only allowed to use magfed markers.

Magfed paintball is getting more famous now because it resembles real-life firearms and gameplay. You will find many Best Magfed Paintball Guns with dual functionality in the market; to name a few good ones:

The Tippmann TMC, Tippmann TMT TMC Elite, Tippmann Stormer Elite, Planet Eclipse MG100 PAL, Planet Eclipse EMF100, First Strike Scout. Here are our top tested & recommended magfed markers.


1. Valken M17 Magfed Paintball Marker

Valken M17 Magfed Paintball Marker

  • Dimensions:‎ 21.54 x 10.55 x 2.99 inches
  • Weight: 3.16 Kilograms

The very first on our list is the Valken M17 Magfed Marker which has a magazine of 18 rounds. Its base material is an aluminum-based barrel and polymer plastic-based body that makes it super light to carry around the battlefield.

It gives off the realistic look and feel of a rigid weapon. You can shoot any type of ammo from it as long as they are .68 caliber size and first strike rounds as well. It also features two firing modes: semi or full automatic mechanical firing. With just a simple safety switch you can easily switch between these two modes.

Because of its Mechanical firing system, there is no need to worry about any batteries. You will need a 13ci/3000 psi HPA compressed air tank to use (tank not included).

We discovered its shots to be very accurate and consistent; we were able to improve its range as well with a change of barrel. Another thing which we like a lot is its magazine is larger than other markers and AR mags and is a perfect fit in 100-140 rounds of pod pack.

Valken M17 Magfed Paintball Marker

However, the magazine doesn’t have good quality. This marker uses a blowback system to fire the paintball rounds with great stable velocity.

It also has a sight rail for facilitating different marker accessories. This marker could also be used as a defense weapon apart from playing only paintball.


  • It offers great reliability.
  • It delivers good accuracy shots with consistency.
  • It could serve as a defense weapon as well.
  • Because of the Valken M17 base material, it is light in weight.
  • Gives off a real weapon feel.
  • Valken M17 has plenty of room for customization.
  • It comes at a reasonable price for even beginners as well.
  • Assembling & disassembling is pretty simple for quick cleaning and maintenance.
  • Easily switch between semi and auto-firing modes.


  • It has a little shot range (which could be improved with a barrel).
  • The quality of the magazine is just okay.



2. Tippmann TMT TMC Elite

Tippmann TMT TMC Elite

  • Dimensions: ‎18.8 x 16.9 x 3.6 inches
  • Weight: 3.43 Kilograms

From Tippmann, you can expect quality and reliable markers like this black .68 caliber Magfed Marker. It also has a dual-feed option to switch between different paintball game scenarios.

It jas an aluminum build body which makes it lightweight. Tippmann TMT TMC Elite requires 13/3000 psi of HPA air pressure tank that is not included in the package. It also facilitates the ideal of customization with its Picatinny rail feature.

We find its design more realistic and have a premium finish to it. We prefer this marker for long hours of play since it is lightweight as compared to others. But if you are looking for very long durability then it’s better to consider other models from Tippmann.


  • It delivers great functionality which makes it a reliable companion.
  • You can use Tippmann TMT TMC for self-defense purposes as well.
  • It has a dual-feed system, so you can enjoy both worlds.
  • You can do all kinds of upgrades because of its Picatinny rail.


  • Its body is not very rigid so you need to be careful.



3. Maddog Tippmann TMC MAGFED Silver Paintball Gun Starter Package

Maddog Tippmann TMC MAGFED Silver Paintball Gun

  • Dimensions:‎ 17 x 13.5 x 7.5 inches
  • Weight: 5.42 Kilograms

We have included a whole value starter package with a magfed in our list as well for those players who just started in the paintball arena. This package will let you have all the essentials you need to be eligible for a paintball match.

The Tippmann TMC Magfed is a semi-automatic .68 caliber dual option marker. It comes facilitated by Tippmann’s famous in-line bolt system feature. Besides this, its speed could also be adjusted from between 250-325 FPS.

It has a long barrel of 12″ for increased range and a thread size of 98. With its Picatinny rails, upgrading is a piece of cake. The whole package includes; an anti-fog mask, 48/3000 HPA tank, 200 rounds paintball rounder, barrel squeegee, two 20 rounds of magazines, 4 standard sizes of paintball pods, and a 4+1 paintball harness.

We liked the overall quality of the products along with a good functional Tippmann magfed marker, except for the anti-fog mask and paintball harness.

It is the best gateway for beginners who don’t have a clue about what to get and what to not. If you are just in need of the magfed gun then we recommend buying it separately and not with the deal.


  • The package includes necessary paintball equipment attached to the marker.
  • The speed of the marker is adjustable.
  • Upgrading is easy with Picatinny rail.
  • Its longer barrel offers a longer range.
  • It has front and rear adjustable sights.
  • It comes with 2 magazines of 20 rounds.
  • The magfed marker itself is lightweight.
  • We didn’t encounter any issues with the marker’s functionality.


  • Few of the product’s quality is not very good.



4. Tippmann TMC .50 Calibre Magfed Gun

Tippmann TMC .50 Calibre Magfed Gun

  • Dimensions:‎ 17.8 x 15.43 x 3.58 inches
  • Weight: 3.01 Kilograms

Tippmann has performed remarkably well in the industry of paintball which is why we have another distinguished mag fed paintball gun from them. This magfed marker is of .50 caliber with 25 rounds of a magazine and has the option of dual-fed.

Its body is a combination of stainless steel and aluminum. This marker also has the famous Tippmann inline bolt system with 12″ of the barrel.

The design looks like an armed weapon. You can even use it for defense purposes as well. As long as your ammo is of .50 caliber, Tippmann TMC Magfed guns can shoot it. We didn’t encounter any malfunction with the gun during the trial period.


  • It can shoot any .50 caliber ammo.
  • Tippmann TMC has a strong body built of aluminum and stainless steel.
  • It works and shoots perfectly fine.
  • It has more magazine round capacity of 25 rounds than others.
  • You will get 2 magazines with it.


  • It is a bit heavy as compared to other markers.



5. Tippmann TMC M4 – Best Magfed Paintball Marker

Tippmann TMC M4 Magfed Paintball Marker

Introducing another great model from Tippmann is the “Tippmann TMC M4 mag fed paintball gun” which is .68 caliber and has 20 rounds per magazine.

We tested it out with both dimple compressed air and CO2 (tank not included) and found it shooting just fine.

The fascinating thing about this marker is its decent price for all the good features of a magfed gun. This makes the Tippmann TMC M4 Magfed Paintball Marker best as a practice companion for beginners. It’s pretty simple to operate and customize as well.


  • The range and accuracy are pretty good for beginners.
  • You can customize it as well.
  • It comes at an affordable price.
  • This marker can shoot any ammo of .68 caliber.
  • It is a great substitute for defense as well.


  • Skilled players have to upgrade their barrels for the best results.



Factors To Consider When Buying a Best Magfed Paintball Guns

Many markers and brands are competing with each other in the market. This means that each magfed paintball gun is different from the others.

Some markers would be semi-auto, some will be full auto; others are simple magfed and some offer dual options of both hoppers fed and magfed; some are heavy like real weapons and some are lightweight.

All in all the following factors will help you find the best magfed paintball marker that fulfills your need, budget, and gaming style. These factors will let you know what to look for when buying a mag fed gun.

Dual-Feed Compatible 

Dual-feed options mean that players have a choice of switching from hopper fed to magfed or vice versa at any time and anywhere according to the gameplay. This feature is crucial to consider especially for those players who don’t want to buy different markers for different gaming scenarios.

Shifting in between both feeds is a simple process of removing a plate with a screw and attaching a feedneck in the same place. This feature saves you from having to keep on switching from marker to marker and carrying them around.

It also takes some time to get yourself adjusted to a marker setting, switching between paintball markers could be uncomfortable for some players. Although markers that have this feature are expensive as compared to only magfed paintball guns.

First Strike Ammo Compatibility 

First Strike ammo is a type of paintball ammo with an attached fin at the back. This fin improves the accuracy and the range of paintball rounds. In other words, these are the best paintball rounds many professionals prefer to play.

So make sure that the magfed marker you are considering also has the First Strike Ammo Compatibility, especially for professional matches.

Magazine Capacity

The magazine capacity of best Mag fed Paintball Guns could be as low as 8 rounds to as high as 25 rounds of paintballs. The limited number of ammo is an exciting thrilling factor for players to make each shot count.

You can carry extra magazines with you in a harness to raise the overall ammo capacity; however many tournaments and game scenarios have set a limit on the number of magazines so make sure you know what that is.


The main reason many players seek out mag fed paintball guns is to experience the feeling of real-life-like weapons and military scenarios.

You will find many mag fed paintball guns as complete replicas of real firearms. That being said, just make sure the marker has a quality finish coat.

Full Automatic 

Even though magfed markers have limited rounds of paintball, going full auto can be a lifesaver in sticky situations.

Mag fed paintball markers can go fully automatic for a few seconds if they have the compatibility of a dual feed. All you need to do is attach a loader and elbow feed for this.


Upgrades are very important in any type of paintball marker.

It gives you the room to add different accessories like scopes, sights & lasers, and upgrades like different lengths of the barrel to match your skill level and gaming style. Consider those markers with at least one Picatinny rail for customization.


Mag fed paintball markers of base material carbon fiber and steel have a more sturdy body than aluminum. However, they are a bit heavier than the aluminum-based markers which are super light. Although you need to be careful handling aluminum ones to prolong their durability.

If you consider yourself a bit of a rough user then go for steel or carbon fiber material which is more rigid. If you prefer lightweight and can handle the aluminum-based marker with proper care and maintenance easier, then aluminum is a good one, whichever serves you the best.


This is always the most important factor to consider because you have to buy other equipment as well that goes with the magfed marker like magazines, air tank, vest, harness, mask, etc.

To compete in a paintball match. So consider all the features within the budget limit you set for yourself.


Tips about Magfed Markers For Beginners

These are a few tips we learned from our experience of magfed markers and playing paintball for players who just have started.

  • If you are a beginner then go with a less featured gun at the start to enhance your skills. This way you won’t be overwhelmed and can have real practice with most magfed paintball guns.
  • Magfed markers are expensive as compared to other markers because brands only offer 1 or 2 magazines along with the magfed marker. You have to separately buy the magazines to increase the ammo capacity. If you are on a tight budget as a beginner as there is other stuff as well to buy, then try to consider the magfed marker with a dual feed option for an easy switch to hopper feed.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Magfed Paintball Gun?

The Magfed Paintball Gun is similarly loaded with magazines to real-life guns are loaded using a coiled spring. Magfed stands for magazine feed.

There are many paintball markers available in the market which have the option of both magfed and hopper-fed.

How many rounds does a magfed paintball gun hold?

Best Magfed Paintball Guns have a limited number of paintball rounds which is why players have to make each shot count to secure a win.

The numbered shots could be as low as 8 to as high as 25 rounds of paintballs in one magazine.

Can the Valken M17 use CO2?

No, it can not use CO2 to be operated. It requires a 13ci/3000 psi HPA compressed air tank to work perfectly fine.

Is Valken M17 a good one?

Yes, Valken M17 is a good magfed marker to consider. It has accuracy, consistency, the looks, has two firing modes both semi and auto, and is easy to clean and maintain with lots of room for customization.

What barrel thread is the Valken M17?

The barrel thread of Valken M17 is smaller than the standard A5 barrel.

How many joules is the Valken M17?

Valken M17 has the joules energy of 45. Its velocity range is set at 275 which you can set up by adjusting the screw of the tank and its velocity can go over to 300 fps.



With the advancing popularity of the magfed game style because of its real life firearm atmosphere, many players are eager to buy magfed markers.

  • Our top pick as a magfed marker based on testing and usage is the Valken M17 Magfed Paintball Marker because of its consistency and accuracy, which are the key to winning when you have numbered shots.
  • For lightweight and more realistic options we recommend Tippmann TMT TMC Elite. It has the best realistic overall look and is light in weight which is best suited for very long hours of paintball gameplay. Markers’ are not the only thing you have to carry around during a match. There are other loads of equipment that go with the magfed paintball marker.
  • For the value pack, we suggest you consider the Maddog Tippmann TMC MAGFED Silver Paintball Gun Starter Package“. This starter package contains all the essential skills one needs to be eligible for competing in a paintball match.

Many newcomers don’t have the slightest clue what to get and what to not. With this package, they don’t have to look for different gears from different sellers. However, the quality of a few things is just okay but the magfed marker itself in the package is pretty good.

Hopefully, you liked our research and reviews about Best Magfed Paintball Guns. You must be able to decide now, that which one you like the most for your paintball game.